Car Bomb Explodes Outside US Embassy in Iraq

A car bomb was detonated outside the U.S. embassy in Erbil, Iraq, in the northern part of the country.
7:07 | 04/17/15

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Transcript for Car Bomb Explodes Outside US Embassy in Iraq
A vehicle borne improvised explosive device is detonated at directly outside an entry point and a preliminary of the US consulate in her appeal. I've today. At 1044 and east and it doesn't cover protocol was activated US consulate. All chief of mission personnel have been accounted for their no reports of injuries she mission personnel board to the local bars. Host nation fire access responded to extinguish fire. Local authorities have also responding in securing the area the appreciate the rapid response to the Kurdistan Regional Government authorities this matter. You'll work with and investigate the incident to determine facts. Car bomb explodes outside the US embassy in or below a rock in the northern part of the country there are reports in fact. Foreigners injured hello I'm Dan Butler in new York and following this now. ABC's digital pentagon correspondent Lou Martinez saying by Louis what do we know about this about those that are injured. Dan as we heard from Mary Hart and state. Army spokesperson at the top this hit what we have is a car bomb that occurred that exploded outside the perimeter area of the consulate insider deal. Or deal being the major city in Northern Iraq of Kurdistan. Did any of their work casualties there are very repair imports of how many fatalities in May have been. But there may be one or two may be used mania is five who were injured in this blast. Viewed what we did hear from Marie heart for the Airways that there were no Americans inside the embassy. No fatalities no injuries there as well as to the local guards. This sounds like it was a very large explosion from eyewitness reports that we've seen. Also in addition that there are reports of gunfire that kind of continued on after that blast. But that's subsided afterwards so it appears initially that no no injuries to any Americans are local guards at that at that facility there in the consulate. But that there may have been fatalities. Outside. And as you said this of the reports that they are foreigners but it's on confirmed what their nationalities make it okay 62 US embassy personal account for their any idea about who might have been behind us any group come forward to claim responsibility. No greater responsibility right now them but let's just say that her realism very stable city. The last major currents of violence a similar to this Karbala a car bomb blast occurred last November that's how far back we're talking about so it's a very secure area. Now the cash America who are the Kurdish fighting force for the Kurdish regional government they of course are taking on crisis. I think it's safe to assume that ice is going to claimed responsibility for this attack. I'm given the stability given the fact that they are meaning him on the battlefield routinely up in Northern Iraq. But for now no claims of responsibility on. Kerviel was once under a threat by I Cisco correct. Are Biel plays the capital of Kurdistan in there the semi autonomous region in Northern Iraq historically. Culturally different than the rest of Iraq. They've been trying to seek independence but they they've come under this arrangement where they're semi autonomous they have their own fighting force. The pitch Maria and the Pittsburgh are actually consisted some of the most reliable fighters in having pushed back. The threat from crisis early last summer of that wind ice is fighters were pushing their way across Northern Iraq. They came within forty miles of repeal at that point that's when an international community provided assistance to them to that as Maria. To help them pushed back since then the front lines have been pushed further westward. As part of the retreat that we've heard about crisis in up in Northern Iraq as well as parts of Syria. Last week depending on telling us that crisis has lost about 25%. Of the territory that had gone gained over the summer. But still the fight means there are many fights going on throughout Iraq against ices. But the most crucial and one of the most important ones is up there in the north as the past Maria continue to push them back. And obviously one of their uncle's here is to retake Mosul which is the Iraq's second largest city which was taken by. Nice it's back last summer. So then not only for symbolic purposes but also for the practicality of how important is herb field and it's the US strategy. In the mission in Iraq. If it's very important and added the United States has maintain a consulate there for years it is actually one of the largest consulates United States has outside of the US. It is is a very large. Diplomatic presence as well as the US military presence there. They've depending on doesn't want to get into actual numbers but we were told that there by several hundred. US military personnel inner feel it's where the United States is concentrated part of the training effort. Against crisis by trainee not only Iraqi forces in three locations. South. In the southern part of Iraq but also added major facility in her deal. Their training these past Maria fighters fighters to take on. Basis on the battlefield. Norris or it was a major us city it's it's it's vital. And not only that but it's stable. And that so an event like this does definitely raise some eyebrows because it's it's going to be concerned whether. Crisis is trying to infiltrate. And 'cause some kind of terror stream inside. Relatively stable Kurdish region. Well what his eyes as his push right now towards ramadi. So that is what's raising getting all the attention accurate depending on right now. Ramadi is a major city and west and never rests in Iraq in Anbar Province. And right now you have ice is fighters who have penetrated he had the city's outer perimeter. I Iraqi forces are maintaining the center of town but this renewed fighting this push by ice just take this major city in western Iraq has led Q. A humanitarian flow. Civilians who were leaving the city and grows by the thousands. Moving into Baghdad. And what did where you're from adding that officials that they are doing the best Q help the Iraqi forces there. There has been some concern at the city may fall ices which would be reversal on the battlefield but we heard yesterday from general Dempsey chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff lieutenant downplayed. The possibility of ramadi falling. Noting that it's not strategically important right now. He pointed to the importance and another city further up north and BG. Because there's a major oil refineries there and did if that should follow it ices his hands that would be considered much warmth and neutralize. The van ramadi and at the same time he said we don't want to lose it. So that final fight continues American airstrikes. Helping push back the ice is fighters there so that's something to monitor right now. All right keeping an on that as well as an explosion in her field. ABC's Louise Martinez depending on the we thank you for that. Keep up with the start real time download an ABC news happens star and story for updates on the go. I'm Dan craftsman.

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{"duration":"7:07","description":"A car bomb was detonated outside the U.S. embassy in Erbil, Iraq, in the northern part of the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30399553","title":"Car Bomb Explodes Outside US Embassy in Iraq","url":"/International/video/car-bomb-explodes-us-embassy-iraq-30399553"}