ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned in 2011

Oct. 3, 2011: Amanda Knox is acquitted after nearly four years in an Italian prison.
4:07 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned in 2011
Good evening it was truly an electrifying. Moment as Amanda Knox literally was bowed over by the news that her conviction for the murder of her roommate had been overturned. And she is free after nearly four years. The American exchange student confined to a cell and Italy just one hour outside each day. Passing the hours we are told reading 1000 books and all and tonight. Amanda Knox is reunited with a family that's kept constant vigil. In fact her parents brought an empty suitcase as a measure of their faith. That their daughter would be bringing her few possessions from prison home to Seattle where by the way this city is rejoicing tonight. And no one has covered this story in more depth than our own 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas she's been on the case since day one and she is in Fallujah to report again for us tonight over the good evening Diane the four year Odyssey for the Knox family is finally over a member of the knock Stanley has been here every single day in Perugia Italy. Since her arrest nearly four years ago for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Berkshire. They have never wavered it in insisting on her innocence and tonight in a dramatic and emotional hearing they finally got the acquittal they've been waiting for. The tension grew with every one of the nine hours of deliberation. Then well into the night the appeal judge summoned top from the thirteen by thirteen foot cell that has been her home for so long. Her family walking hand in hand made their way to the fifteenth century courthouse. Taking their place as Amanda sat trembling before the judge speaking deliberately in Italian the judge rejected claims Knox and her former Italian boyfriend were part of a lurid sex murder. A stunning moment the words Amanda Knox and her family had longed to hear. So it. Dependents have been a creek he didn't. And when those words in Italian sanctity and the 24 year old broke down slumping in her seat sobbing. She was free her conviction and 26 year sentence overturned. The courtroom erupted in cheers. Her jubilant family embracing and still absorbing the news. Their four year Odyssey to clear their daughter in the murder of 21 year old Marriott culture finally over. Outside the courtroom there was outrage. Taxes and made their way out of the courtroom her younger sister and best for Indiana stepped up to the microphone now what joyful family spokesman. We think on the man's name is a very. She's suffered through our ears hurt and she did not commit. Then her lead attorney who had defended the Seattle student from the start over 100 hearings. And a crushing guilty verdict two years ago. Today she was scared. So new that the day it was important. To vote there was between life in jail on movie business therefore she was very scared man. Knox was hustled back to prison for the last time she was finishing some routine paperwork before being flown out of the country back to her home in Seattle. This day of judgment started with Knox is emotional plea in court to be freed her police shaking so much the judge told her she could sit if necessary. She said I am hanging with my life for something I didn't do I didn't kill I didn't rate I insist after four years after four. All those years might innocence. I want to go home I want to go back to my life. I deserve freedom. When Amanda Knox arrived back in the cup honey prison tonight Diane she was greeted with cheers from those inside the prison she's become quite popular in her four years there they nicknamed her AMB. She spent some time with the prison chaplain tonight saying get by this person has been a close confidant of hers through this difficult ordeal. But she is out of prison tonight and we'll be on her way back to the United States that within hours. Unimaginable I am sure and thanks so much for your reporting on all of this Elizabeth.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Oct. 3, 2011: Amanda Knox is acquitted after nearly four years in an Italian prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"42426805","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Amanda Knox Conviction Overturned in 2011","url":"/International/video/archival-video-amanda-knox-conviction-overturned-2011-42426805"}