Duke and Duchess of Cambridge throw party for military families

Will and Kate hosted a Christmas party at Kensington Palace.
2:33 | 12/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge throw party for military families
Keep things over in Europe for been enjoying Molly hunter is live. In London where it appears it will and catered trying Christmas party today right. That's island the it may be December 4 but Christmas has come early to Kensington pack. You can duchess they're little Christmas party today. For the families in the children of servicemen serving in it the RAF down in Cyprus. As they watch CN ICK in kind of match again video at BC Qaeda very kind of festive spirit there was even a little band playing some Christmas carols. There assists and a client I had to Zealand the resident. You know a massive event there was this curious pomp and circumstance there was a small band but it's chilly here tonight I will say Abbott they were blowing some fake snow for added a fact. It apparently Molly we're hearing that these are risks rumors continue between. Kate and make it any any truth to that or any way to substantiate that one where another. Got envious of agonizing this is all kind of the British tabs are talking about and they just keep fueling each other every day the Daily Mail have sounding an in this son will has something. And then everyone asked the palace for comment and the pilots dozens anything it is really hard. To get any information. Out of that 'cause out of behind those gates we have no idea is the short answer now the rumors started when. At venues came out that Harry and meg and we're going to move out of Kensington Palace in her front door cottage. I was justified bedroom Friday Jack out near Windsor Castle. And now exceed appears to did you Stanley is will likely spend Christmas together after some discussion it may be they wouldn't so the short answer is I have no idea. Neither woman returns my tax nightclub I can't. I'm from freedom. Are understood and Michelle Obama though apparently taking her book tour of be coming over to London sounds of Megan attended last night didn't negative ad that Michelle Obama have some advice for Megan. She did is so is actually. Packed packed event last night mega was apparently in the audience and actually got some one on one time. With Michelle Obama the Michel Bon of course is giving a lot of interviews about that but can she. Told good housekeeping. That her best advice her best advice for making would be take some time. No event makes new friends really kind of figure right your surrounding she said when she first moved into the White House she focus on her girls making sure they were settled in school. Before she started on her really ambitious work and Lindy that comes ahead. When will actually learn what the an ambitious work is going to be Megan will be announcing what her charities will be very same. Molly hunter for us live in London really appreciated.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Will and Kate hosted a Christmas party at Kensington Palace.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59601796","title":"Duke and Duchess of Cambridge throw party for military families","url":"/International/video/duke-duchess-cambridge-throw-party-military-families-59601796"}