Worse Than Watergate: New Revelations From Tapes 40 Years After Nixon's Resignation

"Nixon by Nixon" documentary digs into most shocking and incriminating Nixon tapes.
6:02 | 08/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Worse Than Watergate: New Revelations From Tapes 40 Years After Nixon's Resignation
Hello welcome to top line I'm Rick -- from ABC news I'm -- knocks from Yahoo! News we are diving into the Nixon tapes today with two experts on the subject. Peter -- heart -- a producer of the new film Nixon by Nixon and Ken Hughes of the University of Virginia. It was a lot of hours of the tape he's got a new book coming apple chasing shadows that looks -- a lot of -- states. So this documentary coming on and on HBO it's fascinating. Colorful profane. Disgusting at times. -- -- -- -- -- At what do you think in in listen to this and putting together the American people don't know about Richard Nixon even now it comes to light as a result of listening to reports like this. Nixon was always saying consider my good stories consider all the all the value I've done. To me the most interesting thing that the American people aren't aware of is kind of the dirty tricks. He called on those goods events the things he would hold up as great achievement. He was probably as good as penning. Among those could be considered the -- take my interpreter she's the best qualified woman but she's not qualified for Supreme Court cases such great. When you begin hearing behind the scenes maneuvering to make those could achieve it happened they were as -- as the Watergate. Is. When we learned that Nixon. Prolonged the Vietnam War because he realized Saigon fell before election in 1972. It would take his chances of a second -- now with him. You can -- him discussing feelings is keeping the war going sending more Americans. To fight and some to die. And it's for political reasons this and they really -- in the beginning of this document where you lay out which aides knew they were being recorded. Which aides did not know there were being recorded on the famous White House taping system. What what difference do you detect in how -- -- -- aides behaved vs the other -- there is. I think an extra degree of openness and candor with the with the people who don't know they're being -- Henry Kissinger clearly did not know here is being taped. And it was very angry about it being -- Pretty -- yeah we have no. The anymore. -- You can pull everything else the credibility. About us errors and blunders they don't do. Lack of confidence in the kind of -- report -- police you can -- and catering to these bastards Elliott. It's funny the way his. His attitude has changed as the tapes have come out before the tapes came out he used to say that. Knowing what he knew after working in the White House he could never relied on written documents to write his thesis when he was a student. After the tapes came he says things like. Nixon was very much a -- of writing. Not so much a conversation that you mentioned actually made me feel a little sorry for Henry Kissinger by saying you know. He didn't know that he was that he was being -- I want -- -- and respond to. Significantly. We can't -- sure that we get it from the FBI. I agree you do feel sorry for Kissinger he he. Was put it this all -- position of having to be kind of a yes man and at the same time do his hugely important job at the same time. And when you watch Nixon turn on -- and let his own suspicions and paranoia. Question. Kissinger and whether -- on the same page. You you feel sorry for the guy Nixon was all about. What he believed in and if if you veered off course. You know we're kind of left left -- And -- -- that Henry Kissinger was very loyal to the end I'm wondering if in looking at this how much you learn about the inner workings of of Nixon and and what drives him what motivates him is his inner demons. The reporter from the Washington -- -- ever. He had no one wouldn't help the probably either. From a photographer that grow its mission. Ever did they have not that is a total orders. Candidate for editing equipment themselves aren't you. He's so thin skinned. That you could almost physically see his mind working. EU so awkward in in in in trying to be relaxed and -- so overly formal when he tries he formal. She's very self created humans very consciously creating this -- -- called Richard Nixon he admired other leaders hinted that -- Charles de Gaulle. And he'd studied them into his own strength -- weaknesses he'd he'd he'd write page after page of notes just saying. The various traits that he should exemplify. It's kind of like the -- from the -- it -- yeah. Forty years after his resignation. Suppose you could ask him one question -- had to answer truthfully which is an important thing when you. Consider Richard Nixon -- yes. There's a lot of evidence that Nixon ordered. To win the 1960 election sabotage peace talks for Vietnam that Lyndon Johnson was just getting started in the final days of the campaign. Toward a peaceful settlement. Other Vietnamese war. And there's a block that suggests event Nixon was behind it but there's no smoking gun. So -- asked confused behind it from. Peter -- heartened can use -- -- after being here. The film is Nixon by mixes on HBO in the new book is called chasing shadows congratulations -- -- -- -- -- that does it for this edition of top line. For ABC news I'm Rick Klein for Yahoo! News I'm Olivier -- you can follow us all week long Yahoo! News and abcnews.com. And of course. -- -- next time.

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{"id":24830290,"title":"Worse Than Watergate: New Revelations From Tapes 40 Years After Nixon's Resignation","duration":"6:02","description":"\"Nixon by Nixon\" documentary digs into most shocking and incriminating Nixon tapes.","url":"/GMA/video/worse-watergate-revelations-nixon-tapes-40-years-resignation-24830290","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}