Jihadist in James Foley Execution Video Has British Accent

ISIS video shows beheading of American Journalist captured in Syria.
9:07 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Jihadist in James Foley Execution Video Has British Accent
You can. A video released by -- too gruesome to show here depicts the be heading. An American journalist James Foley but just as shocking the man who killed him spoke with the British accent right now. Hot spot Syria hello everyone I'm Michelle French. The US government has now officially confirmed the authenticity of that grisly video British authorities are now looking into the man. Behind the mask until it might be. The BBC's frank Gardner has this report. A brave independent. And impartial journalist. The tributes to James Foley had been pouring in from those who knew his work and his generosity of spirit. Before he was kidnapped and Syria nearly two years ago. -- -- militants posted a video online. Appearing to show him being beheaded by an Islamic state -- up. The video is too graphic for us to show it is -- -- my address speaks with the British accent as the government. You have been at the forefront of their aggression towards Islamic state the video is addressed to President Obama. Threatening to kill a second American captive if USS strikes on Islamic state forces in Iraq continued. US power is clearly hurting Islamic state as strikes by jets and unmanned drones have -- Derek bonds across mold and Iraq. And helped Kurdish and Iraqi Government forces recaptured the strategic missile -- But James Foley senior Asia earlier reporting from -- left Pope was a hapless victim of the -- -- sweeping across the region. He was well aware of the dangers -- worked in Libya. There does seem to be a strong sense but it. But in November 2012 he was seized by gunmen as he was about to finish an assignment in Syria. Now his friends hopes to his eventual release have all been dashed. James reserve -- -- -- You know he's really dedicated to journalism he believes in what he was doing. He was -- -- let anything stop. His mother -- -- tribute to him on FaceBook. She said she was part of -- son and that he gave his life trying to exposed to the world the sufferings of the Syrian people. David Cameron is returning to white told today causing short his holiday to do but the fact that a British citizen appears to emerge as the American. In the worst possible way we are absolutely aware. That there are significant numbers of British nationals. Involved in. Terrible. Crimes. Probably in the commission of atrocity is. Making pat Jihad -- I still another extremist organizations. This is something we've been. Tracking in dealing with four many many months. James -- Keller will almost certainly be identified. But the chances of bringing him to justice amid all the fighting a very slim. The BBC's frank Gardner reporting there and for more now we are joined by ABC's llama Hasan from our bureau in London. Lama -- let's talk about first the man in the video. Who was speaking with the British accent that has surprised many and what does it say about crisis. -- -- Michelle we've known about this issue here in person because for months and months the British government. Has been warning against British born to hot -- going from this country. Going overseas whether it's -- on the front lines in Iraq or Syria or even just being involved with extremist. Elements or extremist groups. We've known about this isn't something that they've been warning about the threat that comes from British born to hottest. You have the British foreign secretary today saying. That there is a significant. Number of fighters they -- reports something that they had been tracking for quite some time now -- something. That they have been trying to deal -- us. -- because the fear is that these Jihad tests will come back to this country at some points off to having. Not the tricks of the trade if you like and coming back to wage war against the British government here by trying to commit acts of terrorism. On British soil. And llama you mention that UK born fighters more so than any other western country are going overseas to fight with crisis and the British government of course tracking that. What are they learning about what draws the men to go overseas to fight crisis. -- -- -- -- such an interesting question I think if you speak to mania is the many members of the Islamic community in this country. They'll say to you that these men just don't feel like they belong in this country -- don't -- on -- -- -- They don't necessarily. Believe or agree it -- the British values. And that's why they go aboard they tied to that religion. And they join the G -- holy war that's what they see. And that's primarily why they go rule it. A few months ago we school this -- recruitment this year video with three men sitting around. Trying to urge other fighters -- there would be fighters. West and born. To join them in this holy war to try and fight western countries the US sent. The UK -- towards one of them even saying not -- -- return to worsen if he can voice. The Islamic black a white flag that we see. On since brandishing about if he can voice this -- above Buckingham Palace and although our major British landmarks just to keep you. The sort of a point of view and that and the -- it they think and the seriousness of the -- and the and the war they're trying to fight. And with that recruitment video as well as the authenticity of this latest beheading video confirmed how great is the concern. And the danger that some of those fighters could plan to carry out terrorist attack if and when they try to go back home. Well it's huge and this is we heard the foreign secretary the British foreign secretary today Philip how -- just -- and ways. Doing interviews on the radio on the TV is -- just trying to point out how serious the threat is. From -- and from these British born to hottest. Even saying that this poses a direct threat. To this country and two domestic issues. Here and that is why they've been tracking this -- -- warning people in this country because the fear is that once they come back because he believes that at some point they won't return. Two person they will carry apt that they will carry out. Acts of terrorism or tried to commit crimes in this country said this is a huge problem that the governments is having to deal with -- trying to deal with that this. Point -- in fact prime minister David Cameron Matt mentioned and he ended his vacation early because of this killing what is he saying publicly about this or do we expect. Anymore public announcements. Well that. That's exactly right Michelle today the British prime minister brushed back cutting his vacation short coming back to. Ten Downing Street. Host a cobra meeting an emergency meeting with -- -- To try to figure out how to deal with this meeting forwards obviously the priority right -- -- I'll try to identify. This mound the man in the video. The killer in this media and try to identify whether or not he had connections. In this country so they'll be investigating this -- authority. We haven't had -- and statements yes by the prime minister but. I'm -- at some point today there will be something that his office releases or perhaps something -- people himself come out to two. To address the public and update the public with what we nuisance law. And of course we are not showing the video it is too graphic other outlets -- choose chosen to do the same not show it. But -- it could actually also be illegal to share this video in the UK right. Yeah that's it it's interesting because Scotland Yard just a short while ago released a statement saying that they law. Looking and studying this video McCain's refusal BC trying to identify this -- also saying. And I'm gonna crunch here. Scotland Yard saying that's they would like to remind the public the viewing downloading or disseminating extremist material within the UK. May constitutes a terrorism offense so as you can imagine these are quite strong words coming out from Scotland Yard today. ABC's llama Hasan thank you for joining us and who is tracking this from our bureau in London. You can keep up with this story and real time by downloading the ABC news Athens starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"9:07","description":"ISIS video shows beheading of American Journalist captured in Syria.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25055652","title":"Jihadist in James Foley Execution Video Has British Accent","url":"/International/video/international-hotspot-jihadist-james-foley-execution-video-british-25055652"}