Zac Efron Discusses Whether He Misses Musicals

"High School Musical" star talks about starring in his latest film, "At Any Price."
3:29 | 04/18/13

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Transcript for Zac Efron Discusses Whether He Misses Musicals
-- -- -- The heartthrob of High School Musical but now. -- heat kills and that's in the studio -- -- to see him in dramatically different roles like his latest at any price he plays the younger son of an Iowa farmer and I guess is fair to say something of a rebel with a cause good enough to join us that this morning. Another. Really interest -- choice the year making personally but. That any price dean why did you make the choice of this world. I hear these you know really did the movie. First and foremost work with -- mean Iran and the director he's he's an incredible film maker and I saw a couple of his movies and was just blown away. And -- genetic Dennis was going to be in the movie we had a great sort of father son dynamic. I -- to -- kind of a rebel he's. Sort of rebelling against everything is dead stands for a I wanna see this is it's a troubled relationship that gets -- we have a clip -- -- scene -- -- investigators come. With some questions about the family farm -- father again Dennis Quaid ready to play nice -- dean. Not yet signaled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But watch your mouth what he pushes around we're here to examine your invoices -- -- Triples fully aware of our legal rights gentlemen while we go inside -- handled -- -- -- ever want to -- If you asked this person to leave deep that's enough. Stop it. Stop -- best person to tell you to take a high humans com. Do you talk a lot about. Going on this journey with you director but in this relationship with with them -- that your father is at the heart of it how how would you describe it. It's interesting you know we we play a farm -- -- in Iowa. And the movie kind of examines. That this -- struggled and this is struggle. You -- between. Sort of expanding his farm and his sort of ambitious. Kind of power hungry money hungry ways. And the protection of his family and -- sort of values that. Over his neighbor and a sort of examines just the state of of America today right now and that mean I want to ask if she we see your stock car driver wannabe yet an aspiring -- how is that. I think that's it it was -- it was allowed it was pretty exciting it was definitely scary there was. I just I just got thrown into a car and they said dammit if people don't understand I think. We go -- -- fast like you just admit it that terrifying might be exhilarating but they're so there's the fear factor there -- definitely it will this is that you if there's no traction in the car you you're doing it interpretations of history rooms just it's insane it's. This is another -- -- mentioned. It -- of role that takes -- further from High School Musical picture it put you on the map I don't know how many people can really understand the white hot intensity of. -- that fame but. You're making these choices what. Argument are you -- path do you feel or do you just take these -- as one by one. -- taken taken one by one you know -- can't look too far in the future but I know that it at the -- you really have to you know sort of follow your Harden and do the projects that really speak to you in. Surround yourself with people that are you know like minded and that can help elevate sort of the material and I really -- -- make good movies and feel blessed to be here in this position. To still be able to do that and you and remaining debts and everybody else involved many great when he thanks SpaceX and I appreciate -- joining thank you. It is in limited release Wednesday April 24.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"\"High School Musical\" star talks about starring in his latest film, \"At Any Price.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18988390","title":"Zac Efron Discusses Whether He Misses Musicals","url":"/GMA/video/zac-efron-interivew-high-school-musical-star-moves-18988390"}