Teen hospitalized with lung failure after excess vaping

The dangers of vaping are spotlighted after vaping and e-cigarette research shows harm to developing brains.
2:50 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for Teen hospitalized with lung failure after excess vaping
We're moving on we have talked about this danger before and we're talking about it again right now I hope the parents are listening I really hope the teenagers are listening. It's another story about the dangers of they being a seventeen year old in Texas had lung failure after excessive beeping in had to be in the hospital for eighteen days. In the icy use I want to bring in. Doctor Paul doctor nicked and Paul with our ABC medical unit to discuss this glad you're with us and here. Yes so I wanna talk about this teenager his name's Tristan. In his case what did the doctors actually think happened to him. Yes so I mean what they're saying is that he's an otherwise healthy seventeen year old kid this should not be happening to them the one thing they found was that use beeping. Quite a bit before several years raise beeping to three pods so. Some things can really cause the lungs to react in his case he woke up with chills vomiting and so. It seems the reaction not only has stayed in the lungs but all through his body a little bit. If the lung inflammation gets enough it's hard to breathe and it seems that that's what was happening to and it took awhile. For that information come down. It's a really scary situation because as we said before. They look so not discreet I mean you date they don't take up much room they look good they smelled day to and they don't look dangerous. There attractive to kids. So what do we do yes. I mean we're living in the age of technology great so this is just another really cool device that kids may think oh how harmless could this be it's not the same as cigarettes. But it is quite dangerous right so. Most. It nicotine in no kind of prevents the development of brains and bring the developing into the early twenties. And also harms fetuses calm was four moms or pregnant. There's many different ways that. Beeping can be harmful not just as extreme case. Yet but when the kids so that sounds like maybe that's like long term but in the case of Tristan. This seemed like it was pretty immediate you know he's made him for a number of days and then exact lung failure so. It's the important to note that beeping is something that we're been studying for a very short period of time right before we knew what the effects of cigarettes at the decades. We are still being out what all reactions and things can happen to our body from this so these kinds of examples show us how little we do know. And how much more research has to be done. It's been happening across the country CDC's report about 153 cases so this muffins and that anyone should be taking lightly. Well it's it's a scary situation and I have really do hope that teens petition because I don't want anyone else to experience this and we talked before about Powell sometimes even blow up. As the kids are using them to so there's that answer as well yes. But acting at the pomp thank you for being with us and we're gonna continue talking about this.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The dangers of vaping are spotlighted after vaping and e-cigarette research shows harm to developing brains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"65125611","title":"Teen hospitalized with lung failure after excess vaping","url":"/Health/video/teen-hospitalized-lung-failure-excess-vaping-65125611"}