Israeli election in deadlock while Netanyahu's party loses majority

After a repeat election, the Israeli government is in limbo as they decide next steps. Netanyahu asks for a unity government as the country tries to avoid a third election.
3:07 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Israeli election in deadlock while Netanyahu's party loses majority
As we told you yesterday and we tried to explain to you yesterday on Israel had a second. Election which was confusing because prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was just elected. Earlier this year but you need your party to be the majority and Netanyahu's party is not and now the final tally in the selection. Is looking like he will not be in power so I want to bring in. REN panel in our London bureau to break this down Ian very good to see you you know I think the reason this is so. Fascinating is because we could never imagine this happening. And the US. Yet an entirely different political system Ryan named pretty much mirrors some of the drama that we've seen here in the UK but the truth is you have to be the majority party. To be asked to form a governments in this the president and budget to form a government in the case of Israel. And that is a person who's a leader of that party then becomes prime minister and of the woods. You vote for president you don't vote for prime minister so that's a situation go to the moment. Netanyahu was calculating that the second election. Will be chance to secure at least a majority of those more votes than any of apartheid but looks on national can be the case series main opposition is the bloom want Ponce a led by Benny Ganz and that looks like they've got 33 seats in The Knesset that's Israeli parliament's. That could anyhow if that's you want so Israel's always being told to all all being formed by coalition governments in other words. You yourself that have enough sees full majority he and have to do deal with a different policy so Israel has always kind of operation along those lines. It is a problem that could and the bloom wants pretty much believe the same thing. But the Tim he does really don't like each other. In particular these corruption allegations of told Netanyahu are enough to make Benny Ganz and don't want pots ago would do a deal with a could. But not if Netanyahu states is prime minister. Right so and that is that what the unity government means that they will come together. Yeah and hassle I dizzy former unity government for the sake of the country that you have these broad based coalition even though it tends to be rights of sends but they're pretty much believe the same things. Another part of the problem is certainly could is always go often to bat with some of the more hard line religious policies. And the blue whom want party will not fun that's acceptable. So this is their loss of deals aren't we done. Apparently this can go on for up to ten weeks before governments formed and even then if that fails then there will be another election. Meanwhile these these charges of bribery and ruled that it faced by Netanyahu a come to a head in early October it's entirely possible that he could be discredited. And ruled out from being prime minister but while he is still prime minister he has that protectionist the current community that the president's also enjoys people in congress enjoy saying media. Impressive but if he'd TV loses a prime ministership he loses that protection and you could see. Israel's longest serving prime minister face a prospect of time in jail. While also Lama number of ways that this could shake out Ian panel rank in our London bureau thank you so much for explaining.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"After a repeat election, the Israeli government is in limbo as they decide next steps. Netanyahu asks for a unity government as the country tries to avoid a third election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65723100","title":"Israeli election in deadlock while Netanyahu's party loses majority","url":"/International/video/israeli-election-deadlock-netanyahus-party-loses-majority-65723100"}