Coronavirus cases in Italy continue to soar

Italy’s medical personnel have complained about a critical shortage of gear, including protective masks and glasses.
3:33 | 03/18/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus cases in Italy continue to soar
Tonight cases in Italy continue to soar but in hard hit China for now. The worst of it seems to be over so what can health experts in the US and learn from these two nations as this nation. Get some more saint James Longman files this report. Tonight 345. More people dead in Italy in the lost 24 hours the total now over 2500. The health system buckling under the onslaught. Patients contained over the virus is not families Allman locked down the dead are buried without them tonight one glimmer of hope. Cases in Italy's original red zone down slightly but back in America concern oval what's playing out in Italy. And they have more doctors and hospital but it's part constant than in the US fuel David with America's top expert on infectious disease equipment and he found -- doctor can you assure the American people that what they witnessed in those images from Italy and from those hospitals won't happen here. You know David I I'm always trying to be as cold and honest I don't want to scare anybody. There's no guarantee of anything doubts wife out she says Americans have to limit their exposure and public activities to slow down the virus. So it doesn't hit with the same speed as it clique. And so US hospitals can keep up with to moaned for emergency cat doctors found she and other health experts are now studying the timing seen in Italy. And in China. To help full cost how long he could take hold in the US. And James joins us now live in London with more James while Italy continues to struggle China appears to be getting things under control why don't experts think that that it is. Well in the is that she really interesting if you do to win a country first reported its Casey's verses when it first in a locked down he stopped to see a pox and with far nothing now to this crisis. To get a hold on. How different countries have go to the outcomes they've got to see if you look at China differences as first reported case. Was on December 31 now of course China may have a case is before Bob without in the first reported and if a shot down Wuhan not. City in Hebei Province where corona virus originated. On January 23. And they've now started to see a slowdown. Compare that with its any day first school they first reported a case Soria on January 31. And the first it does look downs on February 21 so a similar time period except. They only did a partial lockdown in the north of Italy was well I wolves for some time we will back and forth about part of Nolan Italy. He didn't shut down a wide area he came months eight there was a month's launch and I. And it that may be part of the reason while announcing a much bigger issue in Italy than we have in China just to give unite DA it could eat. Now has reported to date. Teeth 2500. Deaths thus is China's 3200. Or so deaths. Now obviously Italy is a fall fall smaller country than China says outcome. Is much much was and when now hearing actually if this current rate of deaths in Italy. Back if they actually could suppose China in apps in the fatalities that is an extraordinary how come there are a lot of lessons here. To be learned the United States as it seeks to buckle corona virus and a really important thing for America to understand. Is that it that he actually has more beds per capita. On the United States so. It doesn't mean if you have a good health's health care health care system you can ride this wave is a lot to worry about I think for the United States on the rest of Europe in battling corona virus. Right a lot to learn a fascinating to know that Italy has more beds per capita James Longman thank you so much for that report.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Italy’s medical personnel have complained about a critical shortage of gear, including protective masks and glasses. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"69653573","title":"Coronavirus cases in Italy continue to soar","url":"/International/video/coronavirus-cases-italy-continue-soar-69653573"}