Wild Animals With Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna joins Josh Elliott with some very special guests.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Transcript for Wild Animals With Jack Hanna
Fair to say always a wild morning here when jack Hanna is in town. Of course, the director emeritus of the Columbus zoo friend of the program with friends in tow at least we hope so meeting some lemurs, servals and finish off with the river otter. He may jump out. Just don't touch him. This is a beautiful animal. This is a red ruff. The largest in the lemur family. Feel that coat if you can. Will he let me pet him? Is that amazing? This is really the moment when jack always says, whatever you do, don't pet the red -- Yes. This is a species we have to pay attention to. They are because they're basically gone out of Madagascar. That was lovely. Not sure I was -- these are beautiful serval cats. How old? About what, 8 weeks old. It's one of the few cats in the world that can actually leap in the air anywhere from six to eight feet and catch a bird flying. They come out of the grass. When do they start doing that, jack? Not now. Get about maybe 30 pounds but their back legs and behind legs, you see the ear, the spots. How are they in terms of -- These are threatened animals in Africa because they're spotted. Most spotted cats are either endangered -- This guy or girl is -- want to stick around for the river otter? Can she stick around for the river otter? Or not. Okay. Okay. It's a tenuous existence. Whitney and Susie and everybody at the zoo. I don't want you to go either. This is a river otter. How are you, river otter? Oh, yeah. Wait. Is this a Normal -- is this the otter when we think of otters this is the Normal otter. Hi, buddy. Feel that coat. Okay. I just -- You whipped your hand back. I do that for -- just for fun. Okay. Hi, buddy. Here, smell first. This is -- See there. They are so social it's incredible. These whiskers. Can we talk about the whiskers? That's an important part. They like to feel the bottom of the water to feel what they're hunting, eating, that type of thing but this was orphaned so they had to teach it to swim. It's good to be an otter. It's great to be an otter. I think we otter go. Is that funny? Okay. Jack Hanna and his wild countdown it airs Saturdays on most ABC stations. I think we all made it out alive.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jack Hanna joins Josh Elliott with some very special guests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22983087","title":"Wild Animals With Jack Hanna ","url":"/GMA/video/wild-animals-jack-hanna-22983087"}