CDC: Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, even indoors

What the new recommendations mean for schools, businesses, public transportation and more.
5:22 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for CDC: Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, even indoors
This afternoon the CDC issued new recommendations that will have major implications for schools and businesses according to the CDC fully backs dated Americans can now safely ditched their masks. Even indoors and in large crowds and this is a change from guidance the CDC issued just sixteen days ago. Appetite Eller and is here to break it all down for us doctor Alan arson exceptions to this. Like you're traveling on buses or planes if you're in a hospital setting so where do fully vaccinated people still need to Wear masks. So this is such good news Diana figures following the signs we know these vaccines are working to reduce infections reduce transmission weather outdoors or indoors so the exceptions as our health care settings he's still if you work in a hospital like I am more curator doctor's office or nursing homes are still have to Wear a mask when you're indoors. Others settings congregate settings like prisons. And then of course public transportation hubs. Airports buses trains etc. and homeless shelters these are some of the areas we still have to Wear a mask but for the most part. We get to take our masks off. That's great news no question about especially as it. Spring time is blooming all over the country doctor Allan just over a couple of weeks ago the CDC was advising vaccinated people could only take our masks off. Outdoors stay inside outside on off it's confusing for people lose their new data. Guiding this change or is this a reaction did criticism that they were being too restrictive. Dear Terry I don't think it's a reaction to them being too restrictive. I think it is more that they are trying to incentivize. Those that are unvaccinated in the United States to get the vaccine that is more that carrot in the hopes that. You know people feeling if they get vaccinated dangle be able to get something certainly taking their masks off. It isn't isn't big incentive I think that's more of it I mean we and you know you know we're getting more data. Deal with each passing day about the if you know the reason that when your best city you're less likely to pass on the virus is twofold one is that you're less likely to get infected in the first place. But the second even if you're infected we know the amount of virus tends to be lower and we already know who households studies. That you're less likely to transmit within the household so it's all good news. Half the country currently has amassed mandates in place so what is this guy didn't guidance mean. In those states. I just think you need a better word you know we're gonna be able to go in the right direction and it's reasonable to do away with these masks mandates and leaders still are going to be places indoors when we should be wearing a mask even if your vaccinated but for most. Places where we are vaccinated people will be able to take off their mask. And remember. The cases are falling. Week for the first time we're seeing dealing cases below 40000. A day. And also deaths are edited really an all time low at 600 we still have a ways to go you've heard me say before I really want us to get below 101000 cases a day and dropping. Then I'll be taking a sigh of relief by we're doing really well right now there's no question about that. So businesses handle this when there's no way to tell just by looking at someone whether or not. They've been vaccinated so is due just and soon everyone on the honor content and let everybody in an Automask. Isn't going to be Susan food for thought going forward a lot of people are thinking about how they're gonna conductor businesses are they gonna look for that vaccine passport. You know or they you know use the honor code and and I am feeling in the beginning there's going to be a did have hathead originating there. I'm but I think the important thing we do know. Is dead more than 50% of adults have received at least one shot in more than a third of the country is fully vaccinated were on the right track. February and it's still an open question whether a vaccinated person can be a carrier of the virus what's this on our science on that in. It if an adult spends time indoors without a mask in his exposed could they perhaps bring that home transport transmitted to say unvaccinated children. Yes so I'm again what most of the studies have shown is that once your vaccinated. You are. Markedly. Less likely to get infected in the first place. Right we've seen some of those studies of the W 90%. Or higher less likely to get infected what I mean but. Is just carrying the virus forgetting about symptoms if you're not carrying the virus in the back of the knows you're not transmitting it. Also thinking and very importantly the vaccine. And makes it so young if you're infected which can. How can we know that opens you're you're less likely to have a large amounts of virus and viral load is important the greater the burden of virus the more likely you are transmitted so getting vaccinated is important on all grounds it is going to decrease transmission now remember you absolutely can get. Infected after you are believed accident. And rarely you can have severe illness by. When you look at the difference between unvaccinated people getting hospitalized in dying compared to vaccinated he is. It's a world of difference the vaccine is down. Powerful. Our head we'd like that we're moving in the right direction doctor Allard and thank you is a good day it is very did Diane by Jerry.

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"What the new recommendations mean for schools, businesses, public transportation and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77674753","title":"CDC: Fully vaccinated people can shed their masks, even indoors","url":"/Health/video/cdc-fully-vaccinated-people-shed-masks-indoors-77674753"}