Brief history of the Notre Dame Cathedral

The once-abandoned 12th century cathedral survived desecration and vandalism during the French Revolution.
4:18 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Brief history of the Notre Dame Cathedral
I just want you to remind people. About the global impact of the notre dam. Well David just spoke very eloquently about how much it means to the people of France it is better there. For so much of their mr. really all they're history as a as a nation. And so it is deeply lodged in the heart of every French person as as sort of the spiritual center of the country. It had fallen into room once before the French revolution David mentioned. They abolished christianity establish the cult of reason they went right after the note to Don because they thought. That is a symbol that we can terror down they didn't terror down but they sure did. Desecrated and vandalized it and it kind of was abandoned for awhile and Doug you've heard of the hunchback of Notre Dame. As we say it is this country it was a novel by men and Victor Hugo. A resort called simply not Saddam dipped due partly noted in the Paris and it was that novel. Where the cathedral is right at the center there's the hunchback Quasimodo lose the bell ringer which was a huge best seller. And who rendered that computer once again beloved by the people of France and it was in some is that novel which inspired that. The repair and reconstruction at the cathedral. Now the have to do it again and as you point out they'll have the help of people all over the world. You know if you've looked at your social media feeds. Pretty much everybody had the opportunity to visit noted on that cathedral. Has posted pictures. Of themselves I did my daughter got this thing in the there in her choir in high school choir they performed there a few years back and it was a stirring moment for me and already there are donations pouring in. Some of the richest people in the world the person who owned a family that owns the Louie B tall. And and other luxury brands are they're given. Almost 300 million dollars Tim Cook of Apple's says that helped pitch in the L'Oreal cosmetics empire is gonna pitch in. And ordinary people will pitch and I'll I'll want to contribute in a small way because the rebuilding begins now. And and one can imagine that it'll take maybe not to 200 years it. The David mentioned that the original construction took but it will take a long term long time so I guess I can imagine my. Maybe Mike toner grand short light a candle for me and wherever I am all like that I think a lot of people around the world will feel that way. As this tragedy now turns in. To a job to the great adventure of a rebuilding this magnificent place. Yes and I think people are starting to feel a bit optimistic knowing that it can be salvaged in knowing that it was rebuild several times. I'm what do we know about these reports that there may not be announced trees to rebuild. The roof potentially. What that's so interesting so that the reason these old cathedrals that fire can bring them down there's a cathedral in Europe in this city you tract and in that. In the Netherlands. Which was brought down by a massive fires because they were built those vast. Rules in that. You know in the Middle Ages they use these Johnny and timbers from single trees from for more real forests that had never been. Touched by an ax and they brought those down brought them to the center of Paris and other cities. And that those were the beams that held up the roof which was an architectural marvel at the time. It's hard to get trees like happen because we got most of them down. Now there is word. And I'm not quite sure how accurate that this is that when they rebuilt. That could he go after or repaired it after the vandalism of the French revolution not a 16070. Years ago. They planted trees to be used just in case they needed them. And there oak trees out of our side palace Versailles know whether or not those who would be used I don't know. They may actually use more modern and perhaps more fireproof technology this time. It that all remains to be determined but it just shows how. Civilization is something that that happens really over the decades and generations and centuries and think of those people who planted those trees out and verse I think you know. In 15200. Years long after we're gone they may need to house our lady knows that I may need them streets that plant in the big government they need and can use.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"The once-abandoned 12th century cathedral survived desecration and vandalism during the French Revolution.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62433984","title":"Brief history of the Notre Dame Cathedral","url":"/International/video/history-notre-dame-cathedral-62433984"}