Bodybuilder With Cerebral Palsy Inspires Millions

A video of Steve Alexy performing at a competition has garnered millions of views online.
2:34 | 09/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bodybuilder With Cerebral Palsy Inspires Millions
Our lives are filled with excuse. We'll. At anytime fitness in some good place to place them and the man Chris lovely has the motto. There you go no excuses results. And believe me as a personal trainer for more than ten years warm up here. Card slot and excuses writing this. My legs have burns and I want to come back anymore. You know I don't have time export. It collects Chris. Who dedicates his life to helping people get gains. Gained a friend and one of his clients we'll tell who's Clinton. Steve Alexi puritan. And they're pushy there you go and get you through the ups and downs him or. Steve knows that firsthand you see he has cerebral palsy they so far. Steve has defied the odds in so many place. Doctors believed he would never even walking to overlook foods. It is. Good good is being viewed this. Crew would exit. No. There you. But he did and he walks right through the doors of the general's where he pushes himself every day. Rooms. But darkness. There's no wrong move amid a little movement live. She's in her career if you see your news stood at student. Can do more if only those doctors could see him he would see a lot. He letting us both the walk. In and do body building contest. High competition to act. This is video from his latest one on Saturday it's gone viral with more than thirty million views it appears want to achieve something. They're just really believe in it and just like Chris. Steve has a motto too. This is who didn't lose you know we're. So when life is full of excuses as well. Ago and turn it whenever inspires you. Bang and Catholic I'm Marcella Robertson there you go easy today thirteen years now formal. Oh.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"A video of Steve Alexy performing at a competition has garnered millions of views online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"42189075","title":"Bodybuilder With Cerebral Palsy Inspires Millions","url":"/Health/video/bodybuilder-cerebral-palsy-inspires-millions-42189075"}