Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview rocks royal family

ABC News royal contributor Victoria Murphy discusses what’s next for the royal family following Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview.
4:42 | 03/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview rocks royal family
Joining us now is ABC news that royal contributor Victoria Murphy Victoria thanks so much for your time tonight let's specifically about the fact that Harry and Megan both made it clear that the queen was always kind to them get. They were rather critical of both Charles and William. Failing dynamics are always complicated weren't these relationships go from here. I think as a regular question and they meet one of the many revelations in the PR RE being right. On pace lost wickets and he was anchored about back. Nations with his and has raised its great thank. Chiles taking his calls weren't carried it time anxious and he said his agency the news bra and that. But the apps. And the hasn't received any critics that it was the bleach. Or should be appraised people writing his Mormon each speaking much to communicate with Aaron and rusty ax. And eakins rate these personal relationships problem Ian she shouldn't I didn't practically directly but incredibly. Harsh yes. But all of be sure that she has presided what do you think that such Eric bridges we. Are sad you know it's. I think he quite significant non scoring days as a nation to be read. It's shore. Then as expected the late Princess Diana also played a role in all of this from Harry saying that his inheritance from her paid for their security to Megan wearing her bracelet during the interview. What do you see as a parallels between Diana's relationship with the royal family and now in particular with her son and his wife. Can't carry nine inches in reach teens he'd bring Diana's memory is not to think the saints and commitment and wearing her race to space and well in these things BH neck and saying that she reached out one at Diana's friend and he spoke about what she was dying fraiche even just the already the Inzaghi was taking price so many things. All the Enron entity that dates to stand a fighting the rights as plumbing boards remember that Iran deep who did beat current. I mean when she belongs irony I'm and she'd stick it cheeks heat until the present a white asks him in not being they feel very frenzied fighting bridged the day helping the meat in the same it Wallace. Today you cover the royal certainly for a long time now a topic of press coverage has long been a big ones. They both felt that they didn't get support from family members what can you tell us about your dealings with the palace and how they handled media inquiries about the couple. Let us an I mean the media has been such a console is worrying that I can and Harry's ex that meant the bridges and Craig. Angles sanctions that. I would so the net and and and having. Crescent than in. But I hadn't knights need to change. Jim Wright at eight responding to stories carry a nine inning comparisons and at what they might never want to say. As a war stories they often pregnant club and Asia need to might be good guy and I didn't think that was a change that would carry Magid but I may be to Christians. But we should be eating it navy should have been written because she. In this in speaking she joined the company in the truly instant EDD inconsistently and said that significant. My name financial arranged the same change that's me with us in this things position media age and weight it is not was not possible even canyon the one story becomes fountains worry it may actually I'm awkwardly the issue of racism that Williams was being with Amanda's Google. I think maybe the question is should they can and more cracks around the knees to taking him pocked. And lastly do you think anything positive came out of the interview last night in do you think getting of the revelations made will have lasting impacts. I ask anything so be. The union speech he just in taxi car and eight cents a big name Hussein many nations not been. But in the beach or its might and I would definitely cause is being used practice in spite about the eighties and it got. The news they bite it she may mean. To be key in and you guys there may. It made the rights to. Maine. To. ABC news royal contributor Victoria Murphy thank you so much as always. Thanking.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"ABC News royal contributor Victoria Murphy discusses what’s next for the royal family following Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76330410","title":"Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview rocks royal family","url":"/International/video/harry-meghans-bombshell-interview-rocks-royal-family-76330410"}