Flights resume in Hong Kong after protesters occupy airport

Pro-democracy protesters clashed with riot police over the course of two days, resulting in hundreds of flight cancellations at the main terminal of one of the world's busiest airports.
4:34 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Flights resume in Hong Kong after protesters occupy airport
We begin in Hong Kong a remarkable scene yesterday at pro democracy protesters. Clashed with riot police in the main terminal of one of the world's busiest airports today's a serious disruption that forced. More than a hundred flight cancellations but today. More calm so want to bring in Carson you who's been on the ground at the airport in Hong Kong and he's on the phone right now. Karsten used all of does go down from peaceful protesting too. Full out riot and now back to calm so what's happening at this point. Well right now at the airport the airport operating like any other. Like it usually goes there's there's only about a hundred protesters. Still in a cordoned off area. Airport able to win and and Dutch court injunction last night. To try to seal off. These protesters know certain though and it they crop that they can be removed and it airport also implemented passport and itinerary check. For anybody going into turmoil so there got a regulating the flow of people and added. Would bit bid to getting back to normal at least here in the air or. Yen we saw that these protest it's been going on for ten weeks now all over the city but. What was the significance of choosing the airport. Four these demonstrations. What he does do its first off Hong Kong International Airport is where. Hong Kong local the world and these protesters wanted to get their message out to international. Tourists and passengers. And it become out of their idol gave out who wrote that there was admitted they have coasters and our and the most part during of people part of it demonstration. They were getting their ideas across. Yesterday you saw it started. Your started to beat some confrontation between stranded passengers and the protest. And also mount. Protestors were making it gambled that the police would not enter. International airport adds to clear them out violently or which are gas peppers were. Yet it was remote part. Let that that was true because the police never came inside completely inside the airport lot bright despite the chaotic. It was very chaotic in them as we said it's calm now but there is. Other neighborhoods I'm in the city right now that are experiencing some. Protests as well. To just in the last few hours. A confrontation started up again and led the neighborhood of Sumpter heavily. Residential and commercial. Area and a trip has teeing. Due confrontation but the perhaps you. Even without the local police station a rested its cute it would certainly support at your term as you remember. These protesters have been using late reporters. Against the police so politically directed this student religious order be called an expensive weapons. Weren't you get you can commercially quietly deport every work which enraged protesters. And they've been surrounding the police station to make their their boards deter or make their debt there anchor. Or. Yen just a reminder. For people who have been you know keeping up with this you know these these massive demonstrations were over that. Controversial extradition bill which Hong Kong's leader Carrie Lam introduced and then suspended but do you think it's going to be completely withdrawn. That's what they're asking for right. That's what they're up before and answer is it's been. It's a technicality and I don't think it's going to be. Officially withdraw ignorant. The queen Katie way and Beijing aptly when it. Kind of three lead Beijing loyalists opened neighbor to neighbor prediction jets and the head of the hot pot. Dead because they can't formally withdraw the bill because that would mean that their initial. Intention. Of putting forward to bail was raw. But it it's. It has become. Point of pride and dating thing they're little it unlikely that Beijing either position. Even it. People Biden security lab which in Hong Kong it would buy it be all about it to be dealt which started to you such. All right cursing you right there on the ground in Hong Kong thank you for the update so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Pro-democracy protesters clashed with riot police over the course of two days, resulting in hundreds of flight cancellations at the main terminal of one of the world's busiest airports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64970915","title":"Flights resume in Hong Kong after protesters occupy airport","url":"/International/video/flights-resume-hong-kong-protesters-occupy-airport-64970915"}