Triumphs and Crashes in 2014 Olympics 1st Day

Amy Robach recaps all the highlights from the first day of competition in Sochi.
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for Triumphs and Crashes in 2014 Olympics 1st Day
Let's get right to our "Gma" olympic headquarters in sochi. ABC's Amy robach is there at our olympics desk tracking all of the action. Good morning, Amy. That's right, good morning, and before I get to all of the action I've been practicing all morning long because I want to say something. Good morning, America. In Russian, the only thing I can say so far. I just wanted to say that. And wish you all a good morning and let's get straight to the action because we do have some preliminary competitions to talk about including those two brand-new events you all just talked about, figure skating team event and snowboard slopestyle. Overnight in sochi, a dazzling array of olympic triumphs. Wow. And cringe-worthy crashes. Team usa's Jeremy Abbott falling hard on the ice, then there's the new slopestyle course called intimidating by snowboarding legend Shaun white who was injured this week but even with modifications plenty of wipeouts. Including this one from Canada's mark Mcmorris, the hands-down favorite to win gold. American chas Guldemond putting together an impressive qualifying run but not good enough. He and his teammates will have to compete again tomorrow in hopes of earning a seat in the times but that wasn't the case are for the U.S. Women. Jamie Anderson going big, 93.50. Putting her in second place. She and Carla Shorr both moving into the finals. Team figure skating. With their 16-inch height difference Americans Marisa Castelli and Simon shnapir attacked the ice but it was no match for Russia's pair posting an 83.79 just short of the highest ever recorded in this event. Huge twist. Finally women's freestyle skiing, 21-year-old American Heidi closer out of the competition after injuring her knee during practice. Later, teammate Hannah kearney pulling out a huge backflip earning the top score for the day, she and teammate Eliza outtrim advance to the finals. Now with the opening ceremonies just hours away, the athletes we spoke to couldn't be more pumped. We're here. We're ready to go and good things are going to happen in sochi this year. Reporter: Some great things are going to happen in sochi tonight. 40,000 people expected to attend the opening ceremony, which will take place right over my shoulder in fish stadium and some of the incredible events in store for the opening ceremony, all, of course, kept secret until now. While we won't see the queen of England jumping out of a helicopter as we saw in 2012 we will see a troupe of elite Russian ballet stars and an amazing 22 tons of fireworks that will bring the games to a spectacular and I think pretty loud start and an interesting addition to the program, the Russian duo tattoo known for their racy pop music will also be performing, although class Cal music they say will rule the event. The theme officially Russian history past and present and the style is called avant-garde. So it should be something to see. And for the American team, the honor of leading our 230-member delegation, the largest for any country ever, goes to 37-year-old Todd Ludwick, he is a nordic combined skier and six-time olympian from steamboat springs Colorado Cole. The medals will start be awa awarded tomorrow. Glass inlays of engravings of traditional Russian designs from regions around the country,

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{"id":22406069,"title":"Triumphs and Crashes in 2014 Olympics 1st Day","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach recaps all the highlights from the first day of competition in Sochi.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-amy-robach-recaps-triumphs-crashes-22406069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}