Flooding emergency in Venice

The centuries-old city is experiencing flooding from the highest tides in more than 50 years.
4:16 | 11/14/19

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Transcript for Flooding emergency in Venice
We're gonna talk about a state of emergency in the beautiful Italian city of Venice exceptional flooding. From high tides the worst in fifty years. Leaving the tourist town basically underwater and are James Longman is on the ground there. James have you ever seen anything like this can you just tell us what the extent of the damages. Hi Kim and a united silencer is I've never seen anything like giving the menace and a number of times a day in house flooded. And it does blood regularly in fact but this the worst in something like fifty years a little saint mark's square earlier today not basically how the Walter. Coming up to about hate and see my opponents of hides. Public comments on the east today Arab affecting an intimate redundant now given that the board to has receded but the water. Will be botany this so it's kind of the I have the storm and a moment but some of the pictures we've seen have been out through the extraordinary water. Sloshing through people's homes and that businesses. Millions of dollars of damage diesel. In this square itself there was an extraordinary image of an individual swimming. In this war thought of the dangerous thing to do we've putted deaths one individual died. And executed trying to use a water pump. That it was submerged the water has been. So high one point eight meats is around us about six foot in fact. That amending the pumps that all situated around this city just given what 85% of the city underwater and so many their pumps unable to function. The danger is would repeated flooding in a place like Venice this beautiful beautiful city for the soul from the C able to sell through rate these bit wrote these buildings. You can feed out think most Zoellick a behind me beautiful really really famous building. Now the crypt was flooded and doesn't hit the building itself does get flooded regularly but the crypt itself but doesn't happen so often in the danger that is if that's so Walter. Continues to erode the pin is thinking about building up while back. Really Dell's compromise the structure and our guys thought. Many many of the buildings around here opted beneath stop this from happening in the future well the Mozee is. Harriett Maine go to the prophet Moses the ID images to keeps sea water out of the lagoon web that is six it's kind of an on the wall to wall that's supposed to rise up. And keep not see what's out when the tide is high but it doesn't look. They built up back in 2003. With off the building event and it still doesn't function for people in this city are angry really that all the school. I'm really got about Barry I haven't functioned by look I think about my home city of London may have been London the tends bar area. Outlooks to find a system and a sort of situation so why can't they get about thing working people point to corruption apathy on the part of politicians the problem across Italy. And so I think these images that we've been seeing in Venice thought destined to continue. Year off the air off DA has lower than it got about Moses barrier working committee. And James it's surreal to see those buildings in that condition on the mayor says it's from a climate change and also my understand that Venice is sinking a little bit every single year. Yet at the climate change argument is an interesting one it's certainly true that. Global sea levels are rising to prevent this is built on stilts and almost over and under those stilts is basically months and that all at pulse of the city that ball sinking you look at some of the buildings and a kind of skew whiff of the foundations on in tiny that and but the point did I think that these politicians can blame it on apple on climate change and I'm not give them the opportunity to really blame on something which is out of their control. But it is a solution whatever you look at the courses for this that is. I finished an amount as the Moses Barry if it was working properly. That the home pays they could defend Venice now there is some controversy around not because environmentalists say for instance that if he were to. To stop the water getting into the negating many times the wall to wall stockman and that would kill wildlife. It's also not a 100% short that would kick in tiny stop that this that tie it but if you just think about all the barriers around the world and adults have engine needs. Around that come around that country and to stop won't think coming closer close its amount they've actually admonished him. Take thousands and thousands of tons of up and put back into the water in order to protect themselves there are lots of calls the world. Which are low lying in Al ways of defending you'll self. The people Aventis have known about this problem for many many years and Errol Smith politicians that they filming about it. All right James Longman right there on the ground in Venice thank you for the updates we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"The centuries-old city is experiencing flooding from the highest tides in more than 50 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67013152","title":"Flooding emergency in Venice","url":"/International/video/flooding-emergency-venice-67013152"}