A Walkthrough Inside the Ebola Transport Jet

Phoenix Air has properly equipped two Gulfstream III jets to transport Ebola patients successfully.
3:14 | 10/15/14

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Transcript for A Walkthrough Inside the Ebola Transport Jet
This airplane is a is a -- course it's -- utility airplane it's not a and aircraft -- and for a lot of executive comfort. -- in this area the forward. -- third of the aircraft is where the medical team going on the evil flight -- And starting right here is the device that we developed called arrow medical biological containment system. Now that ABC -- was developed for a variety of contagious diseases -- -- just one of many diseases that we have transport capability. But let's start at the way it works it has a negative pressure environment. Inside meaning that regardless of what the cabin pressure he has the air in here. Is normal -- like enough in a commercial airline but when -- -- here it's a lower air pressure. That way were we'd ever have a leak the leak would go into the unit. Not out of the U. The first part -- it is called ante chamber. This large metal container contains two. Highly highly efficient. Capital filters. Similar to what the centers for disease control and other. Research places use in their laboratories there of their level four laboratories. So that air from the cabin from the aircraft cabin war -- -- These filters and go through filtration process. That that goes down to even smaller than viruses. Now this this chamber from here to here. Is essentially -- dressing room. So the medical staff if they want to go who deal with the patient. What in her and it's it's of its it's a ballet almost it's practiced over and over. And there are ways to medical involved one medic observing. While the other -- gets dressed. And it's it's a very very slow process but they get completely dressed. In the the white tactics were part of the moon -- -- is a lot of people column and they will undo this door. And they will step in to where the patient. He has and the patient with the Ebola infection will live on this stretcher we have a privacy curtain. And we have a toilet and it but those is you know from a lot of reports that Ebola does calls a lot of bodily reactions and in we have to deal with take care of that and -- hand -- it. He is yet another filtration. Have to filter system. And it filters the air as it exits the chamber. This entire device took. Two and a half years to develop it was a collaborative effort the Centers for Disease Control. The department of defense and Phoenix there.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Phoenix Air has properly equipped two Gulfstream III jets to transport Ebola patients successfully. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26226918","title":"A Walkthrough Inside the Ebola Transport Jet","url":"/Health/video/ebola-us-walkthrough-inside-ebola-transport-jet-26226918"}