Deadly plane crash in Ethiopia

Some carriers ground new Boeing jet after 157 were killed Sunday.
3:06 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for Deadly plane crash in Ethiopia
I want to turn to ABC news senior transportation correspondent David Curley. Because you've heard the reference to the line air crash do we know enough yet to make it all of these connections about what went wrong here David. By a degree can make a connection between the two but we know a lot about the line aircrafts because a lot of that data has been released and information. We have not gotten a final report on the cause but it's clear from experts who've looked at the data that in that earlier crash. There was a maintenance problem they put on that aid new. Sensor that included on correctly that in calibrated so that. Sensor sent that dated to the computer. And the computers that oh this aircraft stallings are put it in a nose down. And the pilots that were fighting against that there is a new system in the Max eight that actually holds it down. All they needed to do was shut off the auto pilot and fly the aircraft and they didn't do it's about when we'll probably come down to rate maintenance and pilot error issue. This that did significant. Similarities between these two crashes it was shortly after take off. Both of these Max gates had flight control issues the little bit a data that we have from the Ethiopian crash. Is it it's pretty clear that after the thirty take off with a 157 folks onboard. That the aircraft started what's called corpus saying this had a problem with that vertical airspeed was going up and down according to the data. The pilot said they wanted to come back to the tower they never were able to turn around the plane really only got about 12100 feet a thousand feet off the ground. And six minutes in the data stops. And then aircraft crashes and airing from the picture you showed and from what you saw from John on the scene you can tell this a very compact. Debris field this plane came down nearly knows first or or what ever part of it I mean it was straight down into the ground. Because you see that deep crater that they're having to go through to try and find some of the debris. But the biggest news and all this is that there. Have found the two black boxes earns. So we'll get some answers and you also heard John referenced that the Chinese grounding this particular model. Of plane from their skies the American carriers prepared to do anything similar so we talked all of. Reassembling them that fly the Max age here in the United States that is southwest united and American and all three of the airlines. Told us they're confident in the safety of this aircraft. There is 72 flying here in the US right now 350. Worldwide and they have a back corner of 4600. This is the best selling jetliner ever this is the latest derivative of it it has upgrades new technology. So the real question here with two of these planes crashing is or something. Inherently wrong with this brand new aircraft is or something. That that caused both of these accidents because both pilots of both incidents we're dealing reflect control issues could be completely different. As already mentioned lion air looks like pilot error and bad maintenance. And we don't have a lot of clues on this one so far. Our senior transportation correspondent David Curley. For us from Washington Dave and our thanks to you as he continues to fall of this.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"Some carriers ground new Boeing jet after 157 were killed Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61609099","title":"Deadly plane crash in Ethiopia","url":"/International/video/deadly-plane-crash-ethiopia-61609099"}