The South Carolina barbecue joint propelling past the pandemic

Octavius Nelson, owner of Bobby’s BBQ, discussed how he plans on keeping his customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
2:44 | 06/03/20

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Transcript for The South Carolina barbecue joint propelling past the pandemic
Find your fit with Always We're back now with the South Carolina barbecue king propelling his family business past this pandemic and into a prosperous future. My name is octavius Nelson from South Carolina. Me and my wife opened the Bobby bbq's in 2018 and when it started it was a pure hobby and just snowballed. My late dad had a restaurant, Monday through Saturday, I started out at the age of 12 washing dishes and by the time I was in high school I was running lunch by myself. Once the pandemic hit, we had to switch things around, we were still generating profits. But it was really small. Each week, it was dropping. We were concerned, how bad was this going to get? It stopped. Now it's inching up. We were getting close to breaking even. My biggest concern was keeping my family safe, keeping my coworkers safe and the people coming to the restaurant safe and their families. We're still getting a better understanding of what's going on now. We had to shut down the inside but we never shut the business down, we kept going so what we did was, like, we took -- we come out to the car and took out delivery for a while to get everything together. We doing curbside and online. Then when the governor allowed us to had outside seating, we already had six tables, we added six more. We had to space it out because of social distancing. We make it happen. It's part of business. Everyone's going through it. Not just us. You try to make the best decision and be transparent. For the most part, I think people truly understand. My advice to other business trying to reopen or stay afloat, first of all, do a lot of prayer and just be flexible, be transparent with your customers. I talked to them all the time. Getting their input. Talking with your employees, coworkers and just do it as a team and be open and transparent. You can't live in fear and be terrified, but you have to be wise. I think I had time to slow down and realize what was most important and focus on that and first of all, taking care of my family and also the consumer, but also our coworkers, we got tighter and closer. It's made me count my blessings. But the main thing is really focus on taking more pride and continue to love on people. Thank you for everything. Have great day. Be safe. What an inspiration. Octavius Nelson, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Octavius Nelson, owner of Bobby’s BBQ, discussed how he plans on keeping his customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71043502","title":"The South Carolina barbecue joint propelling past the pandemic","url":"/Health/video/south-carolina-barbecue-joint-propelling-past-pandemic-71043502"}