New COVID-19 cases triple over past month as delta variant spreads

Here's what to know about restrictions potentially being reinstated and the new lambda variant in Houston.
8:26 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for New COVID-19 cases triple over past month as delta variant spreads
A new concerns over kids and cold with the American academy of pediatrics is now reporting more than 23000. Pediatric co the cases. In just the last week the spike is raising added concerns about slowing vaccinations. Right now nearly 162. Million Americans are fully vaccinated. That's 57% of the eligible population with Johnson has the latest. This morning the US facing a coded resurgence new cases tripling in the last month driven in part by the delta variant now estimated to make up 83%. Of new infections. Hospital admissions on the rise and 36 states this group that we're seeing now absolutely. Could and should have been prevented this is becoming a pandemic the unvaccinated. On Tuesday California reporting more than 5000 new cases numbers not seen since the winter surged five months ago. And now growing concern about unvaccinated children. More than 23000. New pediatric cases in the last week twice as many as the end of June. In Georgia the family of why it Gibson says he was a healthy five year old before passing away on Friday. They say he contracted several infections including Covert strep and staph days before. The virus spreading rapidly throughout the south. An Alabama doctor Britney Colby says she's seeing healthy young people with serious Covert infections writing on FaceBook. One of the last things they do before there into debated is big me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I'm sorry but it's too late health experts warn that Florida where the full vaccination rate is below 50% is most vulnerable. 41 year old James Scott Bowen is not vaccinated and currently battling cove in nineteen in a Florida hospital. Governor Obama soft. Other read. But now that. The full cycle of symptoms. Definitely the have opted to give it. And overnight the State's attorney general announcing that she is tested positive despite being vaccinated earlier this year tweeting. Thankfully I am only experiencing mild symptoms and my family is in good health as I continue to self quarantine. I want to encourage Floridians to be vigilant about their health. The latest surge raising questions about breakthrough infections overnight an outbreak in Provincetown Massachusetts. Growing to at least 256. Cases officials say more than two thirds of those testing positive are fully vaccinated. And this morning the Washington Post is reporting that top White House officials are currently debating. Whether to urge vaccinated Americans to once again Wear masks in more settings and overnight during a town hall president Biden suggesting that the CDC. Could also see an update its mass guidance on children in schools Diane and I. I would Johnson thank you and let's bring in ABC news contributor doctor John Brownstein from Boston children's hospital for more on this. Doctor Brownstein thanks for being here you know new cases in general have tripled. In the last month in the US California's reporting numbers they haven't seen since the winter surged five months ago so. I hesitate to even basket but are we headed back to mass mandates or even lock downs. Yeah. I know this is not the question we wanted to ask ourselves I know we shall this bit of a Groundhog Day situation. Delta is Jeannie momentum you know and short term public health measures in specific areas. May be important this is not sort of blanket lock downs and masked men they can't look at attention here form rich this is about pockets of unvaccinated people continue to you know host to this fire so when you how are vaccinated under state community age. Increase mobility serious mass for such listens English. Hundreds he's surgeons and have tens of millions of Americans that are on rebels coach yeah delta movie for bush you're gonna have to bring in some mandates that blanket guidance is not gonna be held all rejecting NASA managers also not how falch so we just happen. How that kind of flexibility and recognize that. In hot spots he needed need to do more we need need tip now. Inside which in large gatherings media your vaccinated but overall you know this can be about people making decisions based on their own risk tolerances are just eating more are new wants recommendations. I would love to see vaccine ideas come into play like he's in another country but I think that's going to be likely each declared a cross country. That we're also now hearing about this land Mary Ann it's now detected in Houston so what do we know about that. Yeah we're quickly going down Greek alphabet are really sure what happens Wednesday when she. To the and it's when dad was actually identified through swept across America cash it's now owns WSTC. He's seen about 700 he's in which its new Morgan year what he's seeing with don't it's still too early to say which usually only top advisors and spirit of insurance and aren't very concerned dash to get to you aren't. We haven't seen any major concerns about increased chance disability or severity. And most importantly indeed we're seeing around vaccines shows that were incredibly well to protect against landa Saatchi and Barney taxes I know there's some new information about change HD all the work against what matters which uses your own lives and deaths. A pediatric cases are also are on the rise more than 23000. In the last week that's twice as many. As we sat the end of Jan so how concerning us. Well of course any amount it teaches inner pediatric heart issues concerning and it's been happy watching Porsche unleashed so many most of our kids are unvaccinated are not eligible yet. And this is what's important adults around into the accident and you know he's spoken to many parents kids and necessary at greater risk that you can seriously ill and appreciate the concern while collision and for some kids this is this year and insult. Don't have definitive data are wet weather Delta's more secure if you just have a lot of cars circulating our kids won't get infected and so that region in those hotspots kids need to continue to ask indoors and especially around our unvaccinated people auction earlier when your community is experiencing a surge yes unfortunately no water curtains yet placed tighter finish. In these hot spot areas. Now we're also hearing about this outbreak in Provincetown where more than two thirds of those testing positive. Are sent to be fully vaccinated how worried should we be about break during factions right now. It makes on this and of course you need to be constantly vigilant about these breakthrough in action just to understand and rusty on this and Denish remember we have a 160 million people vaccinated. Breakthroughs are going to happen it's just a numbers game at this point out what we're seeing each. Vary widely is that these cases are are milder often asymptomatic it NC you have to be careful about calling breakthrough is no clinically relevant religious one Carson people from getting huge. Too scared about the vaccines not working they're working incredibly well over 90% effective at preventing H. I had death in and severe illness and so that's what we need to focus on a source who needy she watching these breakthroughs to see the impact. Having a community low ball. I I you know again near the anecdotal reports of the small clusters of Houston are actually people is not creating it in our significant concern for me right now. And the CDC's advisory committee on immunization practices is meeting today to discuss it cases of this rare side effect from the Jane. What's the latest on that and what do you expect from that meeting. Friends of the instead he has been the committee that is really worked it to think about recommendations from three you know vaccines are we have recommended age twelve to six year olds get our exercise now of course that they're looking at this heat around this rare number eight syndrome as about a hundred teachers at this rare neurological. Syndrome bush. Of course across thirteen million people and Jay Jadox and so Jerry small numbers of course meaning also the FDA put a label warning. I expect to see admits that he is there are gonna look at his arrest risk benefit analysis are rather pandemic and that misstating the benefits. JG far outweigh any risks of course there's any conversations and how that happened with providers around potential risks and cucumber ranch and overall I am I don't know yet he should significantly impact our recommendations. For the it's really important vaccine. Right tackle John Brownstein we always appreciate your time thank you have beat you so much.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"Here's what to know about restrictions potentially being reinstated and the new lambda variant in Houston. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78993150","title":"New COVID-19 cases triple over past month as delta variant spreads","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-cases-triple-past-month-delta-variant-78993150"}