Dangerous vaping epidemic on the rise

A new warning states that teenagers who smoke e-cigarettes are at risk for lung damage.
3:39 | 07/26/19

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Transcript for Dangerous vaping epidemic on the rise
Now we want to turn our attention to a very dangerous epidemic that is and an out of the news we're gonna talk about baking on something particularly popular. Among teens hospital in Wisconsin recently treated eight kids with severe lung damage all of them had been baking leading up to it and the sale of one of the most popular. ABC news medical unit. Glad you're with says leads the head can you just remind us a lie a jewel laying invade being in these cigarettes are so dangerous. Obstinate you save her. Here's the bottom line we don't know the long term effects. You know it took his many years to find out about the dangers of traditional cigarettes say in many ways the young people that are exposed today paying. Fair bit like generation zero I really so it's still trying to understand what's going on. But there is a Kenya nineteen dates and that suggests that harmful. The kind of common theme about traditional cigarettes and serious effects on the developing brain serie can lead to you. Impulse control disorders it can meet new disorders and obesity nicotine is highly addictive as well. And I think one of the things that's interesting about. Let's make him attractive to kids. Yeah city meaning it can be very difficult for parents to none. If that children smoking cigarettes because they also DC and they can rely US beats. And they cannot light pens saying Eric they can hide and sort of everyday objects. My advice to parents really would be to you. Educate themselves about. And then also you and make shall that they have the conversations that he with that children's has spent if prevention is better than kill save. Trying to toes to kids when they youngest really really importance. Absolutely because I also I think we and send this in another segment before but there's been some cases where they've actually exploded. As well like on peoples face or in their pocket and so that's also a danger. Yeah other analysis sort of its gas stories some of which are found at some which are unfounded it's the happy reports that these kind of mishaps we've. And if parents want to find out more they shouldn't hesitate to contact that pediatrician. If they want to know more about that particular Hans these cigarettes and also there's lots information on line picks on for the CDC website will. With the FDA's website whether it can I find out it would be ten now and the homes to be cigarettes. Yes some people have to stay informed and is the government gonna start cracking down on this in anyway right saved my Cochran is medicine south states and medicine. What I can say about what we FDA's steering. All recchi base that they declared fit. 20/20. And if they dense then they'll be taken off the market. The other thing that the FDA stating it's no inching prevention campaigns. Cities of prevention campaigns directly targeted. At young people. And again you know parents won't find out more than they can go on the FDA's website have a number of paste is an information leaflets. Which released that I don't that and harms that. He never and inform parents have been musical hundreds of thousands of chemicals in them some of which are carcinogenic center. You know it's not something to be taken lightly we really need to address this issue head on. Right Dr. Leigh Alexander very telling us that the parents have to pay attention accidentally yes thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"A new warning states that teenagers who smoke e-cigarettes are at risk for lung damage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"64590419","title":"Dangerous vaping epidemic on the rise","url":"/Health/video/dangerous-vaping-epidemic-rise-64590419"}