Fitness Tips to Train Like a Pro Athlete

ML Strength founder and performance coach, Dana Cavalea tells us how to work out like a pro athlete.
14:03 | 06/23/16

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Transcript for Fitness Tips to Train Like a Pro Athlete
I ever this year and like many people. Get in shape and we look fantastic buying and knowledge and a time. We've got an expert during a napkin at uncle all of it about how you yes you. At home can train like a proud. They have Elliott joins us live on Anna and Alice. Or at any give us a little bit of a tour. Seeking bats a little bit about your background and about the way that you train people who come again how it. Different from any other day. Yes. Yeah absolutely. So my back on I was the directors previously performance of the Yankees. Twelve years by the opportunity to work really great players and often travel around the country well. NC James and training centers. All over the place and I saw some comedies that people they have to go your video they have to go here. In the end it was just a very disconnected process and people are still off early pain their posture was born. And I think look at all these great things we do with our athletes BC news ice we use stimulation. We kind of went physical therapy with the training and we stress the body as a whole innocent life familial feeling this way. And I decided to go ahead and create what I call enough strength. The strength and our tagline is train not a problem. Giving people the ability to train a professional athlete even if they're not you can see in the background we have really great folks here in our community. Some of them are now six seasons and Emory in their twenties and their work together as a training together and not they're working on their athletic. And it's all based on their ability level which is really cool stuff you know we were saying when your. You get you know 1718. Or thirty or forty stop. Jumping you stop poppy stop doing things that you did in your kids. And you lose that outlet a schism. And we hear people say oh I can't you know getting old and the reality is you just stop doing it that's why you can't do that anymore so we're trying to re not. Get people fired up again bring out that inner athlete within them and you are. Still popping jumping skipping lateral movement agility spending squatting and rotary movements so. They're ready to play whatever sport comes their way. You meant something different athletes do but that they are dotted and every day heating bias. Other things he said adding understand what they aren't the ten regular people. Really can that hadn't been adding here thanks Alan you have to work in an off. Now we equip our people strategies that we need to work with them we do some videos and on and newsletter every week you're just showing them things that you out there that's you know we get a lot of that's folks that amendment that next. Advancing their backs and it's just a couple of little stretches that you could bring to your work out ways to help keep you healthy and that in turn helped produce that I don't all pain that you may be. And and that's really what about note expressing the body has all the effigy hanging out. Increased performance for everybody and everybody's definition of are. For some people if you're 6575. Invades. Hey don't like enough pain free but her younger athlete that's trying to get to the next level they need him. Power and that's really. We enjoy what we do that again this gentleman. Go it's it's really special so everybody take that our public. It happened having. Plain brown and Indian it benefit the black. You know again art classes are mixed W Britney break everything into the foreground so it's our first round based on floor but it's not just your. At collection based activities we've built something like standard rotation in expansion of its five. Get rid a lot of therapy and sports medicine. And what we see. That's the day. Agility and conditioning. Okay. Everybody's gonna. Florio we're here yesterday. He's going. And we actually have boots Jackie that it plans. Fighter on the these are cheap motivating all. Check out Gary. I cannot summon his footwork. Back. Gary shell which is else. There this. Scientists the simple agility pattern. And where does this carry over although Harry may not be playing sports except golf right now we're still a great sport. This will help him in his everyday life and that's what we're trying to trying to. Through most of the people that come torturing. Right here we use our personal use so any of our athletes come in we start them off went with some heating heat up it's issue. And then from there. We actually do massage as you know armaments I actually haven't felt lucky here. She's gonna be our. Our special guest today angelic as a new mother. And now have been. Experiencing some back pain. And now we've been working on Harry's. Things get better. I'm just gonna pass this camera over to an end. And how much. Factors that might have herself. Thank you. They want it any of our backing. Check. They're playing like we want to make sure that they're being or even. Here in. It would. Now a little bit. I'll check in the old repeat to make sure that she's Nieminen you can see it right now there's a little. Elevation here on her left side which holes in Manhattan back. Let's not ignore the fact that her health is rotated. You may have backhand on the so I know we'll carry her daughter's birthday. Relief. I think that her back pain but it's very similar to if you were. You know in your office and sitting all day leading to your writer leaves you laugh skewed picture about. Well. First this on the planet going to hurt him how many had a feel for any fight he's again. That's how much actually he's earned it me. You can actually give itself relieves the U pioneers. Value autos and Michelle Obama. Press in a a lot of guys may have heard of a trigger more and I would say when it comes to trigger point. Lot of people say we'll just. Big rollers. A lot of gyms commercially. But most people don't know how to use them as they're rolling on. You obviously can't break up trigger point that you could direct pressure and that's what that pushing. You know on the midsection. On television midsection. Rate of any. A lot of bouncing back he thought about the pressure on the auto. Free golf. Fit and again all of these things you can do yourself. Still the old analog. Running stores. It's trigger roller and you actually that if he's not pushing on her life we can you. Myself so good another nice. Well I'm dollars that you can keep accurate death. Intel Harmon Emanuel right trying to play. Finding it. And then what I hear from there is defying know that. Pulls back pain as the result of rotated help this tight head. I guess that I parity heading indicator on her. One leg being shorted and now we'll meet our. Males especially. Backing. Grundy here. And that I'm around people we all are actually put me. Paul Mathieu. Pounds on you again maybe somebody you'd. Along those you that you feel good yeah we'll. Did you you know oh Boston Bruins right. Just cross. Of ourselves. We'll stretch that. Crossing. Push online be pushed down. To try and open up some space inside in my head so. Again these little things and you're sitting at didn't seem. And hoping that now you're wrong. Little things that the stress of that back only thing I felt I checked bags and Anjelica. I don't know what I'll do something roller. Counselor press. Pawns the watch yeah pumpkin. I'm just pressing trying to find it not to include. And let them exist. Working hard tissue were injured tissue we're heritage again like a rolling and I don't know. So now we're only theories I. When I look at her. We can stay. Already for the most part pretty he. Three Purcell and Mack are matching up where earlier. This woman was elevated a little bit these ultimate fate. Self. That right there first park. Lot of attention in your boots on the C instead and ten I don't. I'm not let you be final and are very active body and was it just thing is we. Our sanitary they have some of this evening. What I find that very Colbert. Right now he and this thick. Go off his blue. That that makes sense now for those have you both. You know that made shared back into the you can get a friend and I hope. In elbow. Flood. As these boots get tied it actually pull this way. All of this it's fabric any attention like Poland and all of this attention is the tightness Anjelica. Until I have. Yeah release Turkoglu think that's relaxed now sudden. All of this issue which we all of us. It's smooth so again the reason I don't know about. A lot of that's right now watching it isn't and nobody has mesa from bank. You can hear it enough. It will be out. Came a.

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