No agreement reached in Trump-Kim summit

The White House says the meeting ended when Kim asked for all sanctions to be lifted and the U.S. was not ready to agree to that. ABC News' Karen Travers reports.
2:44 | 02/28/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for No agreement reached in Trump-Kim summit
We begin with breaking news from Vietnam president trumping North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un cutting short their nuclear summit the White House announcing earlier this morning that know we're agreement has been reached. President trump saying quote speed it is not important ABC's Karen Travers begins our coverage from Hanoi were news conference with president trump just wrapped up Karen. Good morning main Kent just last night president Tran said this summit with Kim Jung and would be very. Successful. Today he says it was his decision to walk away from an offer can put on the table the sticking point sanctions. President John summit with Kim Jung on abruptly cut short sometimes you have to walk. And this was just one of those times the White House says there was no agreement reached between the two leaders called the talks very good and constructive. Chairman Kim tried to change the goal posts a little bit on president front. So what we heard is that he asks in return for sanctions really if you could freeze one of his nuclear production facilities the young beyond complex. And that secretary of state contests have not so fast. Last night the president said he thought this summit with him would be very successful. At a press conference Thursday taking place two hours ahead of schedule the president tried to put his spin on the summit. It was about the sanctions when the may third summit Mr. President basically they wanted the sanctions lifted. In their entirety and we couldn't do that. Earlier in the day a remarkable scene here in Hanoi. The reclusive North Korean leader indeed she looked American reporters who shouted questions at him just as they did at the president. Asked if he's ready to deal with your eyes through a translator the North Korean leader said if I'm not willing to do then. I wouldn't be here right now. President trump liked what he hurt. My. The president continued to use that Greece as a negotiating tax I just wanted to say I have great. Chairman him. Great respect this country. The North Korean regime operates concentration camps for tens of thousands of political prisoners according to human rights groups. Kim is accused of starving his own people and ordering the assassination of his own half brother can only answer from him when he was asked if human rights were being discussed to the president jumped did. They're discussing everything. President John said even though he and Kim Jung did not sign an agreement the North Korean leader promised him he would not restart nuclear tests. The United States and North Korea will continue talking but the president said today there's no plan in place right now for him to meet again. With him John today pennant and the president with very flattering words about the North Korean leader Karen thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The White House says the meeting ended when Kim asked for all sanctions to be lifted and the U.S. was not ready to agree to that. ABC News' Karen Travers reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61381753","title":"No agreement reached in Trump-Kim summit","url":"/International/video/agreement-reached-trump-kim-summit-61381753"}