The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep birth of child private

The royal mom-to-be is due any day now.
2:26 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep birth of child private
I think we shake. Talk about something that's a little more light we have new details on the royal baby everyone's been on royal baby watch. The duke and duchess of Sus six Megan and Harry are doing things a little differently than royals have done in the past so wanna go to James long men in our London bureau. James I love this couple so much they're so authentic what's what's the latest on this baby watts. Well. The company to sponsor is not a law and nothing else because do we need to and I really about Harry and agonized he say they like to do things very differently on this occasion. When it comes that baby Aiken who really want the public being too involved. So basically they they're sold on series they keeping a whole thing. Pretty under wraps like me go to statement from Buckingham Palace idea today it's pretty still but I'll Allred deteriorated you can Dutch is the Celtics on very grateful for the goodwill. They have received from people throughout the United Kingdom are on the world as they prepare to welcome that they be. But several highness is have taken a personal decision to keep the plants around Iran of that that they be private. And wants they've had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new from the then it will get to see if indeed it's a boy or ago basically any. All of the has always been a massive press gathering outside the public hospital hey in London in West London I was gathered that actually not that long guy for Louise and if there's a big spectacle because when a royal princess has a baby see normally comes out on the steps have been in their wing. Of Paddington banner and and Kate have done anyway. And they show off their baby to the wealth on this occasion that white be happening. We will when told to assemble in winds that side of web wondering whether or not the baby might be. The people that but we have no. A home but been doing the rounds in the press candidate obstinate in no way of nine weather and allow us troops. I am I think possibly unlikely given that she is a first time mother and aunts and something that and I think a lot of people don't want to take that risk original clients tool to medical help you might need if something goes wrong side basically. That having it some way in this country and they will let us know how than when they pouting and maybe we can expect a picture on there and Saddam accounts. The united irate damsel she certainly looks beautiful and to be honest with the highlights the whole idea privacy because they're still human beings you know so I think it's perfect. Yep yep yep so thank you so much we appreciate updates.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The royal mom-to-be is due any day now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62334665","title":"The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to keep birth of child private","url":"/International/video/duke-duchess-sussex-birth-child-private-62334665"}