Yorkshire Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog Compete in Agility Challenge

Master agility champions go head-to-head in the “GMA” Paw-Lympics.
4:30 | 01/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Yorkshire Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog Compete in Agility Challenge
Day two of the "Gma" paw-lympics. Very skilled athletes showing off their talent, their strength, their determination, but only one dog can be leader of the pack. On Tuesday, the competition fierce and in a moment two more contenders go head to head. Let's take a look. It was a trick competition for the ages. Bella not missing a trick. On day one of "Gma's" inaugural paw-lympics. Special delivery from pickles. Bella and pickles. Wowing us with their dynamic stunt games. Grace under pressure. But in the end Bella and her stunning technique edged out pickles who played the cute card. The winner is Bella! And Bella took home the golden bone. So this morning, on day two of the competition, the stakes are even higher. As Delilah, a master jumper takes on nimble powerhouse Jenna. In the agility event, "Gma's" paw-lympics continues live from times square right now. Are you ready? An incredibly excited crowd here. The competition about to heat up. For the agility test. Here's Howard pawsell. Do we have a shot of him doing color commentary for woof TV and extinguished panel of judges. Now it's time to meet the competitors. Entering paw-lympic stadium, Delilah and her trainer Lori. She is small but she packs a major punch. She is crazy about roast beef and jumping. I didn't make that up. Now appearing in shetland sheepdog. Is that a shetland -- Yes, it is. It looks like lassie. Jenna, master agility champ represented team usa in international competition, hold your ears to the other competitor. Don't be nervous. She loves salmon and long walks in the woods. Now we bring in Gina Dinardo. What can we expect today from the agility competition. Well, it's the fastest growing stock sport in the country so we have a cool on STA cool course of jumps, seesaws, tunnels, everything in a tipple master agility contest. Master is the operative word. Who takes home the golden bone? We find out right now. Delilah, are you ready? We're ready. Go. Delilah. Awesome performance. Super speedy. Super speedy. She was speedy. She is small but she packs a punch. Jenna, I heard you clapping for Delilah but it is now time for you. Ready, go. Wait. Ready? In the tire now going through the poles really fast, there's a tire. Seesaw. That's awesome, a couple of jumps and a fast finish. Now. Wow. If we had instant replay we would use it. It was very, very close. Apaws owe meter. Who thinks Delilah is the champion of today's competition? Let's hear it. Okay. And for Jenna, the a-paws-o-meter, go ahead. What did you say? And the winner of today's golden bone goes to -- better sit down for this. Jenna! Oh, Jenna. There you go, Jen. That incredible performance by both of you and we will have more coming up from the paw-lympics but first coming up

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"Master agility champions go head-to-head in the “GMA” Paw-Lympics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28370650","title":"Yorkshire Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog Compete in Agility Challenge","url":"/GMA/video/yorkshire-terrier-shetland-sheepdog-compete-agility-challenge-28370650"}