This day in history: Nov. 13, 2015

Terror attacks on Paris.
4:46 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for This day in history: Nov. 13, 2015
Horror unfolding in Paris as we come on the air that city under attack. Dozens are believed dead police sources telling the Associated Press. At this hour that some of these attacks were in fact suicide attacks. A series of explosions and shootings all within a short time of one another one of the explosions. Outside the main sports stadium in Paris and you could hear it. Explosion right there leading to thousands of spectators and the French president who was there are stunned. President Delon could be seen his hand to his face evacuated from the stadium to safety. People hugging inside the stadium in disbelief. Meantime as this played out across the city several deadly scene swat teams racing and a concert hall under siege right now as we come on the year at least a hundred believe inside. Being held hostage to sirens throughout the city. A deadly shooting as well at a restaurant you can see the emergency teams gathered outside there. And tonight this image a member of one of the swat teams helping this woman the terror on her face at just one of the scenes where these attacks have unfolded. Here is the map out this hour first the stadium where the explosions were heard outside and the concert hall. Where authorities are preparing to take action imminently. A hundred or more held hostage as I mentioned and a third location tonight. The shootings at that restaurant. The French president saying just moments ago this is unprecedented French borders have now been closed. We have team coverage tonight beginning we'd ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Across Paris tonight scenes of terror these pictures coming in on social media. Victims crying in agony injured on the grant. Police now surrounding this theater in the French capital reports of up till at least 100 hostages held in signed. Witnesses tell French TV they heard the gunman screaming allahu up bar. An American rock band scheduled to play there this siege still unfolding. Earlier this evening huge explosions heard at that giants Don deferral. Thousands of spectators packing the stands including French president Francois along quickly whisked to safety. At least three people reported dead there. Massive confusion outside. Across town gunman reportedly with automatic weapons opening fire inside a restaurant. The thinking right at the window when that would numerous gotten gunshots directed at the wind at. Toward the restaurant that we let eating any. And in. We immediate. Talks with fuel with all the other dying as I get hit with a woman next to me at a fake injury I think how it would. Toward a chat. And I and there was another cup of coffee and other they injuries eyewitness. In the aftermath chaos outside sheets covering bodies. A leak police troops tonight deployed threw out parents at least fifty dead. Police sources say the attacks appear coordinate it. Become less than a year after two terrorists opened fire inside the office of satirical magazine Charlie ebb show. That also part of a coordinated attack another attack are mounting a deadly siege in sided Jewish support. Mark. And now Paris going through this all over again Martha Raddatz with a slide and Martha I want to take our viewers at home. To the images coming in right now outside that concert hold a theater and Martha what do we know. About the number of hostages and about any plans to take action. They're seen to be at least 100 hostages some. I've gotten out a couple of dozen came out earlier that is something. The police officials would be watching carefully they would want to talk to those people. But we are getting reports right now from French media that there is automatic gunfire outside. The French police may be moving in of course they would move in if they thought they had no other choice. If they heard gunfire from inside if they thought those hostages. Were in imminent danger Davis and we know how precarious this can be Martha from back in January to Charley of two attacks and in. The attacks at that small grocery store deciding whether or not to go in and take action. It it is a very very careful decision I'm sure they wish they had more time so they could talk to the people who were held hostage originally. Ask them where those gunmen were or where they were located inside. How many weapons their work but it again if death is emitted in there they will move him.

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