10% Happier Road Trip: Teaching Josh Groban How to Meditate

Singer-songwriter turned Broadway star gets a meditation lesson from ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren.
43:54 | 01/23/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Teaching Josh Groban How to Meditate
Hey I'm Dan Harris Miami fidgety skeptical newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America to describe sentence. We'll leave for cancer path that led me something I always thought was ridiculous. Meditation. I wrote a book about it month and a half. And now starting this podcast. Try to figure out there's anything beyond 10% basically here's what on that. Can be an ambitious person who is nonetheless driving or enlightenment where that. Let's start the show. Welcome to a special edition of the 10% happier podcast which were put on FaceBook as well. Guy you might have heard of his or guests today whose name is Josh Groban him speed and no big deal that he's a multi platinum recording artist and it's surely I'm not making this a special edition that you are yet this specialists. One delighted and thrilled with it and thank you aren't and it also in the studio today when my fair meditation teachers whose ever walked the face of this planet Jeff Warren. Thank you Dan my man. We're. Well until the back story about how how you ended up here yeah. We haven't met formally but I don't know you probably don't remember this but we actually weren't. Next to each other at the journal's backstage at good morning a maker to what how could I forget I didn't just. So I've I've been in your proximity we action we have a few mutual friends we haven't yet that's one of them actually. Produced. A movie you were and call coffee tea oh my goodness so you are just inferred for the people who've been living under Rockford the last ten years Josh. As I said before is a multi platinum recording artist he's also. Great actor and he was really funny in the movie copy town which you should go see. And he's now on Broadway. And the great comment economy and in time the Tosh appear in the great companies in twelve and I'm so thrilled to product coffee town because that like I thought like three people silent movie palace and every now and then some will say like let's say you can't account a clear real jerk. They're very step and that million have really good time get your great inning you're really fine thanks so exit. That video yet here yesterday as the U so you a couple weeks ago ice on Twitter. That EU said something about. And meditation and Mears and Nike and to a sound cloud clip of this very podcasts and. And IA I think it was ridiculous this one yeah yeah days I don't have any other ones this fitness you know it was all so I was listening to a clip and you were talking about. Something really. Import about gratitude and you were mentioning. You know. You know as as kind of cliches it sounds to just talk about the things that verbalize the things you're grateful for each night because. You know we how quickly we forget and we go let that are day and we see things very myopic with some times. And it was just a snippet of summing that I just I really needed to hear it that snippet when I heard it and so. Armed Twitter can be and absolutely evil force that we should be off a lot of time and then every so often there aren't. Waste he's Twitter that I feel really effective and so I thought you know what hot damn this is a great clip I needed to hear this maybe molesters would like to make my Lester my followers. Would like to but this took so I treated it and complimented you the same time in and and he treated me back I was curled. So I said something like paid offers us really cyclists says that it's not every day Jeff driven tweets at me so. IA as an it's been it's an everyday but I'm glad he finally and Greta Van Susteren yeah and so that I tweeted back the basic do you meditating he says and the effective. I tried it but it makes me wanna throw land trust every month. Today we started talking off line and I was like come on my podcast yeah I'll bring in my favorite meditation teacher. And so I gotta say one of even though you are. But. Ever feel you're honest you are on the specially the jets Adam yeah yet so. And and will see if we can get you to meditate without throwing a leopard has the rupiah I've noticed that this remiss lamp free yeah thanks for prepping formally cleared a mile out yet you've got to you've got to fire extinguisher and here's he must know. When the whole mode I must understand that's note that the red hot heads her body. Still living your lower back background on what we're doing guests I as you know I wrote this book that we years ago about a percent Adler miles. Whole goal was to try to get meditation seem less. Cookie weird and call T yep and in the years since the book came out I've been. Pleased to see that and it's not. By no means is it not because of my book but it's largely because of the science that people are as meditation is less embarrassing. You people at socially acceptable as they meditate defector is in meditation room in. ABC news now without I had nothing to do with setting up subsidizing kind of catching on but I've also noticed that most. Many people don't do it. Even though they kind of how wanna do so I started a company now like a businessman I started a company out an app that teaches people how to meditate also caught 10% happier available on that like to start. Anyway no and an apple App Store. And then we but still in the in the process of researching you know doing corporate research for the company we found that. There are a lot of reasons why people don't do it we public secret fears that's not people meditating. Then I enlisted Jeff and we're gonna go on a twelve day cross country tore. This is the first day of the tour in this you are the second stop for the two at first that was when my wife so it also doesn't it. I don't know none of interest in the thing I've learned is Adam. If you wanna get lamp thrown at utopia in a lecture wife. Don't do they. Lesser interest eulogy I mean do you W believe that there are couple different types of people in union Chris for you to when it comes to meditation is it for everyone. Or are there are two types where it just doesn't do the same thing for certain people. I question he adds a rigorous I think practices for everyone meaning some way some commitment. In your life around. Coming fully into your experienced sky being close of the people around you. Some something you're deliberately doing that will make those things happen meditation is one way to kind of work on those things so. It's sort of like act I think the question is. What how do you how are you living where other stresses that you would then could be useful to mediate a little bit and where would you prefer to have be more effective or where'd that could there be more fulfillment. You can't have you begin to have that top partner feed view of your life and and you look at what practices might be able to address that and so meditation is definitely one of those and I think of my infamous meditation the Tiggers being kind of basic core skill that's you pretty interchangeable. From between lots of their practices to that has to do it to serve really noticing what's happening in your experience. Now that so once you then introduced a practice though. There's definitely different kinds of nervous systems so there's different ways in which you would emphasize. The practice different and even within that you know their deed deed in the good is it different subgroups of practices within that that are gonna work for different people on the. Ways of interest and now what is it what is it about meditation is that interest in her attractive Q why do you think it will be useful. Well not that you have to stress free life for a couple of the reasons that I really connect with your book as well as that. You know it is anxiety and and expectation. Have played a huge part in my. You know exists and I was I was signed it at 1617. Years old I never got to go. Two college experience Rica failed pick yourself back up an angle party in you know. Like I I had a huge about a pressure from me very early on I had a lot of people around me for early on. That made it very clear to me how lifer deaths deaths each little thing was as far as the trajectory of my career. So you know beyond that I battled anxiety in school in and things like that so. You know there are certain things out of 35 girl but I've taken with me from some of that XT you know. Beginning. That. That causes a great deal stress is sometimes. Puts. A little bit of blinders on about certain things in my life and in my career that I wish I could see the bigger picture about it and sometimes it takes me awhile to see that. And and so I think it's a fact finding anything and and medication being one of them there are ways obviously when. You win you you grow up in you've you've. Have a certain track record of the things you've accomplished and you have hobbies and things like that you find things that help you open your mind more like a tennis you know. To a certain degree performing is very meditative for me leaving the street and walking in the stage door for nine and putting on makeup and going onstage and being a character in telling a story. Center's my mind I started taking flying lessons that was very meditative for me that was something that locked my I'm very left brain person and it really. Got me over to a place where there was no room for interpretation had nothing to do but focus on its fairy very. Specific skill set. Com. But beyond you know activities and things that army be distractions are or focus yours. The idea of meditation for me was. Was really about. Was really about centering in really about. Seeing my life and seeing the world I think any any wider. Capacity because I get I get very narrow focused on things when anxiety kicks in. As for her to see beyond those things in the moment that's happening and so I look at it as a tool I potentially. I think what you said is actually. Incredibly cool and really. Brave to say and also really useful because for people out there who. But to hear somebody your stature say yeah YouTube get anxious sure that that gives gives everybody licensed to feel knots cannot feel so badly but the fact that the rest of us I do. And you know so I and I think you've I think. I think it's a common thread with with many successful people I think there is. There is that I look I wish I were the type of successful person that just. Viewed you know anxiety is our didn't have anxiety are viewed you know to criticism and turned into a positive early I. But I'm I'm always the harshest personal myself first. But and then there are those that that the you know many former CEOs that somehow. Just bypass that. That gene you know I mean I I've used anxiety is fueled much of my career to steal candy annual candy good and channel it yet it weighs in if it lights a fire under you yes because I can also be very lazy so if the anxiety lights a fire under you'd actually get to work. And go finish that so long ago. You know think about that next step. Company can be very good but it's it's about balanced everything and in moderation and and so. Yet I talk with a slot I think that you know my I was raised by a Jewish dad who said that the price of security is insecurity so it's great I think a delicate. Yeah and and I. I very much use anxieties you know wanted to come up in the TV news business we super competitive right and but it it was useful until it wasn't bright and and I started doing incredibly stupid things like drugs are we just whatever. And so I actually think. I still think that at some anxiety is useful but what we're meditation is incredibly. Helpful is that a help you draw the line between. And useless room a nation and right call constructive and exactly and that is that's where I think maybe weakened. Give you look up yet and it and I was a skeptic about it honestly until I read your book because I was. I was of the mindset because you know I'd worked with you know producers like recruitment and people like that who have meditated their entire lives as they were children and they don't do it. They feel something's missing in their day. But at the same time he's he fear he laid back man you know and there are people that I know that do it daily and they are so zen about the world and so laid back about their surroundings. And I feel like that would be that's not really who I am I've always been one of those people where. The spin has always been my edge has always I've always for whatever reason right or wrongly. Rightly or wrongly I felt like that the anxiety has been an edge. For me that has allowed me to it you know chess game my life a little better. You know and so the idea of laying back at all is actress it's it's it's it's a fear mine in a fight if I sit back too far. Almost out. I learned your brother from another mother at Aston this is exactly in my psychology for sure yeah for sure yet I just just get all Jewish grandmother needs a second because. Because as the NH anxious as you may field. Think I was just reading the New York Times reviews of your. Your. Performance. Immigration comment rapturous he's there on and on about your. But wouldn't golden tenor and the head like what are absolutely wonderful I believe with the terms so I mean you're doing something right right yes I. Well yeah I mean I eight. Like I said I think that some times the VO for thinking if control. Can give you step ahead 88 can prepare you more. I was anxious about taking on a Broadway role was that reminds has a kid. I was I knew there'd be a little to skepticism I was coming from the music world I didn't want this to be thought of a stunt casting her gimmick. And I'd I was insecure about going into it because I eighty I hadn't acted in a in a theatrical production since you know twelfth grade Fiddler on the Roof. So IE I think that going in playing a character that I knew was going to be very very different from the kind of person mammy in some ways a very similar in some ways. I prepped you know I worried and that worry made me do extracurricular. So. You know there therein lies the balance of you know when is it too much you know I pull my hair a few times to so. I wish I could bypass the the self flogging anxiety. And ghosts go only into the anxiety that just makes you wanna do the best that you possibly can bullets if we can with and then add some value here ya you know it's interesting here I am original description. Of why your instant and practice and your experience also on the stage. With so perceptive he basically described pattern of you realize it two very different styles of meditation. Now there's one style meditation it's really about concentrating. Committing to a performance to. So a direction of tension and an a practice. As a creating very absorbed flow states so getting that flow and it's really rewarding newcomer utility good and you come out of it. That's I think a kind of meditation a lot of people can relate to visit you can do when your absorbed and our practice sura. Here in a conversation making love whatever it is but then there's a kind of practice that's about literally handing back the camera of your experience and getting. More perspective. Around how you get caught in certain rumored of patterns and that's more than mine from the space time and it is exactly what it you know. It's not I think a lot of the misconceptions is if you're only doing say practices that are about tranquility your concentration. There can be a you do get easy going in in all these practices but there can be a sense in which are kind of always down regulating him. But did did to do a practice that's more about just panning back to Cameron Sima tapping your experience. Is actually two get a cleaner signal around your personality is to develop the flexibility to whether you want to be. In that more for forward driving edgy motoring want to switch out into more open. You know perspective mode the kind of you start to learn which to move between these different settings need to think of it that way so it's just interesting like that it's it. You're here you're really good candidate for a referral you call it took a typical mindless practiced because it helps kick give you traction in space around some of that stuff yeah. Should we actually do we'll have you wanna do this what would be most helpful feels like an. I can talk you I can actually work while we can go through an actual meditation can on packs the dynamics. We kid we knew it. I mean I I I mean I guess my. My question about doing that and on on Mike and the camera. Is is that does that become a fair at an actual meditation or is it is more of a controlled setting that. Or can it be done in a setting like this Aaliyah Aaliyah repair editing the meditation is. You can do anywhere it's basically paying attention to whatever is happening right now right so the it's a funny thing because one of the things we deal with as of people can't doesn't say why don't need to measure taken running is my meditation right or washing the dishes are flying a plane back but. Sometimes that's true and sometimes it's not Mike if you're running and practicing all of the curse word you're gonna Ehrlich your boss. That's a meditation at. But if you're running and really just paying attention the experience of your feet falling on the on the road with the win coming in your face that is meditation so anyway that's a long way of saying. We could if we get right here he would be met it would be meditate and Heidi are I heard though that curse words the boss are also good meditation well certainly isn't stressed Italy's good. Of the cars launcher half a preference. Cool I'm game for anything you guys went right through that. I mean I think. People hear about say my infamous and it seems very. It's a waltzing so common sense is pay attention what's happened here experience and nonjudgmental way that they can't find it it's almost too subtle. So the way I like to present it is through a particular teacher mind and emotions and young. Who really emphasize the actual skills that are getting built. So he could do a little mini meditation Moraga you close your eyes and will be directing your attention and your body and your breath. But what I'll do or whatever body sensation you you want but as were doing at all kind of just point out. What equality is being trained there because when you can start to recognize when your being concentrated. When you're being clear when you have a kind of friendly relationships your experience when your being open and economists then you can start to use that as feedback in your life. So you start to bring the meditation in your life into year or theater into your singing into performance and your relationships. So it's very helpful to get a kind of taste of what these things are that we're doing and to make it to coming grounded in more a concrete way in our experience them. That sound like a make sense. Makes hesitant yes absolutely okay well it let's do it okay. OK so let's so actually since we got people who are we listening from the pod cast and people listening on the live stream. I think if you're in a position wherever you are externally out there in the world where you can follow along anyone close rise he can be that two's he'll be meditating with us. If you are operating heavy machinery hey you're driving a car flying a plane flying a plane probably don't wanna do that you can think of this it'll be a little bit more of a discourse of minutes. Meditation and it's that I would normally lead in the sense that our big talk more IL talk more I'll explain more what it is. And that waited for the people who are listening you just think it is sort of an educational or something. OK so. So star by close our eyes. And you can start by hadn't taken a few deep breaths. There's you inhale your kind of stretching the spine. You wanna be in a place fear parent alert so it's good to have a stretched up spine and be sitting with a back straight. And and then on the excel as when year. It's the as sort of the settling motion so there's a kind of the diaphragm releases on the exhale and you can kind of ride that down a little bit. Letting your body settle in the chair wherever you're sitting. And this is the softening motions on the exhale soften unionized and are that John the cheek and I sometimes think it is and you come into meditation may have a lot of anxiousness or energy in the body. As you exhale it's almost like you're breathing out the tension a little bit softening. I'm every XL. So the first thing we do as we choose something to concentrate on. So in this case will work with the body. The breath is the classic. Quote object and quote that's the the thing you pay attention to so means the feeling of breathing at the belly may say. But the feeling of breathing at the nostrils. Are in the throat. Meditating along here at home with just Groveland and Dan Harris. There were all collectively the many thousands of us noticing the feeling of our breath. And I come in through the nose and into the belly. And if for whatever reason to breath isn't like your go to some people might have asthma and I don't like paying attention to it you can choose another. Body sensations he could choose say the feeling of the warmth Mansur. Point in the belly here your feet on the ground. The seat on the chair anything. But the idea is just to choose a sensation and now decide you're gonna commit to to this is skill number one its concentration. It's holding the direction so yup he decide on the breath I'm and actually try to bring pay attention to the breath now for the next you know five or ten minutes. Inevitably. Hear mine will wander you gently bring him back in the kind of friendly way. And again feeling the sensation of the press so. We say using paying attention to Brett that means feeling we know here by feeling. What does it feel like as the breath tickled here you're nostrils. What does it feel like as the air. Enters into the lungs and that there's a slight rise in her name in the valley. Getting really curious about the sensation you're kind of there's a he'd Don equality here and intuit quality idea. I feel in my breath. Florida hands or whatever the sensations. So this is concentration. And it. It takes concentration would it builds and morally. Drift to come back and we feel. So this is sort of a bit grounder up the baseline skill of just. Trying to hold that. Attention all line on the breath that are sensation. With the next skill. It color clarity. As we first start feeling our breath it's like it's sort of subtle order. You can feel that it's there but it's not very rich yet. But the longer we meditate. To moral particular sensation. Who will open itself to us for paying attention. So how fully. Can you feel the breath. How clean a signal a sensation can you get. And if your release still. There's a cleaner signal to noise ratio. Feeling there. The center of where the press maybe touches your belly air not toward the edges are. With a soft feeling is it. Is it rougher. Yes it's smooth and continuous or other little breaks. As we commit to our direction our our direction begins to. Mary slowly open the resolution increases. The second skill as this clarity scale. Making his sermons. There's a third skilled. Which is. A kind of pervasive easy going yes and committed a lack of up tightness. Because your mind is definitely gonna wander in you know wanna be yourself up about it. And it's kind of going our you know one that's OK it's normal for the mind to come in. I just noticed that I come back. I haven't I have I let myself be okay with the fact that there's going to be thoughts in the background and distractions and sounds and things won't necessarily go how I want them to I have this mature stance. This poise in the way I sit. And that's equanimity parents are very important quality. Opening to the experience not fighting with that having a mature accepting quality. So remembering so as we. Focus on the breath of the sensation. Smoothing out the face. Noticing for rigid her or her kind of like holding tension anywhere can you sort of soften. He's off. Committing to this breath this interest him sensation. Following it. Hand them out. Finding something rich in the experience. But he enjoyable. It's just so nice to only need to do one thing here you don't need to have your mind on all these tracks. Only has to do one thing which has to feel. Feel the breath of the body. It's a nice break. Have appreciating that. Appreciation is importance the last quality the friendliness. Experiencing the breath and has this. You know. In this friendly way something that you enjoy something you like. Matters and important principle here it's. Keep your mind does wander me notice it's wandered. Steady getting mad at yourself for having honoring. Instead go Alia cool I noticed that you. You did he feel good about noticing. And that trains the subconscious to come back more quickly. So this pervasive attitude of friendliness and easy going this. Makes that. Meditation so much more effective. And pleasurable itself. Still with the Braff and with the sensation. Paying union. Amendment center staying as. Even something like the breath which. At first glance might seem really boring. We realize that. Idea that it's boring if those are just judgments are happening over top. The sensation of breathing itself is his complete. It's inherently. Filling in its own. Full way and trying to connect back. And how nice to sit here and just breathed. And to our. Warm animal bodies. How magical. Thinking of all the people out there. Breathing with us. A room settling. Committed to the same direction and their experience this. Experience a breathing. With every X hair over. Settlement the sediment settles in. And if there's discomfort some. Intrusions from distractions and thoughts just. Having an easy going us and letting them be in the background. In this way we. We make our commitments. Just cleared him what part of the breath are you feeling. Can you approach the breathless this. This thing you care about this. Part of you the sensations that are. Pleasurable. Curse and enjoyment quality we. Bring to the experience. They don't wait for it. Present enjoyment we just signed a find it enjoyable upfront. Creating and raising. More complicated than that just. Paying attention to this part of our experience with the quality of openness. And friendliness. Being curious about. Who pixelated details of the sensations. Can overall grow all this our commitment to holding this direction. And immoral we do this over time the more natural capacity to be concentrated builds. To commit. Our attention in the direction in our life that we want to to. Car to sermon to around. The elements of our experience get clear you start to notice more. Her body sensations are feelings. Kinds of patterns and again and nor equanimity increases are. Our general. Mature. Acceptance of our. Experience in a moment. And then the feminists the affable. Could nature quality. Also a training base for a muscle groups. With every sit increasing. In small amounts. Eventually spilling out into our lives. Just a few minutes every day recheck and of these qualities. It just seems like such. Small. Thing to do such large possible consequences. Mike had old school. Breathing. When you feel ready. Post you can Eisen studio and then whoever is listening out there in the ether. He can open your eyes and bring attention back into. Into the room. Mr. nobody who. Wonderful you're an official militant group and that. The straight after. As interesting as you sang the things. You're saying them as and he said them right when I needed to hear them when I was thinking of them so. I think the thing that that would make me frustrated in the past doing it is that. The control freak in they would kick and I would notice myself wondering or quote unquote not doing it right and I get frustrated and the frustration would be you know a little mental planted seed. And I would just at that point it would be thinking to myself okay it's stuff because scientists. Are getting frustrated myself but. I think the friendliness aspect at the understanding that you're thinking those things and that's OK. And finding ways to bring him back slowly or quickly. Are good yeah yeah it's interesting that. That. Frustrated when you get crushed her like that which isn't a normal response. When you're basically training your subconscious is that it's. Oh wow. Disguised frustrated now best not even notice at all when we've when you might want her to actually makes you wonder more often. As opposed doing the opposite which is to go out exactly that really has a strong effect. And I imagine is probably not uncommon for a new B. To this because I think about all of us that are interest in meditation are doing it trying out for the first time or buying an apt to doing it by themselves and that drummer living room whenever. I mean we're coming from. We have that we have a such a distracted. Him. Constant world that we live and now I mean. You know we think about the devices that are constantly bleeping Addison tempting us with him more clicks of information and the things we get stressed we distressed now I think Eddie. Much more rapid pace and then my terrorists in my grandparents and so the idea of just taking a few minutes just to do this to my generation I think is it's. It seems like an eternity sometimes. You know because we have so many things around us at all times that are a leash to us canals so. So when you do try and settle and do it. It's it's cracked I would imagine this takes practice writes the media and it's okay that it takes practice starts that is for a business listing is like a natural talent. There had an. And let everybody V but like. There may be natural talents but. I don't know many of them and if somebody tells you they're really get a meditation you should be suspicious because the whole team is getting lost his starting again. That uses meditation and it's not like you kinda get to some special state right in this is what screws people up they think. Because the traditional art around meditation shows people floating off into the cosmos are all this that people think I can't meditate is I'm not. Enough. Thought free bliss field right but if if that is the case for you as I like to say you are either in lightened. Or you have died and actually the whole act of meditation is this mental biceps curl over and over of trying to focus on your breath. Get lost start again get lost bird again gala wanna throw lamp noticed desire to throw landa. Don't get carried away by you know back to the Bradford and Liza useful because in the rest of your life when you're the set by a desire to scream at somebody or freak out about something you can notice often freaked out arm but screamer about to say that thing that's gonna as a elects a rule in the next 48 hours my marriage or whatever. But you're not to take the Bane and act on its flex that muscle noticing acts absolutely yeah absolutes like life is. They hate you with greater and greater and greater intensity is the united and night I don't know anybody even the most hardcore Matta teeters who aren't at some point overwhelmed by some intense thing in the fit in the figure of their life. But the more time he put investment in the ground of your life movement capacity and notice in the first place. It's it it begins to be to place that you live it. It's are you live there instead of completely identify without tapping that you're just like a squirrel or not this inside pizza cook. When around around around around at that at some point it's Ike. From and what happens this girl's closet site. Nuts. Nuts peanuts apparently does not a hash tech here. So what do you think that it justified in the final minutes here what do you do I'm just curious the I'm. Just as they have Angeles for meditation what do you think just having had a little taste of it through you what would it take for unit him. Acted make this enough of the haven't that you're getting out of it what you would want to get a. Well I I think they will for me to to get started with it. I mean it definitely helps to have a guide when your start at Desmond I I I've tried. I've tried doing it by myself and that's when I've gotten frustrated it is and is not understanding. Why it it is time. You know supposed to be thinking we're not thinking her or what have you so. I think. I think like a like you mentioned to be able to have. A tool. That allows me to be more in tune when I'm not meditating throughout the day towards what it is some feeling. If I get stressed about something you know place if flexing their muscle of bringing yourself back. I think it's something that is deceptively difficult in today's times I think that we we let ourselves get and I certainly do I'm very easily distracted. Wheeler souls get get thrown two million places and in those places have a huge amount of power over how we. How we make decisions of the course of our day and how we feel you know joy and happiness and gratitude know those things throughout our date. To have this is a way to center myself and to flex some muscle at the group via very. Very good not only for the days and I'm not you know not working but that for the ones rams won't. His that are around a particular. As but. We need to go meditation is their particular direction that interest you in terms of something to meditate on a certain quality want to build more of so definitely I hear that centering. If we're to make a customized meditation as just grow and meditation for you like that's his way of saying I'm gonna make you he if you want what would you wanna pay attention to. And what what it what what what's it was a natural thing the relieve interest in trying to build up. A couple of things well. Who just part of my answers is a question in in which case I would like to ask. What what does it mean sometimes two to creative people to two writers to songwriters to people who. Does meditation ever is it ever use as a tool for people who use their minds to Contra things from thin air. And are also distracted all the time as well have had at. It you're asking on behalf of a friend it's that guy has any idea yet asking for friends and that's yeah you can tell his friends I mean are you kidding me because SA one of the things I would I would use it for is to put myself and had space forcing in the piano. Pereira and red riding around I mean this is what it's all about I mean the reports across the borer practitioners that when you can get still. There's more place for creativity to emerge via creativity doesn't just emerged from their associate of connections in the noise it actually emerges from a quiet. Like any great writer will tell you have any great you know musician that collectors entire books written about this exact experience. Near the bed the thoughts without a thinker rightly things that emerged fully formed right. They only will emerge as you give yourself space for that to happen via if you just crowding your head with the violence of your own anxious neurotic preoccupation. How are you ever gonna minor route deeply fertile experiences I. It's just your blocking it's so interesting the similarities between. Something that I had never done before and some and then I'm done a lot of whom do we in into songwriting and so when I talked to young writers and and I've. Sometimes we'll put them through of course they have to collaborate whenever collaborated together and they start you know they start self editing and getting frustrated. And my comment of them is just just sit in the quiet. Played the Melanie that you have and then be quiet. And what is it that you would find that space it's in the silence its in the place for your not trying to micro manager and creativity. That things are attaching an amenity that's that's the lightning in the bottled drug early says the intangible things that every writer. It has a quest for is that moment were honestly some of the times he Philip keeper and the best thing you season why didn't write it. I was quiet and it came you know. And and so that's it that's a huge that's a huge thing that it's so much of that is is based in the same mentality isn't what if we did a practice called sit in the client. I was actually deliberately meant to be used before you sit down to compose or before you put it for anybody who wants to before they do something creative idea as a place to kind of get your self centered. It would still have the value of re setting in that deeper way and yeah the thing with these. When you understand meditation and is doing its building up these potential qualities you you know the more you do it the more reps you do the more it's those are your life assistant it's that it's a numbers game has its time in nature doing that process. She'd still be getting all the benefits of a practice but he also be preparing the ground for. The ticket or creative work pager doing. Yeah I think of the hugely helpful yes it will will make some degree of incentives for years. At least you're the best here are some serious is so cool to meet cute he's you very generous of you to give us your time really appreciate you notice things now in my for a long time and and as I said it I think you've been a really great advocate for thank you many of us that. Have gone through some of the same. You know stresses about about life and career and and thoughts that meditation and the fact that you went through it and talked about it. Has been usually helpful for a lot of us so it's great to agree to commend her chat with you in and Jeff protest curtsy to thanks so much pleasure your my fellow anxious half Jewish. A drink if I absolutely. I salute problem of the toilet united when just quickly just a little business here. What are minus a yet if you wanna follow me and Jeff on this twelve. Dade ridiculous absurd meditation cross country thing we're doing in a rock star bus that was last used by. Parliament Funkadelic Ono AS is going to be weird things occasionally. Agents you can check out my my FaceBook page you can follow along with us there and if you will learn how to meditate for free. Download. 10% happier app on. At the apple App Store or 10% record outcome. Art thank you you're the best really think you've heard somebody I think avenue. Here he says I tell my my two year old son in the piece he's been we have no mistake. It is seeking honest days but I'd. I've actually I think it is coming this honor I'm doing this I just imagine him gathering in everything like bush and there's the still playing a senator about it is still point that's where it. The phenomenal Agee is for me. Venezuela and urged. At ID yet. He has.

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