One woman's story of getting a double mastectomy in her early 20s

"GMA" booker and segment producer Paige More shares how she got a double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation.
5:37 | 03/27/17

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Transcript for One woman's story of getting a double mastectomy in her early 20s
And now to an important medical decision from a member of our "Gma" family, a talent booker page Moore was just 22 years old when she learned she had the brca gene mutation that made her chances of getting breast cancer before the age of 40, 47 times more likely. I was 22 when I took the brca test. If you test positive for the brca1 gene, the lifetime risk to develop breast cancer can be up to 85%. My doctor said I'm really sorry. Your brca1 -- it didn't hit me for at least another year. When people have an increased risk because of one of these predisposition genes we talk about several different strategies they may use to manage that risk. The two that really stood out it me that I knew are my two choices I could either go into high surveillance programs where you're in and out of doctor's offices every six months and doing mris and doing mammograms, I really felt like it wasn't surveillance and it was more just waiting to get cancer. I felt like every single day I looked in the mirror and I was like I'm going to get cancer today and consumed me in a way I never felt before. My other option was I could have a preventative double mastectomy. Even with a brca1 mew trace, the risk for developing breast cancer in the decade of the 20s is still quite low. But she was very convinced and very confident in the decision that she ultimately made. I remember thinking I'm going to have to do this at some point. I'm strong and I'm healthy and I'm cancer-free right now. She's on her bed in recovery and I remember leaning over her bed and the enormity of what she had done really hit me, holding her hand and thinking, thank you so much for doing this. You did this for yourself, but you really did this for us too. It was a big moment. I'm so glad that I did it when I did it. But there's a huge part of it that comes that I wasn't necessarily ready for. I've never had anxiety in my life and now I have an overwhelming sense of anxiety. Crying. It's not all the time. It comes randomly. Learning how to deal with that has been really difficult. I hope she can be the inspiration to other people that she is to me. I couldn't love her more. Now I have you for a long, long time. Yeah. Yeah. I have met so many amazing people because of this. I walked in New York fashion week. It was the first time in history it was all people walking who had been affected by breast cancer in some capacity. I decided to have the double mastectomy because I wanted to be a warrior and I didn't want to be a worrier but wanted to take control of my life and wanted to give myself the opportunity to beat cancer before I ever got it. Or before it got the chance to beat me. And Paige and Dr. Kristi funk co-founder of the pink lotus breast center are joining us. I want to tell you, first of all, thank you for being so brave and sharing your story. We know how difficult the surgery is. This is not easy and it's a lifetime decision. You went to Dr. Funk for advice. Dr. Funk, tell me what you told Paige. I was on set. She pulled moo he aside we were in the green room saying you just found out -- you hadn't seen your own doctors yet and I basically sized you up in two seconds flat as a no nonsense, these breasts are not going to take me down kind of girl so we talked about roads of surveillance or surgery and she wanted the surgery. How rare is it to be tested this young and to find this information out at 22? It's infrequent. As the brca gene is getting more understanding out in the general population we're finding women younger and younger and they need to make this decision that Paige made. The interesting thing is a lot of people think that this is a female disease passed on from female to female but Paige found out it was her father who was the carrier. Why is this important for women to know. So important. Your DNA is half from your father so mom and dad's side, first, second and third generations back you want to think multiple, rare. So young, cancers happening prior to age 50 in the family. Multiple, two or more family members with breast, ovarian, pancreas, prostate and finally, rare, having a male breast cancer, ovarian, pancreatic are uncommon. We heard from Paige's doctor saying she didn't have to have the double mastectomy right away but I know what it's like when you think, I got to get this -- I was ready. You were ready. How do you weigh that decision as to when you get the surgery and is there an advantage to doing it when you're younger. This is not a one size fits all approach. Individual ittize it to the woman in front of you. What matters to her most in terps Good morning, America. How does it affect her perception. Is she emotionally ready and mature enough to handle a permanent irreversible thing. It is a permanent thing. We're reminded the feelings you lose, sensations you lose, it is something -- It is a huge decision. I always say when I felt the shower hit me I would cry because it would be so obvious to me that I had gone through this horrific thing. You went out and reached out on Instagram, social media. Got a lot of support. So much support. I'm so thankful I'm raising so much awareness for providers. We can do this. Thanks so much. Dr. Funk, we will be right back.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"\"GMA\" booker and segment producer Paige More shares how she got a double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46391515","title":"One woman's story of getting a double mastectomy in her early 20s ","url":"/GMA/video/womans-story-double-mastectomy-early-20s-46391515"}