Streets of Dallas covered in snow after winter storm slams Texas

Millions of Texans are without power amid the extreme weather in the area.
2:26 | 02/17/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Streets of Dallas covered in snow after winter storm slams Texas
Back to back winter storms slamming the country Texas. Has been especially hard hit millions there are without power or water or heat. Amid some of the coldest temperatures in over a hundred years our markets more is on the roads and Dallas markets what do you seeing there. Paid and women driving around this afternoon we are in just outside downtown Dallas and he fell in district if you're familiar with his partner. Of Texas and you can see here the roads covered with with snow looks like they have been able to treat at least the main artery that's mainstream but a lot of little. The side streets calm they are still snow packed and very difficult to to get through into the and to navigate sub. It's one of the reasons why officials here have been urging people. Today off of the road and in the midst of all of that. The power outages persist. They have been working around the clock. To restore power to the millions of customers here throughout north Texas and and the region who have been. In the dark since the storm hit and we know that they're com. That manages the entire power Britain in Texas was able to get about 700 now. Online over nine. But that still left more than two when a half million people died in the dark with no no idea no timetable. But when they won't get their lives back together in just a few minutes ago. Diane we've met some residents who live here. But had power. Since Sunday morning they told us. And the temperatures here have been sub zero. At one point it was in the single digits for couple of days straight so if you can just imagine what people have been enduring here. And did gives you a sense of why people have been so frustrated. And desperate for answers and has to win they will get their power back and as you know Diane we've also heard about the tragedy and how people. Out of that desperation have been using charcoal grills and there have been using have had cars running in their garages to try to keep their homes and sadly that has led to runs several dance. Across this region at least twenty people have been killed in weather related incidents so. Hub that is the very latest here everyone hoping for some relief and it may come at the end of the week here Diane. When temperatures are once again expected to get back to above freezing. All right Marcus Moore thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Millions of Texans are without power amid the extreme weather in the area. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75956740","title":"Streets of Dallas covered in snow after winter storm slams Texas","url":"/Health/video/streets-dallas-covered-snow-winter-storm-slams-texas-75956740"}