2nd meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un cut short

The president said U.S. negotiators walked away from talks over North Korea's demands to strip sanctions.
6:27 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for 2nd meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un cut short
Hi everyone welcome to the debrief I'm Diane Macedo here with Devin Dwyer we will have all the day's top stories for you including major flooding. Out west and some big news for Star Wars fans but we have to start with presidents from leaving. That summit with North Korea early and firing back at Michael calling DeVon Dwyer has the latest on that DeVon it seems like kind of a rough day for the president. Yet Diane president trump comes back to Washington empty handed he's also sailing into that ugly firestorm of allegations from his. Former personal attorney got to tell you his team said he was ready for both of those eventualities but this has to be huge disappointment for the president just think about it. In the past 24 hours alone to people to individuals the president has called good friends trusted people. Have turned on him in a very public way let's start. With Kim Jung on in Vietnam and the collapse of the nuclear negotiations are White House reporter. Jordan Phelps is there in Hanoi joins us now Jordan so tell us what was the big sticking point in in these talks and where we go from here. Hay DeVon at the end of the day sanctions relief was that big sticking points. President trouncing Kim Jong-un when it full sanctions relief in exchange for only partial denuclearization. President said he push came to Ireland to go farther he wasn't willing to do you sell to the president's head in this case he just had to walk away. Now DeVon this may come as a surprise back at home. But it really is sort of classic art of the deal if you think about it president prompt as a negotiator Ali says you have to be willing to walk away from a deal. I and that's what he did in this case going forward Devin. There is no clear roadmap there is not a third summit sat the president prompts said. That he said they parted ways on friendly terms. Think that and I wouldn't be surprised if we see these two leaders come together again for some summit in the future but DeVon it's getting harder. To do this full court press for these big summits. If there aren't deliverables. Going forward. And right here in Washington by bishop garrison the executive director of the Truman national security project a Homeland Security advisor. Bishop great great to have you here what does this mean for all of us and our national security Kim still holds a pretty potent arsenal of nukes. This is what they strapped me -- this is the but the big question mark right now that we're concerned about what you have here -- -- and failed opportunity this could have -- potentially -- something -- but there was never really -- tangible goals that were -- there was never any clear outcomes of the president this administration we're trying to accomplish so what you have now potentially is 88 -- former new round of tensions not only between the United States North Korea but the United States and its allies against North Korea and that includes South Korea what does this mean for the safety in South Korean people what does it mean for our military abroad this station is something more dangerous -- -- I think they did this a big question -- in a part of that question mark means that there -- some I -- and we don't know we don't know until -- -- this point is still very early so could there be an opportunity. To make headway here -- not been completely clear some picture colleague just said the idea that this is the art of the deal when I trump is used in sustaining opting out walking away from -- This is not some odd defunct real estate issue out night here and I New Jersey where you're talking about some casinos going under this is actual global politics and Ed this had a result on the Asian markets this morning when they opened. Is gonna have a result on Wall Street as well this these types of deals have lasting second third tier impacts that we really really need to be con. And meanwhile these centrifuges are still spending a North Korea that arsenal of nukes is getting bigger Jordan Phelps it wasn't just nuclear weapons but also. Human rights that president trump was pressed about he was also asked in that press conference early this morning about the death of American college student. Otto warm here. You're was that exchanges Nicholas. I don't believe that he would have allowed that to happen just wasn't to his advantage to allow that to happen. Those prisons are rough and rough places. And bad things happened. But I really don't believe that he was he he I don't believe he knew about it eating its unity. It can tell you felt badly about it he would speak to him he felt very badly beaten in the case very well but he knew it later. And got a lot of people it big country lot of people. And in those prisons in those camps you have a lot of people. And some really bad things happened well some really really bad thing what are you what he tells me he tells me that he didn't know about it. And I will take him at his word and. I'll take him at his word Jordan Phelps remarkable to see the president completely absolve Kim Jung un. Of any responsibility. And autos that. DeVon it was incredibly striking especially when you consider that this is can John night. He sits atop one of the most oppressive regimes in the world he's an egregious human rights offender. I think we look specifically at the pace of auto warm here this indicate that president trump has previously held up as a case of the group's how many. Of North Korea he's developed a relationship with warm Beers family as slick in pristine DeVon to see the president sort of willing to just move. Half that. In Jordan helps force in Hanoi Vietnam thanks for that reporting Jordan and bishop there's no roadmap now. For where negotiations go from here or there are 28000. American troops still stationed there does their posture change after today. I I would I would like to say that don't like is going to be business as usual for them that this type of life issue these types of breakdowns in a diplomatic talks they do. Happen is just stated this when tends to be. A much more magnified given a lot of the writer that the president has given around North Korean about his efforts in. Saying in North Korea was already no longer a threat when that wasn't the case so I would say their day to day is not going to change there day here it's stable DOD has this mission is gonna continue fort. But for the the longevity of this what we're what's going to happen now to your point we simply don't know and there is never bet we haven't seen in a long time at least a situation. And which the United States put forth so much effort into talks that turned out into really bring about not contain. We know the military Montrae there at the DNC and South Korea is ready to fight tonight we know that posture will likely maintain. Bishop garrison with the national Truman. Security project great to have you think your return and again and.

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{"duration":"6:27","description":"The president said U.S. negotiators walked away from talks over North Korea's demands to strip sanctions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61386659","title":"2nd meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong Un cut short","url":"/International/video/2nd-meeting-president-trump-kim-jong-cut-short-61386659"}