Navajo Nation making strides to vaccinate population

The hard-hit territory is working with community leaders and traditional healers to ramp up its vaccination efforts.
4:08 | 02/17/21

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Transcript for Navajo Nation making strides to vaccinate population
President Biden now says every American will be able to get a code vaccine by the end of July so far more than 39 million people in the US have received at least one dose. And then not a whole nation which less than a month ago had the country's highest rate of deadly infection per capita. Is now making strides to vaccinated population. Is arranged shot has more on their rent up rollout. In the heart of the hard hit Navajo Nation a community praying for normalcy. Hope that we can get back to normal I wanna see my grandkids again I wanna hold and I want to hug him again. The area that's the size of West Virginia that spans much of Arizona New Mexico and you chopped. Is one of the few minority communities blazing ahead when it comes to vaccination efforts. At least 25% of people now have their first dose part of that effort is trying to keep up piece of our country's culture from slipping away. We are indigenous communities around the United States. Unfortunately currently seems to be hitting the elders the hardest and the Irish are. Earns the tradition of the language is not a reliably be. Not an imaginary amended the language is that can't allow him I didn't know. Goldstein is an area director for core non profit a grouping embedded in the region last may when Kobe to rates were soaring. Partnering with Johns Hopkins and community leaders youth advocates and traditional healers in the race against time to reach out to as many people as possible. The vaccination approach dramatically different from smaller cities. It complication and we are facing the challenge. Is. So many people by choice and shouldn't that little. What would be my perspective consider them don't know whether that's about. It you know. It is out of that is sometimes people. Or five hours just. The mission to backseat folks in the most rural areas has been on medical experts minds months before the roll out. One of the things that makes a vaccination program so difficult in the United States that we have such fragmented. Disorganized. And inefficient. Health care system. Health experts along with activists now teaming up holding virtual panel. Hoping to tackle another challenge when it comes to that exceeding the Navajo Nation should skepticism. We wanted to get the best vaccine that would help our people get through this Kobe pandemic and I think got sharing of information built trust. And they get a report every week from John Hopkins letting them know how the study is progressing. It has been very warden. Mistrust. Federal governments of people who are non indigenous. Americans are used in terms of this time they haven't been treatment out of the senate. I don't know how the United States of America in the tiny little while also clamps. Despite the participation of indigenous people in vaccine trials miss trust an intergenerational trauma. Stemming from a history of communicable disease wiping out tribal communities. Still causes concern for some residents. Asking whether that eggs right to ten years opera you're right that one. And thing that I've heard but health officials reassuring the community that the vaccine has already been thoroughly tested. A lot of testing was already completed on an. Win the world population in mind and different minority groups were all tested again. 818. A lot of kids different days a separate attack that happened match that that the population of the deepening state. According to Navajo nation's president of the region but he school couple 100000 vaccines bite and a February. Pregnant jumping as senior region has had several large scale dry through vaccinations. And more personnel and vaccines are on their way that's quite believe you very much informed sensitive. I was gonna hear and Wayne doesn't matter and perhaps. Our thanks caesarean shop for that report.

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{"duration":"4:08","description":"The hard-hit territory is working with community leaders and traditional healers to ramp up its vaccination efforts. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75956727","title":"Navajo Nation making strides to vaccinate population","url":"/Health/video/navajo-nation-making-strides-vaccinate-population-75956727"}