2 Women Share Their Incredible Weight Loss Transformations

As part of People magazine's "Half Their Size" feature, two women share how they lost weight.
2:52 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for 2 Women Share Their Incredible Weight Loss Transformations
lost 270 pounds together. Take a look at Christina Jordan diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She says she was inspired to lose weight for her three small children and Diana anguh said her weight skyrocketed in high school and decided after prom she was finally going to transform her health and featured in "People" magazine's half their size issue. So, Lara, let's see how great they did. Thank you very much, George. Let's do it. First we have "People" magazine Zoe Ruderman with us. Let's take one more like at their before shots, all right. There they are. Now, come on out, you two. Wow. Hi, ladies. Let me see the old pants. So incredible. The garbage can is here for a reason. Toss them, we'll donate them. Congratulations. Zoe, I warrant to start with you. I got to ask what inspired "People" magazine to include these two in your half their size issue. So, these women lost the weight with no gimmicks, no surgery, it was just through hard work, dedication, research, eating right and working out and Christina lost 134 pounds that way. And Dianna lost 150 pounds. Incredible. So incredible. Food and how you live with food was key to this so come on over to the table and let's talk about it. We have a table for each of you and start over here, so, Christina, you lost 134 pounds. Tell us about your strategy and what we're looking at here. Yes, for me when I first started and I was at my heaviest I rarely ate. I would maybe eat one meal a day and what would happen is my body was literally starving and so I was holding on to every single calorie. I was holding on to everything. But now that I lost the weight I get to eat so much more. That's unbelievable. Seriously and it's so amazing because I'm actually nourished. I feel great and I'm eating every two to three hours, I eat five to six meals a day. Every meal consists of a lean protein and good complex carb. So want to talk to your counterpart over here. Thank you, Christina. Dianna, you also had a strategy. Broccoli crust pizza. Losing weight, there was definitely no way I would give up pizza so I made sure I could find ways to tweak recipes, going to culinary school helped me do that so making broccoli crust is so simple. All you do is cook the broccoli, chop it up into small pieces. We'll give everybody the recipe on our website but "People" magazine, you guys talk about all the strategies, thank you so much. Thank you, ladies. Congratulations. "People's" half their size issue

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"As part of People magazine's \"Half Their Size\" feature, two women share how they lost weight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44696467","title":"2 Women Share Their Incredible Weight Loss Transformations","url":"/GMA/video/women-share-incredible-weight-loss-transformations-44696467"}