Captured ISIS members speak to ABC’s James Longman after the fall of the caliphate

Thousands from around the world wait to be tried by their countries of origin.
15:44 | 02/19/20

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Transcript for Captured ISIS members speak to ABC’s James Longman after the fall of the caliphate
Crisis has been declared defeated but what about the thousands of fighters and wives of those in surges that remain. In what was left of the so called Calle fifty many of them now in camps or jails being held by the people they once charming. Our James long and traveled to the region and met some of them former Americans who sided with ices and now want to return to the US but can't. In a cold corner of northwest Iran common goal of project is still homeless she sees CD called to the community concerning. Fireplaces can choose taken from a home and kept to the slave for two years. The man who pushed in front of our eyes they killed him on the my father and young adults are relatives. My Brothers and since they blindfolded do you think tank Iranians into a near the rivers. I heard them being shatter. She feels she's been forgotten by the world's. While many victims have yet to find peace and many of those who joined diocese have yet to see justice just over the border in Syria another group of women live in another account. But these are the ones who married into the ice this cult. And the surrounding seen much. More comfortable. These are blankets from the UN. We took I'm not until we grouped together in hot coffee here in the evening to turn and talk together to help one another and. In Ross Kemp Kimberly Pullman is trying to seem normal games. It's a city committee Jay-Z US Canadian woman who joined diocese in 2015. Now like thousands of others. She's an account waiting for one of the nation she left to take cutback. The tent which shares with British sources woman should mean bacon is nothing like I've seen in Syria satellite TV. Heating even little mementos of home. A stark contrast to the hellish conditions most refugees and Jules Ullman is keen to show she's not radicalized model threat. She blames her time in on insist on a husband and how did he meet. We met online and he was a really vibrant very alive very knowledgeable very relaxed kind of human being certainly not what she would've expected to if you think of the word terrorist as you. But many of those who joined from the western Poland was recruited on line. Despite this like so many others she denies seeing their crimes before leaving to join them. I was asked to do ECB had to use. The problem is that. In North America. Every time I clicked on any links they weren't there anymore so no Tennessee I didn't see them and they don't have cable vision. Wrote an argument this difficult to believe that Poland appears to rationalize her actions. Not only to convince others but perhaps also a self. She's one of thousands of men women and children left over from the so called I seems kind of faint. All for the full of drug use a year ago the apocalyptic ends on sees reign of terror. Thousands were taken into custody we witnessed truckloads of some of the most hard and families. Driven away to an uncertain future. The lines of ice his flight is set out in the cold awaiting their fate. But now a year later in camps and prisons across northeast Syria. These people remain in detention and no formal sentencing is in sight. Coleman's camp is nothing like the main tented city et Al whole. Where appalling conditions are retrenching radicalization. In Thai areas on no go zones for aid agencies for fear of being attacked. It was 65000. About a quarter from the west wing terrorism Lucien. And half of children. Could see children a ticket he had the tone. It's very very frightening actually to see what children can be taught to tear them. Photo Mohammed is annoy US woman and Coleman's neighbor a decision to join nicest now implicates her two year old son have them. Pentagon. And Keith stripped from a normal life paying for his mother's crimes. I first met a year ago or one actually after the trump administration revoked her citizenship. Despite the fact she was born in New Jersey she's now appealing for a third time. I wouldn't. Let him go or. I am I would prefer. Him going back as soon as possible even if it's without me but I know it's going to be very hard you. Second of claimed the women cost themselves as Weston is trapped in a world of terror so because I think a little people I might think themselves well you know ice zone. These people saying to that sorry he'd I think I zappa a new highway east. Now. They put our audience just recently again they've told us that they're coming for us we live in fear of that. There is a sense of victim hood in the way she speaks. The real victim devices other many thousands who died. The women enslaved and raped beat gay men thrown from ruse policy Segal did not discriminate at a height of its rain in 2016. The terror group took advantage of a vacuum left by the Syrian civil war and conquered huge waves of terror tree across Syria and Iraq. Thousands of extremists flow from around the world. Weston and local hostages were publicly executed as a form of twisted entertainment. Dvd community suffered unimaginable. Horror Diane we'll hunt she met that they established to disarm for selling and needy girls and -- in L my email roundabout might have which was called girls bizarre soap whoever negative girl he could go they're high but it was very hard for us says his eighties to be treated like that he had every girl had her picture or name on her neck kidnappers are being sold and bought for their prices were also bring an end up some of the girls were rented for one day. And she holds the wise responsible to dismiss the peace they were also the wives of crisis members they treated us worse their husbands did to us get those ice is women were holding as eating girls for their husbands to rape them and tortured them. They are ice is wise we want them to be punished too. I'm just tried to expect to. It's just. It's a very emotive issue and of course crisis committed some of the most heinous acts I think it's possible. Did we're still finding out things that they did and we're in shock even fining at what they did because we didn't even know that this is seeing a say today rather than. Because I think a reliable thing that we you'll can't succeed join us it's never. I wasn't before I came it was known they tried to kill me there because I wouldn't conform. Who would she say to people what. Cheating to we'll look at the situation and we'll look at this mean this is much nicer than most of the Ella when he attends a ligament have been NN Syria. And saying that they need and deserve this this is Gil you married in sight since the punishment to stay that hand to rot. I think it's a great dangers they think can these people put me imprison too. He tried to kill me too so it to Villa is that we all have different stories. These women and the thousands like him are only half of the world that a few hours away from these camps thousands of suspected links despite his seat in prison. Now we go under strict instructions and hopes to to anyone inside the prison about events that have been going on. In the outside world most specifically to death that need it works as an. And also being tension in October. How many of them from B do you have some way of communicating. With people outside. Like the United Nations and terror the majority like in the camps from Syria or rock there are thousands of westerners and no Arab state news. Oh Kyrgyzstan. Authorities have been pushing for months to have an international tribunal sets out to try these men. But western countries have been slow to. Consider cuts a once again the until an international problem on their own. I speak spent two year guy out you keep you from Trinidad right. How long have you been sleeping man. It's. Two months even Steven then on Monday if I'd NCA a face full refusal. Oh by the fact that the he's had time to think about some solutions. These are that you would give you an old said that the Warner and she did 22 the world would be happy days and want to signal so exhibit solution though. People do want you traded. Mutual I didn't do what and how much she you know whatever G tube could be Geithner of the biggest problem is the month. But maybe this is the ultimate punishment may be. May be for you not tonight what's gonna happen and you just sitting here like this they would do maybe not so punishment would deal would give Moody's who live from last. Sitting next aim is marine city mulling a 44 year old costs of an American between die sis in 2015. He says he didn't fight but still has dangerously confused notions about Islam and the bloody crimes ice is committed under the guise of religion. Somebody cheats and administer employee he has four witnesses who is going to be storm could I mean that's the way it is there's nothing when you make could be enough that we. I just gold line the abide by shooting yet but the conditions he and his father Alexis Mendoza kept him now. He deems unfair that. We being kept kept condemn like cattle you don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring. Is that all right. Is it any better and better than nice is what's truly going to. Pull I think if this is psoriasis he'll be dead by now. None of Buddha is clear what she thinks should happen Glenn Holt. It must be a. Life time punishment by an international criminal court may be punished at the same place where they did their crimes and massacring his CD its olden on easy. In one sense those who made the decision to join crisis already living that punishment. They cannot stay here forever because something's on the crisis and now the world is less than two gone and torment has moved in and it's not just security issue. Victims devices enjoy some of the most heinous crimes imagine. This boundaries off to get justice holding these men and women into account rather than ignoring the situation. We need to happens in. James on an ABC news in the northeast and save. And James long and just back from Syria joining us now from London first of all James absolutely remarkable. Journalism just the access. And the people with whom you spoke. Incredible talk to us for a moment now about the justification. Nations like the United States and others are using to not try these people back in what was their former countries. Yeah Kyra I mean their long missiles Avaya is that it's politically toxic for many countries to say to that people. We're gonna bring. Fights his wives their children back to their home countries countries that they said they didn't wanna be a pulse of anymore and the people renounced. Their citizenship they went to join what they thought would be a state so I think public perception. Is very much against this that all countries that are making. More than effort and others were told the Swedes in the dots for example are committing gauging a little more with the Kurdish administration other countries dragon FE. The United Kingdom France Belgium there'll of Australian flight is on an Australian women in their children. Sit in those counts that you just sold back I think the biggest stumbling block is. The kind of burden of proof that you need in a west in country to be able to try people take. Should mean of a game for example that British young lady that you sold in not report if she were to come back to United Kingdom what could she be trifle. Cutting illegally to a foreign country perhaps joining a foreign terror organization but. Over and above facts what else can she won't house can prove to be found. Of how crimes. I think for for the from a British point of view she could end up in a court she could. Perhaps be sentenced to 506 season prison and then she'd walk free and I think that's what people in western countries a scandal. That is why the cuts are saying well try them. In Syria try them in an international tribunal give us the results is to be able to see that build prisons in Syria help us how these people properly. Find us so long term solution here in Syria where we have the proof we have the victims they can testify. He had an easy to evict an essay that she wants very must take by now pres says. But there isn't concerned about might as well because what if Bashar Assad. The dictator of Syria the president of Syria if he. Ends up I can now part of the country and lay's assets so lost so yes I mean that their all and many many fold issues tea. The fundamental truth is that there are all the people are not part of Syria. And no one is doing anything about it. OK so what about how would I mean she made the decision to join I says when she was just a teenager so is age being taken into account. For the decisions that they have made. Well I think some people do have sympathy I mean Honda was 1920 when she decided to go assuming that was just fifteen of course a little people. Do you say that some of the younger women that when they went over they should be Phil told is that the children that they were when they went but also. Look at the crimes that they are understood to have committed that and some of date may perhaps there isn't necessarily tangible proof but they're certainly allegations. Of individuals did and should mean that was alleged to have been Pollack of crisis is morality police. Hold the most on the for example tweeted this alleged might put it this that put this to you how when I'm who lost share in Sarah sits he tweets it's. The people in the United States to rise up and kill other people on Memorial Day weekend and and veterans day as well. Yet these are really substantial issues he's a proper crimes and that alleged to have committed and say yes to face comes into account. But I think also the crimes and they're nice to have committed as well the council say no matter the age data wanted to companies people anymore. Well speaking of age I mean the children we saw the children there in the prisons and there's always a fear that. This is a breeding grounds. That wells didn't turn these children in into terrorists ending. And there's a tremendous be here for ice is 2.0. Yeah I mean that's absolutely right I think trust Melissa humanitarian crisis there are something like 7000 western born children in the foreign. Paul to the camp at Al hole but if you look at the main main camp 65000. Half of stopped his children and a quarter of all children all funds five this is a tremendous humanitarian crisis children on losing fingers to frostbite. They have learning difficulties down Mal nourished and visit an orphanage in whole camp where I met a young child he lost. Both of his legs and other Netflix. On his face for Mara mine had gone off in front and the psychological damage is also a massive sell and humanitarian level it's very very serious of these children paying for the crimes. All of that parents. And yes if that left two role in this count. That will be a problem for the future this is the generation of children who will grow to be disenfranchised and radicalized and it will be a problem for the west side to a very well funnel people to say well. Leave them handle Kuwait a key. But dot doesn't do us in a long time. Any good and the cut the saying the fundamental reason why we ABC he's visited Syria it was because the kinds assaying. Thousands of people from all around the world came here to fight they came to marry and they had children. And that's still here and and not all responsibility. Kyra. James Longman sure appreciate your reporting.

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