'Real Live:' Study finds link between youth head trauma and long-term brain issues

Controversy surrounding the dangers of youth football has been reignited.
9:44 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live:' Study finds link between youth head trauma and long-term brain issues
CT. Which we're we're getting excited to sports guys in here you know. But Jones and write a very divisive topic indeed. For years you know there's been reports. Just actual players. Just having this disease which is just hearing crop you know cross the spore and families in an ex players. And hand the latest person to usually diagnosed at posthumously so that's the trouble with CTE an air and this is the lack as the latest. 2320. Full war. That's crazy first of all reactions someone so young having disease. And then what does it mean with someone who was convicted of murder in jail for life of his own life late. Does that factor as far as motives and things like that. I think resident at the guidance it CT and I think football is always this article offseason is in this currency's. Gains. Happen as it should. Because and it the policies in the most viewers are watching that's where one time of these cultural conversations about how the players is as you mentioned your right allotment IKEA highest category category three ETE is one more category it's hard and that. Activities happening. With cemeteries are saying is that OC TV creates depression. Paulson this as are wondering clay into him committing suicide. We get to determine whether an evening to do with the homicide that was created when he was three hammers he created. But there is that meets at art snared. But what's more confusing two incidents like we're going to go on as a nation in terms partly teacher youth. Rain and then who encouraged him to stay in football or opt out of football I think that conversation that's. It's there's two points who you had a really great description so what we're gonna do with actually through it's a clip doctor Jennifer and Ashton. Without it there Joe Brown her hair indicated. It has a really good this description of what this isn't what this diseases and how you get a sense I want order Roloson you can understand more and layman's terms. For sure annually for members CT neuro degenerative brain disorder caused by repeated head trauma. Causing symptoms of memory loss aggression depression in some cases suicidal behavior. We can only diagnosed this on autopsy now there is no screening test yet for this just recently speaks study in JAMA out in July. Found evidence of CT in 199%. Of deceased NFL players' brains now there could be bias involved there because those players may have been having symptoms. Therefore more likely to donate their brains for study. And again there could be other factors involved in terms of the pathology of CT we're just at the beginning of understanding. So that was this morning and GMA. As as we mentioned before it's it's only can only diagnosis afterwards I think we've. Hopefully in the were missing concussion I learned a lot from that LaBeouf and read surged. And. It's just leave things be a very. Large growing stain on the national football. And what will do moving forward with this beloved game that essentially anyone aligns movies like. It's Sunday today of the week that's churches but now the national football the islands that are in this. With this you know prevalent disease that doesn't seem to be anywhere around you know I think the speed the strait the size of of the players hitting each other there's no turning back. They're not gonna stop being you know big and fast and stronger can this take down institution. Like the NFL. By may be making people less congested because of what it's doing to people. I think that was the discussion acting. A rose while Allen prior to this but during the afternoon session came out people are just like you know. That in do when it wasn't rated movie but it didn't think it. You can rent and there. But I think a lot of Chris eight to collect mrs. criticism for her. Quote quote taking down and that what he just not ready for a lot of people despite you know obviously you evidence it would have been cases people have. Issues when it anything at targets it's obvious that now. An interesting bit to can't literally picking up on as a result the conversation at rock and questions. The NFL Rothman never came out and said that there is at times we CTE. And it though player until very recently. Once they can they always thought they said this is true this is admit there is Portland's I don't institutions years ago I mean really funny because they know. You could see how much this is going to effect. The fabric of this game you. It effects of fabric the decision saying with monster pipeline you rob is a point we talked about you know Sunday is not reserved for football there is is gladiator. You know kinda essence around football that that's for the fans like Wright would get those big hits. It's those big plays kind of sit back and accountant Sunday Eagles blow right anyway for the hide it with a Monday morning zeal is B kit that's the keep us engage it its that of a play where there's not a lot of big hits going we said against getting boring it is not athletic play for guys are catching that the full body pat. Had a helmet. About one of those two things we say the game is getting bored. Tipped to be there at NFL they army get some change in terms of height and tackle hike in his high protect the quarterbacks is different things at play when it comes of that. Nothing that Pope walked that a Palestinian long term they're thinking. Do parents opt out there tutoring playing football and how that affect their pipeline going forward if they're sorry to do you. Flag football is that tackle football are high that affect them mature into the sport themselves. How that affected circulation to college within its relations and it now so the and it was really taken big interest into the pop Warner aspect because with. Reported saying is that. It's really between the age of ten and twelve. That it's out of my elected I have long term acts being pre can cost if you will by having so much it hit combat that. Do you feel comfortable and in. And it will in Nazi little children and an unknown that's not another sort of it and I Q would you let your kids play football. I you. I. That would actually V that would let them at the seriously consider an output boxing in the areas you know alliance context was here with Regis. Attacking some money but that's part of the sport it's. This is Jon Robin as a. Good question actually act and I would say yes that I would cut. And the reason why I will be one those fathers will be advocate on this island to make sure. That might shoot my child's teen had adequate sports trainer had most advanced equipment that it's possible but happened doctors physicians on hand. But then that kind of goes to where we are with class right right into the classes them. Great school districts with. To financial support our it would so for those trainers doctors physicians on hand it. Where those who come from more rural more urban community that it had the budgeting where cover that. Are less protected the. Because they don't have a doctors they don't have it right into acting which house NFL. To partner in war with the district that don't have great financial support and backing for their head athletic teams to ensure. That those students are covered too as well to protect the future other pipeline as they want either a become fans of and if not watch every Sunday. Or B become players. The only time that might yet the much what we think about the trend lately it young players union that gore Chris Portland. Myron Rolle was one and I looked at today Rhodes scholar and stay on the gators. Lol whatever I had. You know what's ox Thursday. With a crack but it's used out of the candles while I have I have. All these guys either had a very short apple career walked away you know it's not worth. Born in in the case several teachers like you know what on these study these things like basic Indian nearer surged one day. And in obviously easily can it if he was drafted yet but this. What does that mean for the fans for fell four. And the setting a trend and and in the taking the others equally blame does that kind of raise awareness. About. Raise awareness of it so when you have players like that Hussein. I'm not leave well currently. Roberts to other careers in particular to do research to study on. Only heighten awareness. I'm shot David and and is that in this scene native technology that we had that war has been done to create more advanced helmets systems and that's protect players. I find that very shocking I'm curious what. It does position is more resistant down my take is it baby into tumor research and UREDE. It made even more that mission that there is issue a problem with individuals like being cots. I don't think that the divisions. Planes were just yet because. It is for some people great way to make money right so when you're that young agent part one high school. Several of their lives and dosage which every talking about from the class right and sometimes the way out. Is sports the way out is entertainment to be an actor to be NC eager to be a reformer that's the way of making it. Where others can see education as option and that's how they can opt out and it now. We're so of his road scholar where sound educated main priorities I think that's where the rubber meets the road. And that's what we have to go conversation as Americans with the values on it what when basics were rocketing and NCAA athletes be paid because. That's radicals and stolen credit an underdog of August I had been both of legal system opting out at play and about opting in for financial gain from long urged.

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{"id":50032260,"title":"'Real Live:' Study finds link between youth head trauma and long-term brain issues","duration":"9:44","description":"Controversy surrounding the dangers of youth football has been reignited.","url":"/Health/video/real-live-study-finds-link-youth-head-trauma-50032260","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}