'Hora Cero': Venezuela's crisis through a mother's eyes

A young mother becomes desperate as Venezuela's crisis deepens.
15:09 | 08/17/17

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Transcript for 'Hora Cero': Venezuela's crisis through a mother's eyes
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Think again got. Plan. And then move. How. But the land is being the end of his zeal that I he and that sagging look at what senator. Vicky this. I'm wondering dizzying put about a they're leasing or Madison. I just feel for whom and under Brazilian beer. Cold War trophy. Within the past few minutes is being confirmed that an almost founding president of Venezuela could Chavis has died as ran Venezuela for more than fourteen years as a virtual one man show. What's the morning is over all eyes will turn to the election to see if they knew leaders take this country in a new direction. London Tony we will. Well some habits and a man ball while. And it's now my technical. It's quite wonderful. Nice it would. They old. You've got to do when when the but it people's own scenery. Time. Police in class. A lot. Acting and it didn't need him. If something is cynical of those vehicles and tightening corporate medical mean. Confidence India of those EC. I Samuel Casey an enemy. Sihanouk clinic the old niece saying how to say it other films with casa. Friend's house. See you put it Elise Evans analyst and then think that's the evening the president. Asking him deepening. They all. Know wins it gonna eat. At a bus condemning on the line the other. Fatal visit with a fountain trying to harm the Hamas. We'll come on the local museums and libel I feel this is the editor. Paul Davies and he had I need go to my blue formal courtesy they you know. And yet. Celebrations in Caracas as acting president Nicholas might do though he's elected lead death. Often tightly fought campaign venezuelans have voted to keep face with their late leader Hugo Chavez. And cited some man he trusted to carry on his self proclaimed socialist revolution. Either don't look so apple did not let that that if the president. Parliament on I don't mean isn't true. Marcus police have find tear gas to disperse crowds protesting that the show was also the presidential election. It came after Venezuela's electoral bodied rejected calls for a recount of Sunday's vote. That's a good Chong was his hunt picked successor at win by a raise that same majority. My little land and the blood alcohol while they they can thank us again about an update on the site on east end they settled we're okay. I'm hopeless at this particular company. My little and it already took off suddenly elevated velvet and a you know and unsettle mom got the internal market but ASEAN and other that we. Staten Island alienate the NBC. You've seen them home plan. And fax. Out. How what job. Com and seen band until they came out really case. Think you are on T bloody naval vessel seen them. Now I just implementing company. At least six people. And killed in violent protests against the government of president because last month door often a demonstrators are demanding better security against crime and into shortages of goods. And freedom of speech among the protesters filled Venezuelan. It was hold the day in Venezuela. And thousands of student protesters to swarm the streets and they started clashing with government backs. Forces. I don't mean the lawlessness he won't last they want me they canceled out like it here. Julia. About the outlook in the evening Tim and an update. Cabinet. To loan from Jessica soul. DC and putting equal chance let me move forward confident that convicts daddy don't mind. O. And the county government. From protest does that take into the streets of Venezuela's capital Caracas following last week's move by election officials to block every school referendum. Clashes between protestors and the socialist government trying to abolish the power of the opposition controlled National Assembly. Opposition leaders called it a coup against democracy. And may want president Nicholas went through. Feel all the went up forty. Seasons in the town. Things of that coming from C and they make that I think OK. Lucky kiddo. Gibson out of bed just in but I thought of what is in the testing the Nazi and a. What. A. Bombing. You need him most. Fatal CE ECU Al were the elite club. Gated not somebody walking innovative it doesn't matter how. Next forces armed with tear gas. Rubber bullets. Tons. Guns and again. Again told now. Resting. Explosive new clashes today. National Assembly. Bad weather. To close in but as in Latin eat dog beat out. Send it get you think you know not got sanctity. An easy thing I'm so happy scene around the plaza. That it and that that and then don't have a media. Request that it. Same fast that he and the going got run out and we'll have been. These are acting. But if I don't have been the case Adam so what happened I happen. Just singled of the examples of the local government shall file. Oh my they have Matt tabby that he said he will not be easy complaint when somebody yes the book early in the atom. What if ethanol plant. I. 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{"id":49239350,"title":"'Hora Cero': Venezuela's crisis through a mother's eyes","duration":"15:09","description":"A young mother becomes desperate as Venezuela's crisis deepens.","url":"/International/video/hora-cero-venezuelas-crisis-mothers-eyes-49239350","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}