Exclusive look inside US patrols in northeastern Syria

ABC News' James Longman reports from the frontlines of northeastern Syria amid the partial U.S. troop withdrawal.
11:04 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for Exclusive look inside US patrols in northeastern Syria
He humanitarian organization save the children for reports at least 290000. Children have been displaced in sub zero temperatures. In Syria violence in Syria has been driving families from their homes and camps have now been overwhelmed by new arrivals as seen in this new footage from save the children. The situation made worse by flooding and wind storms in the freezing winter temperatures. From this latest development comes on the heels. Of a bloody nine year conflict in Syria but our allies the Kurds it escape much of the violence. In that nation as they were teamed up with US forces in the fight against ice says however the situation on the ground changed dramatically after president trump surprise announcement last October the US forces would be leaving Syria. But as we saw firsthand yesterday US forces still remain their American troops came under fire from Syria Syrian government militia Russian forces nearby the Turks. Curtis as well. How did it come to this and what happens of the Kurds after that fateful October decision. 23 year old a scheme that may never walk again. He's a Kurdish STS soldier in an October he was near the front lines when Turkey and the fame Arnold in Syria. I am how to wanted to be below had to get convicted we were in the house we were in a group in the air strike sent us. That's -- was fighting a battle he doesn't believe he would have needed to. US government abruptly change course he paid a heavy price when he stood on line. Kyle was a medic who was killed in an airstrike as he was getting the injured to safety and a family's life shattered in an instant. His father fears his son wanted to be the last casualty the Turks take them he fully expects Turkey to be back. In the second. Full time and he says they'll be resilient and revel in the moment and then on what the hog. And if but the we may she who must not Yakima a full generation they can who lost his home his children and his son. Bullies and terms of the tux had been threatening the move for years how do you feel when you see headlines that say things. Like the US betrayal of the it's partnership is still strong now. As indicated it would stand right here in Syria with them and we continue to work with the latest news. Driving through hate you can almost forget this part of Syria had until recently escaped much of the conflict it's destroyed so much of the rest of thousands were injured. Hundreds died during that JP. Outraged because it only came off to Donald Trump announced he'd be pulling all US troops the stabilizing force. How to move in Syria. The decision made public the phone call with Turkey's president. I was going to do this nine months ago. And we went out of a 100% but we're pretty close I would say can we get to a 100% not get 200%. And they say well maybe we can sit longer see well when do we get out is going to be tough to get out we have to bring our people back complimented. America's decision to leave glowing inside because you'll be proud to have full and died alongside US troops in the long war against right. You're on the frontlines. Rooting out the terrorist group from their stronghold. We saw for ourselves one year ago the famed final battle for the bankers. The biggest news among the equipment and is confident about its wet a flight is going on Sunday night you like the this guy in the top with the rocket and gunfire. They celebrate the victory just moments earlier crown the world on the lips with betrayal. To the administration backtracked some US troops did stay in Syria but not before abandoning more than half of the territory in which they don't break. The initial force of around 1000. Now down to hall. And then mission made more complex than ever trying to maintain a fragile peace between countries and factions that moved in to fill the vacuum. Just. You get a sense of this kind of eerie stalemate having taken over this part of Syria. This this kind of situation would you so delicate Richard Cheney over the policies and they could all go up. If the Russians. The test case the Syrian regime and the Americans hold sharing this space. And it's quiet for now than at any moment think it will change but. And he did change just yesterday American troops came under fire at a checkpoint. From pro Syrian regime militia or the US killing one during a tense. The Americans have a delicate task at hand and who given rare access to these US army patrols in northeast Syria. They hear in part two in shall Russia whose troops sweep today announced the partial US withdrawal now stays out of the areas controlled by the kinds. We spoke exclusively to the commander of US special operations in Iraq and Syria are. Right up and attacks on yeah. Smits pretty delicate. And you guys. Students peaceful people in the same kind of hyperion. Well it's. There they understand we are. I. Very clearly them are areas are. A couple of innings in what they need to stay out of that area. That if you. US and Russian troops are involved in frequent standoffs it's a constant game of cat and mouse in a region already fraught with danger. Did pretty strange it is. You know Russian flag in America but I am against one another and there in. That's. But we are focused on making the. The end and that's not hold the hate to do. It's the oil in this part of Syria that. Is being protected by the United States you can see. DUS convoy. That we stand up and nabbed but ultimately the end goal is a political solution and possibly some kind of autonomy for the cuts and it's this oil. That'll make now autonomy possible. It's a small step in rebuilding the relationship with the cuts after the October she'll. There is much work to be done. We let them play we're telling the ammonia and my son's friend called me to say he was starring but we were busy running from the Olympus your Alley was never able to recover his son's body office in civil he has left of him is his Marxist portrait. When a seven month old daughter to marry aren't many have let many ask. The family like that too many in this country now refugees in in. That didn't we go inside me a fire is burning for all we can do is cry. The united. Some refuse to stay in these camps it takes imagination to survive in Syria. Look people in the office sometimes. Didn't wanna get accounts they made a way to take my kids who tumbled sixty of these candidates who laughed. Living and you know the play headlining it is cold down. Funny kids. Good thing. All across this part of Syria Tom memories evoked it was and the fall around and create an Bernard Herrmann yet another generation made homeless. More children are fighting to sewing room and living on the horizon perhaps even little things in common. Huskies some long road to recovery rooms and any wish you don't rule for treatment so we can rejoin his friends in the articles he knows moms. Far away we're. Serious cuts have known nation to truly call Lara. They happen many enemies. And counting on having allies to not let down again. Men James long and joins us now live in James this situation seems extremely precarious talk to us more about the things that US troops are doing to try to not start an accidental war with the Russians. The ads in the us really fascinating that cold into Dixon's these moments when. US soldiers come on the gains Russian soldiers. Alps and the roads tea in northeast and Syrian as some amount of Spitzer involved because actually the Russians given that an existing Americans before they turn up that high levels offices told to one another and actually tell the Americans that plotting together into an area and then not meant save. Zorn off the next day American convoy guys into that zone. Finds the Russians and tells them way it's a guy. Inside these convoys as well on the Russian side caught Hiram king offices were told generals often as well to see how these rather human engagements yes the kind of the geopolitical context is extraordinarily. Serious but these kind of very soon putting gauges NT one commander in another. One represents the United States the other Russia and using open Google translate on efforts to try to communicate. And then off they go in their separate ways but it isn't little evidence of the Russian presence. Remember about the US convoy that was attack tape in Syria. To one side we Sorin those images. A Russian convoy watching that happen inside it's just the Russians. Pushing buttons outing pressure to see what where they can kind of a pressurized the Americans and the potential for conflict is. Very very high. And you should words like beach frail seniors story after the Turkish invasion talk just about what they did to ensure greater security especially considering US troop levels where were an essence cut in half. Yes I mean the Kurds have to walk a fine line they always gonna need some kind of relationship with the president. With president Bashar Assad the regime of Bashar Assad but I think it stet to say offset. They events of October. Because who kind of pushed fellow of the in his direction just this week has been a Kurdish delegation. In Damascus the Russians are involved in this they want to be appeased Africa. Is just about other overnight on the countries inserting themselves in space is that the Americans have moved away from. Any spent time whether jurors what can you tell us on how they feel about these new realities on the ground. Yet I mean I think these US soldiers they wouldn't MS to say anything openly that very professional to have a real understanding of the geopolitical context in which their functioning but. I think animosity in the box of their minds a sense that any moment that could be a fund called it could be a tweet. That rips up the web that they do you know involved in what into the west of tea they had to get out very very quickly and I think that is a sense that. The house that let Qaeda is being done could come to an abrupt and we do it. On the base we go to sense that US presence here in northeast and Syria isn't going anywhere for the time being that could change but certainly it is a very precarious situation tendency.

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{"duration":"11:04","description":"ABC News' James Longman reports from the frontlines of northeastern Syria amid the partial U.S. troop withdrawal.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68976488","title":"Exclusive look inside US patrols in northeastern Syria","url":"/International/video/exclusive-inside-us-patrols-northeastern-syria-68976488"}