White House plots path forward after health care loss

ABC News' David Wright and George Stephanopoulos track the latest political news.
6:43 | 03/26/17

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Transcript for White House plots path forward after health care loss
Toni Reali coming up. We start with the trump administration trying to E group after the stung setback on health care. Also this week end, trump supporters were out holding rallies. They released a dove in California. Meanwhile, vice president pence hit the road telling small business owners in coal country that his boss will go back to the drawing board on health care. Vowing that oy bah ma kair will not be around for long. How realistic is this promise? George Stephanopoulos is standing by. We kick off with David Wright at the white house for us this morning. Hi, David. Reporter: Hi, Paula. Hi, Dan. The trump administration is doing its best to regroup after that big defeat on the health care. Telling supporters not to worry. But tensions are running high. The president's opponents emboldened by this. His supporters are not giving an inch. . Reporter: In Ohio. California. And even the Jersey shore, fistfights and mayhem at pro-trump rallies, as protesters clash are supporters. Reporter: A protester allegedly pepper sprayed one of the organize nrs California. Witnesses say a group of flag-waving trump supporters tackled him and beat him up. The mayhem caught on camera. The California highway patrol ended up making several arrests. At Philadelphia's Independence mall, another rally cut short. Citing safety reasons. Two sides squared off and sounded off at each other. Police caught in the middle. All of this as the white house is trying to reassure supporters. Vice president Mike pence was out in coal country. We will end the Obamacare nightmare and give the American people the world-class health care that they deserve. Reporter: The president seconded that on Twitter. Preikt doing oy bah ma kair will explode. And we will all get together and piece together a great health care plan for the people. Do not worry. Former Obama administration officials say, that partly depends on him. When he says, this thing is going to explode is part of that in his power? It's a little bit like inheriting an overseas war and deciding you'll let the soldiers get killed because it wasn't your idea to start the war. Reporter: A lot of it depends on how they decide to implement Obamacare going forward. There is a way to get the law more to their liking. They could decide to undermine it at the expense of millions of people who depend on owe the ma kair. So many headlines. Talking about trump cam pan involve. Meddling in the election es. Reporter: There was supposed to be a house committee meeting tomorrow that was canceled. Roger stone and Paul manafort may have possibly volunteered to testify. It's not clear whether that will happen in public. Let's bring in chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, who will be hosting "This week" later this morning. Good morning, sir. Donald Trump has experienced a number of setbacks. The fig of his national security adviser. The courts block his travel bans. The FBI investigating his team's ties to Russia. Now this health bill. Is this usual? Is this the usual growing pains for a new president? Is this unprecedented? Paul Ryan said it right, you can't sugar coat this. Looking at these first 67 days, it's as stum bing a start adds we have seen in modern times. Listen, all presidents lose big fights with congress. No president loses his first big fight with congress, especially on a promise that's been out there for seven years. Especially when his party controls both houses of congress. The president talked about the lessons he learned, about loyally, the legislate I process. There will be a lot of questions about the president's competence and credibility come LG out of this loss. You mentioned Paul Ryan. There's the aftermath of the bill. The relationship with Paul Ryan. Yesterday did something unusual. Trump September out a tweet. Urged people to watch Fox News host Jeanine rks irro at 9:00. When she came on, she argued that Ryan is at fault and should step down. She says she didn't talk to the president about this. But it's curious. The president said watch Jeanine Pirro. She said, he has to go. Apparently he said several times in internal meetings, we should have gone with tax reform first. Another very close -- it was never a very close relationship in the first place. After "Access Hollywood" had the tape come out, Paul Ryan said he was done with president trump. No guarantee that tax reform is going to be easy either the. You have the chairman of the freedom caucus og the show this morning. The conservative legislators who defied the if the on health care. It appears they'll -- they're not afraid to buck him when they need to. Though they say this was not a question of being disloyal. You look at tax reform. Members of the freedom caucus say tax cuts have to be paid for. It's a lot more difficult to pay for that when you don't have $1 trillion you were counting on in Obamacare. They're going to push him hard on the debt limit. The president's budget doesn't have a path toward a balanced budget. George Stephanopoulos, thank you very much. George has a big show this morning. He'll go one on one with chuck Schumer. And also, as we said, the house freedom caucus chair, mark med does. Plus, as congress and the FBI investigate Russia's involvement in the trump campaign, George will interview Roger stone. And some areas of the country are dealing with severe

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