Inside Army Search for Missing Israeli Teens in West Bank

Alex Marquardt is in Hebron, where Israeli soldiers search for boys abducted while hitchhiking.
3:13 | 06/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Army Search for Missing Israeli Teens in West Bank
This is the roads the West Bank city of Hebron where the Israeli forces have been focusing most of their efforts to try to find these three kidnapped. Israeli teenagers after they found a burned out car that they believe that belonged to the kidnappers -- over the course of the past six days during this operation that. Israeli military has called brother's keeper -- across the West Bank -- generating hundreds of Palestinian homes. Arresting more than 200 Palestinians who they say many of which are members of Hamas but it's down the road here in Hebron. But it appears the Israeli military believes they have the best chance. -- finding these boys and their kidnappers. Who who -- you know whom. Whom. These are you so basically this is -- house that the Israeli soldiers -- themselves out of for several hours keeping the family out usually -- mattresses. This that this houses in the hills got a great at this point. And this man is also telling us -- went through the house quite clearly going to the closets digging around looking for clues and it left just a short time ago. The and ABC news. There's so -- I can speak with. -- I'd like to ask -- operations going. We found local. So we just ran into this unit on the outskirts of -- -- There -- several dozen of them. Coming downhill. Period to -- some houses sit very much to us and several dozen more down there -- very calm and peaceful. They're telling us they're going somewhere else but they won't say where. Are you confident that -- -- -- You'll find. -- think it's a matter of hours or days. Speaking to voice their own good people that we could find. You know in the he tells about how they're how you're -- For -- unlimited. -- -- -- -- -- But Israeli army truck is now coming your -- -- compare these -- -- picking up stones to throw at us because cast. The army has now left his village in life has returned to normal. I asked several the soldiers whether they honestly think that these teenagers are still alive and they told me off camera so they didn't get in trouble. That they really don't know. And that's the reality this story now almost a week after their abducted -- -- each passing day hope diminishes that they'll be brought home safely. Alex Marquardt ABC news in Hebron hills.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Alex Marquardt is in Hebron, where Israeli soldiers search for boys abducted while hitchhiking.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"24195794","title":"Inside Army Search for Missing Israeli Teens in West Bank","url":"/International/video/israel-missing-teens-search-inside-army-hunt-abducted-24195794"}