Arafat's Wife: Of Course It Was Murder

Findings from a Swiss report suggest former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned.
4:58 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Arafat's Wife: Of Course It Was Murder
So what did the findings in this Swiss report tell you about your husband's death. -- -- -- -- What we older -- There's not doubt about. What it say I wanted to let you know. -- -- need and want nothing to -- and polonium. And AT and I want by the -- What all of his. Back and and by the -- You know -- and -- and get content. But equally -- all. That they didn't -- the gap they need -- Integrity. Tragedy. But -- separate from the. -- being collected. In all committed to an event you credit for children -- -- that -- -- nine years but we -- lead character. And you're convinced that this is a murder. You know I want cooking the data to back it and the flooding in the experts say that they had a -- -- -- He didn't say -- from its own experience it's been fourteen years -- that. I'm an altar. You know the word I'm -- I'm. And it -- to be it saying it. It put him immediately. They're not the reasons that -- or who didn't need to them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The for the Indians and he MM that he o'clock back to -- -- -- and that it. The conclusion of the Swiss report is that it moderately supports this theory that your husband was was poisoned. You know wonder if it at 100. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And after the unused to -- -- I don't know who got it dictated his back to hand. And -- I -- all dispute that. It can -- to -- at -- And off of an onion -- and he's all. Old days so really you'll. If he's not adequate and you'll gain daily that you typically. Buckley -- that question directly about an arrogant they looked -- the Coast -- -- only a nuclear country could have produced the material that was used to tell her husband. Yet get caught at a new -- in -- -- big -- you know -- I don't know about that and development. But. They've got something. Shortly but yet. And one nuclear country we know is Israel and most Palestinians as you know accuses Israel of killing her husband but you haven't. Not I was not about who as -- but he would. I think you know about it and that it shouldn't pensioners. To. That I can't get killed and united. And even get an idea but it a country -- the -- gave -- -- -- From the effect fully up to local folks think about this situation. So I would do that and about Tibetan but what had to -- to -- And you -- think it was a Palestinian someone in his inner circle who would have delivered the polonium. Look out. And -- about to deal. Yet -- served by somebody who has yet to look at it and that he -- to say don't. But I guess -- that it has to be -- -- without it he took it felt. -- it might be but from a year except. What do you hope will happen what you think will happen after these reports are published. Are -- out so to -- further -- unfair it is saying it made critical got eyes and there was no -- about what I didn't during. You wouldn't. -- -- -- and and Clinton -- tensions. -- -- and that it would work order tool. -- -- in court. Do you think one day we'll know who actually killed him. I -- at least he what do you think -- -- I would and you need to. But hopefully. Well thank you so much for your time I appreciate the phone call.

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{"id":20810120,"title":"Arafat's Wife: Of Course It Was Murder","duration":"4:58","description":"Findings from a Swiss report suggest former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was poisoned.","url":"/International/video/arafats-wife-murder-20810120","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}