Heart-healthy drinking tips from a cardiologist

Learn how alcohol affects your health and how the effects of wine, beer and liquor differ.
10:43 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for Heart-healthy drinking tips from a cardiologist
What it meant that there healthy living for summer live stream here in. And at without it wind many people have to meet their interest and in it. Alcohol hell. How did alcohol. That you now prohibit doctor Robert. UCLA and you think heading out the hall for more than twenty years. Think if the much for joining thank you it's my pleasure to be it. Don't like to drink different things if you do like to drink that and wine beer liquor. Let's talk about how they all break down there have been measuring sampled here we have been here we have some wine and we will be talking about hard liquor as well. So what start with wine and think I think I can name it is very different in Bradford white burst through that. Great so those are all great questions the key thing is that first meet you. Define what is one drink. So wondering based on their recommendations by American Heart Association is four ounces of wine. And we have four ounces born here so that when people are doing you'd agree that he had to kind of have that. In mind and pour it in your class and see how much of her that's the big. The Red Line that collapses that slightly bigger glass that we have here. But that's actually 13. And based on American Heart Association recommendations. It is felt that if you do drink. About two drinks that be could. He used some help in terms so hard is obviously that is lemurs that if you don't bring you should not start thinking just four. Benefits of wine but if you do drink then two things are adequate so this constitutes about 130. Well. Look at any get it and it doesn't look like that much more right so more so for us. Are used to may be filling it up half we are sometimes in a generous. Restaurant people that are even more are at our home but this is actually the one drink and twice that much is that that daily. Maximum or for a male. For females the recommendation is just one glass of wine a day and the question is why do the more restrictive. Someone about well for them and and that's because this body size of them and is generally in the bit smaller than men also if there are certain enzymes that are lacking in the and then. To metabolize the alcohol that men have so. Small Vermont is generally recommended. And hate. The first woman to pinpoint him if you're not drinking there is never recommendation teacher and that. But if you huge used to drink it's okay and it could have and benefit as long would limit the intake. Yes so that's a great disclaimer that you just made the other question asked me is a red wears his wife. And there are certain. Chemicals within wine. We took off eleven like that would help you. As anti oxidant their present in both the red as well as white wine. The red wine creates. Tend to have a slightly higher content in this skin eyes and his defeat of the line. And obviously wine is made by crushing defeats and the skin together. So. There is consensus that there is more of these protective. Anti oxygen thin red line hover over by the time you meet the wine and you filter the line. You lose a lot of these additional. Anti oxidant benefits of red wines so. Although red wine is classically kind of them out to be helpful for a heart both red and white wine have pretty much equals. In shifting now and I know just like anything in health says that night with a leap of all things. And I think that's important snow to stay at the give and keep reading and keeping informed. But that's interesting did not realize that between red and white woman about her day they've got the theme thing. It's a theme thing I mean the question is. Is it the wind that's giving you the health benefits or is it the alcohol because some benefits have also been fond with alcohol again. A lot of these studies sometimes are done by. Companies are lying these companies so there's always a question. You're still reading for a good study to be performed to know for sure. I think that's important to you are looking up information about health and alcohol. Know who's doing this that he understand if it that's part of his speech to the American Heart Association how many people involved with that he and knowing all this thing. But just speaking to you at the doctor in nailing that it's okay. To have four ounces it's what's recommended right not five not eighty its full. Right so youth he a lot of different recommendations but. The American Heart Association. Qualifies wondering just four ounces a lot of places if it five ounces but it is actually four ounces in two drinks is eight ounces. And here you've got of that but we have right here compared to you a wine bottle for example there. Let me move anything out that line that we should just pack not that pretty much sums it up. And now we got be here another American favorite out there. Did he had filled up with twelve counts and from its Bob Brown came right here. So about one drink when you. Compared to beer vs wine is twelve months of the year constitutes one drink or the American Heart Association. The problem that the year is that pretends to know more calories than mine didn't. Generally a glass of wine has the 500. To 135 count reef. The air gets close to 150. And you can't. Any canned for example in winder kept pouring out that black. And ten cans and bottles conflict the faults found out that figure in taking more her hot and all that calorie so these are all empty gatherings as well. And that is of problem of we gain. Sodium. Unity as for it's drinking year. Into chain that alcohol in terms of what he not act. Into an elkington calories. In terms of relaxing needing mental benefit is there anything that thing for them back. So now called has been known to. You can stimulate your appetite so that's that's one reason why people think you're right or dinner hour luncheon here. It can also help you relax it can lower your stress levels as well so there are some protective benefits obviously. When you're drinking you wanna block and driving and creative problem so so you have to division in the right situation. Eight as well and they often against the anti calorie and nutrient than. OK let's talk about liquor and I think when people are out in time and they might be taking a shot for example how much is it typical shot. So one and a half ounces equals one for me. You'll see the team ounce mark on the flat rate you're pretty love with a little less than. Right so that is four and eighty who lakers you're thinking 400 group quicker than one ounce he was one. Got no link here how to act different and be more. So liquor generally tends to be this if you're just thinking the purely for and not adding it in a cocktail. Leaker generally have a slightly lower amount of calories. But what many violence. OK so you're looking to beat calorie with the Huffington baffling might want to turn public and yet. On in there at Jane bock head if you left are their known differences in benefit between records generally are they all about the pain. They're generally about the same the one thing to note is that if you. Drink gin with tonic you're increasing your caloric intakes. Your thinking hard experience that's moving in that sort are just water. And again that he cocktail they'll question opt and yes they gave they've increased the calorie intake over 200 calories progress. So what all eight years with a happy about the news and here here and here in your thinking. I don't know if I want to stop having now but I want to protect my health. I've read some things about actors' eyes is is it true that anything you could do to an account here. That negative effect without the tolerate that Fella in the air. It's still up in the air exercise obviously any time anybody performs that is good it's beneficial. You but I don't think there is any read to balance any negative effects forward in dozens of well. How important can happen. They I think we've gone over wine beer and liquor relatively well. One more time let's just remind people in terms of measuring and in terms of the nutrients forgetting. What if they might have looking forward with it speaking specifically of the wall and ended. The anti oxidant content certain that we're going to turn the wind there that's efficient for heart disease. And preventing heart disease now alcohol can also would have. Properties of reducing the clotting factors in Europe body as well so sometimes that's helpful. If you a lot of lacking in your arteries and might block formations that alcohol can meet your. And as. So that is that advances. You know is also. Some benefit off. Release of nitrous nitrous oxide rich who held. Relax your blood vessels as. And maybe improve your overall vascular. Great I'm won't be many Americans choose not to drink let's say there watching that thinking I don't you know I have no interest in hearing came. How to help me get some of those bad that they know it happened con in theory and dark chocolate. Exactly those are very good replacements for not thinking line. Blueberries cranberries have and today and might even red grapes green grapes also haven't accident content in. It's now is there anything record heading into them with alcohol help that people should be aware obviously don't think you night know your limit. Test it out from what I've been around for the workers by sound as if being a player on the chair in taking and what side you are on the cheap way coming through by hand off. Absolutely so if you don't drink don't start drinking that is seasonal prescriptions as anything. But if you do enjoy drinking some sort of moderate. He created by thinking summit but I think if I'm thinking offer Waukegan is part of our healthy living for summer theory and it finally online app let me.

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{"id":49406786,"title":"Heart-healthy drinking tips from a cardiologist","duration":"10:43","description":"Learn how alcohol affects your health and how the effects of wine, beer and liquor differ.","url":"/Health/video/heart-healthy-drinking-tips-cardiologist-49406786","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}