Crisis in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro holds desperately needed humanitarian aid at the border.
2:41 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Crisis in Venezuela
Hey everyone I'm Tom yeah Imus for ABC news live here Caracas Venezuela where a showdown is forming between the current leader but as well an equal last month middle. And demand more than fifty countries acknowledge as the new leader of this country one Y doe at issue. Taunted tons of humanitarian aid that are sitting on the border right now in the Colombian titled who looked up. Now on Saturday at one why go who's the leader of the national simply said he wants that to me it's near humanitarian aid. To comment. The problem is the plus what Lewis says he will let except that it because it's coming from the United States and he says his country is not a country of beggars but more than 90% of this country right now is living in poverty and people are starving. Average was well and has lost 24 pounds in the last four years because they're such. A dire need for food here we see it as we go out and we travel throughout Caracas and throughout this country are teams have been covering the story. For years and we've seen people eating out of the garbage people who tell us that they have not been doing that. In years prior and we spoke to several but as well as yesterday who were telling us they want change they what Woodward to step down. We believe. He's he's right that he'd go. The presidents we need to keep an even that Ben and I country. And a better. We'll continue our Gumbel won't I'm a little you don't you're not afraid to speak out against Madieu. It's. This. Or. The EU no longer have here. More than three million but as well as by some estimates have left this country because the situation here is so dire. Behind this in Caracas it is business as normal right now people are trying to go to war but they say. Getting a run of the boss on the subway everything takes longer it's harder to find food it takes two hours and two weeks. All worth of wages just to buy a bag of sugar that's how bad the situation is right here. Now because what who has gone state run TV and said basically what the Americans are trying to do here is a modern day Vietnam but he wanted to turn. But as well it would a rock that they want that as well as all oil. And he scored on social media on Twitter and other platforms with hash tags that say. Hands off on Venezuela essentially saying he does not want any American intervention. He's basically preaching anti imperialism to the people here but as well and seeing that his country is not a country of beggars but still many people out here said. They're not beggars but they need food right now. And would do oral has turned into beggars we'll see what happens on Saturday again things could come to a head there national security advisor John Bolton the president even the First Lady have all put pressure. On the would do were regime to let that aid in but again majora says it's not gonna come in we'll see what happens on Saturday reporting from Caracas for ABC's live on Tommy Ellis.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"President Nicolas Maduro holds desperately needed humanitarian aid at the border. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61193825","title":"Crisis in Venezuela","url":"/International/video/crisis-venezuela-61193825"}