Iran claims Israel behind explosion that caused nuclear facility blackout

ABC News’ Ian Pannell details what happened to the Natanz nuclear facility and the new tensions over Israel’s alleged role in the power blackout.
3:51 | 04/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iran claims Israel behind explosion that caused nuclear facility blackout
Now to the explosion that caused a blackout ad in a Ronnie and nuclear facility this weekend Iran's Foreign Ministry saying that it will take revenge for the alleged attack on its uranium enrichment facility in the tense claiming Israel is behind it. ABC's senior foreign correspondent the end panel joins us now on in the running hasn't provided some clues to what happened what are they saying it and what was the impact on this facility. Yeah so much interest in me and it happened kind of relate to Rowland the Dag nothing from the top levels of government but didn't man who used to be head to the Iranian atomic energy. Agency commission the analysis in the Iranian parliament's insists on that energy committee that. Did provide more deeds so he said it was to do with the emergency. Power supplies. This is this uranium enrichment facility. That the cables and the electricity supply had being targeted because she referred to the planning and execution of its past quotes beautiful funny man that kind of in a scientific way he felt it was something that was very very complex what is being done. He was very clear about. Whether it being carried out by an individual down on the ground or it was something good to be implanted. We know that there was some kind of incident that was a blackouts. And it appears to have set back the uranium production that kind of course now the hunt is all. Who is responsible Iranians are cools. Pointing the figure at their old enemy. And right they're putting their security Israel are they the likely culprit given the history between the two countries and Israel's capabilities. I mean I think yes it is a simple answer to that so I mean these the Israelis have not responded to haven't said anything they never do but if gas itself the simple question queen blue note. Who benefits. The answer is all we see the Israelis the Israeli prime minister even today speaking alongside two adults in the new US secretary of defense. Who made it very clear that Israel will not tolerate a new Syria weaponized. Iran now Iran's always said they'd sit and he its enrichment program he's not about weapons it's just about nuclear power Israel doesn't believe it. Israel nodes that Iran has threatened to wipe. Israel off the map. App and therefore seize its has an existential threats and it will do what it takes to. To try and set back in bed developments of this enrich uranium which is used to make nuclear weapons. I'm so yes it would seem. All BS that Israel did carries Abbott Israel has absolutely. Adamantly denied them of course is isn't so isolated incidents have been other incidents of this plan to tell the plans remember there was this attack against an Iranian ship. In the Red Sea last week it was a little bit mine that it's believed that there is this come aloof level. War of attrition being con duct tape certainly by Israel Israel has openly admits it. That it targets Iranian shipments of weapons that are going through Syria for example towards. Hezbollah which is sponsored by Iran. Inside Lebanon facility is the old enemies enemy number one and the Israelis have made it clear that they will act if they feel that veil threats and. Of course this all comes at a really sensitive time is to US six revive the Iran nuclear deal. Do you think that this attack could threaten us hawks. Cutting ass beat key question of the moment and above from who did it ten how was it dumb which is fascinating but importing we probably won't know the chances of that for a very long time the really important diplomatic question of political question is would impart to how some form but he's very very delicate talks the question will not really be answered until we see them sit down around the table more directly. But in Vienna in the coming days. In panel reporting in from London for us thanks so much Ian.

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{"duration":"3:51","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell details what happened to the Natanz nuclear facility and the new tensions over Israel’s alleged role in the power blackout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77033468","title":"Iran claims Israel behind explosion that caused nuclear facility blackout","url":"/International/video/iran-claims-israel-explosion-caused-nuclear-facility-blackout-77033468"}