Magazine Under Fire for Zoe Saldana Weight Headline

Critics suggest Allure's decision to reveal actress' weight puts pressure on women.
2:50 | 05/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Magazine Under Fire for Zoe Saldana Weight Headline
The hottest topics trending. Zoe saldana, star of the new "star trek," topless on the cover of "allure" magazine. There she is right now. But it's the headline that's causing controversy and abc's amy robach is here with the details that's right. We know actresses are always sharing their fitness routines and diets with fans but it's extremely rare if not unheard of for an actress to reveal her exact weight on the cover of a magazine and guess what, it now has everyone talking. ♪ Reporter: Actress zoe saldana may be baring it allen 0 the cover of "allure" magazine. First time I've shown so much of myself on a shoot. Reporter: But this morning it's this headline to the right of her stunning photo that's generating a backlash. It reads zoe saldana, 115 pounds of grit and heartache. And while some say it was meant to be positive, many women are now questioning if a magazine would ever publish a man's weight. This is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know what they were thinking. It must have been just for the shock value because stars never reveal their weight. Reporter: Late wednesday the controversy rocketed across the internet. One person tweeting "zoe saldana's weight revealed on "allure cover." For every step forward mags take three back" and another "i don't think putting the weight on a magazine cover for a celebrity is a good idea. We have too many young girls with body images already." For some girls they'll have very little reaction. For other girls who may be more susceptible to eating disorder behavior, this may serve as a TRIGGERw They need to lose weight. Reporter: "Allure" magazine is asking for reader comments on facebook. Some people have said citing her weight on the cover was a mistake. The magazine writes "here's your chance to sound off. Tell us what you think." Meantime, this morning one industry insider says "allure" may not have intended to cause a media frenzy. I really think the editors were setting out to be complimentary. They wanted to show that a woman could be small in size but powerful in spirit. Reporter: Saldana hasn't weighed in on the controversial headlines. But has said she's happy with how the photo shoot turned out. And you know what, I think we were all talking. She looks great. She's fit. She does pilates three times a week, a healthy girl and hopefully it sees like she was trying to put fort a positive image. Like don't let the frame fool you. She's got a punch. Small package. Right, right. I don't think they -- a better headline for sure. Don't let the frame fool you. I say it all the time. Don't let the frame fool you. Hey, amy, thanks. Thanks so much, always great to

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{"id":19192078,"title":"Magazine Under Fire for Zoe Saldana Weight Headline","duration":"2:50","description":"Critics suggest Allure's decision to reveal actress' weight puts pressure on women.","url":"/GMA/video/zoe-saldana-weight-headline-allure-magazine-draws-scrutiny-19192078","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}