Young Man Turns Bar Mitzvah Into Fundraiser

The El Paso teen used $25,000 in donations to buy shoes for people in need.
1:52 | 11/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Man Turns Bar Mitzvah Into Fundraiser
I have some happy news to lighten the mood. One hallmark of most bar mitzvah's is the generosity of the guests. Making headlines by turning his bar mitzvah into an extraordinary act of kindness. Always had a love for sneakers. For his bar mitzvah drew frank wanted lots of sneakers but what he did is proving he's no ordinary 13-year-old. I got donations to pay for all of these. The smiles on their faces were amazing. Raking in over $25,000 in cash donations drew gave it all to the foundation saying it was enough for 800 pairs of sneakers and 400 pairs of socks for students in need in local elementary schools. Amazing feeling to give back to them. The foundation is volunteering it, orchestrating and organizing it. He still enjoyed an amazing party. Welcome to my man drew's bar mitzvah celebration. His dream complete with sneakers center pieces, ice sku sculp cheers and a cake. They helped me out. Drew is not done. He and his brother are opening a sneaker store for the holidays and hoping to donate 10% of the proceeds to giving more sneakers to students in need. I think my parents kept most of my bar mitzvah money. Have you gotten it back? I think maybe when they paid for college they made up for it. I think so. 13 years old. His brothers are 12 and 8. I'm feeling like a slacker this morning. He's incredible. Kudos to his parents for instilling that generosity in him. And not taking his money. Coming up, an intense manhunt for two inmates who broke out of

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"The El Paso teen used $25,000 in donations to buy shoes for people in need.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43803465","title":"Young Man Turns Bar Mitzvah Into Fundraiser","url":"/GMA/video/young-man-turns-bar-mitzvah-fundraiser-43803465"}