Colorado and Nevada join the pact to reopen their economies

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses what’s happening in his state.
3:12 | 04/29/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Colorado and Nevada join the pact to reopen their economies
Earlier this week Colorado and Nevada joined the western states packed in order to carry out a unified corona virus strategy. Here to discuss what's happening there on the front lines of his state governor of Nevada sees as a lack thank you for being with us governor. And I want to ask you what this means joining this western states packed for your state and does it reflect. A lack of confidence in the federal response. Packard joining the western pac has been extremely important to us or those governors are friends of mine there obviously adjoining states are nearby states. They're big part of our tourist base that we use in Nevada here and it may use with us. I think were exchanging best practices. And coming up with a plan the virus does not respect state borders so I think is important to get groups together in order to combat this virus and in that's who tried to do. You know governor that you said on Twitter tomorrow you'll lay out your plan for reopening your state we know that hospitals there are preparing to resume. Medically necessary procedures what else can you tell us about your plan. Well you know we're calling it an event united roadmap to recovery. We're gonna use some of the restrictions that we had previously as a relates to. Retail curbside pick up some of our outdoor activities we're gonna you know loosen up some restrictions are. Unfortunately we're gonna have to extend the stay at home order a little bit because we just have not reached exactly were wanna get on a downward trajectory. Assists and a statistics have plateaued. We've got almost 5000 cases now in the state of Nevada and 225. Fatalities so those numbers have kind of stabilize their. In our hospitalizations. And intensive care unit hospitalizations. Have begun to decline and so vessel we're looking forward to continue to. I'll bring our economy back to life a little bit. As you speak extending their stay at home orders we've heard from mayor Goodman of Las Vegas who said she wants casinos in businesses to open right away. When do you think the state will be ready to do this. Well mayor Goodman you know he handles downtown Las Vegas Strip is actually in Clark county and we've got a great partnership with chairwoman. Occur Patrick of the county commission in. Reno mayor Hilary she be in particular to help us with the openings. I'm and regular contact with the resort operators it's not something something as simple as flipping a switch and suddenly everybody's gonna come back Las Vegas. We've got to work on the traveled. Part of this that's one of the reasons we join with the other states getting people to come here. The opening of the casinos in the gaming enterprises will probably come in the third. Well fourth phase of what we're end of doing here because we're just not quite ready yet to handle that type of a volume. We want everybody you come Las Vegas Las Vegas is a great place Reno is a great place to come have a good time enjoy yourself but it has to be safe. And that's who we need to do for our employees. And for our visitors are coming here are culinary union for example 2268 candles. A lot of the strip they've had eleven fatalities. Of their members and a minute during a ten to make sure that they don't double that number in the future. Well we certainly thank you for your service Nevada governor Steve's to select thank you for being with us this afternoon. Thanks for having me.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak discusses what’s happening in his state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70408818","title":"Colorado and Nevada join the pact to reopen their economies ","url":"/Health/video/colorado-nevada-join-pact-reopen-economies-70408818"}