Winnie Mandela profiled by ‘Nightline’ in 1985

She discussed the South African government’s “banning order” against her.
8:18 | 04/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winnie Mandela profiled by ‘Nightline’ in 1985
She is probably the best known black woman in the country and this despite the fact that she is under a banning order when he Mandela may not talk to more than one person at a time. In this country her photograph may not be published in what she says may not be printed or broadcast. She has been exiled to a part of the country where blacks speak a different dialect. And whites are a particularly staunch breed of conservative Afrikaner. Her husband Nelson Mandela is in prison. He is a leader of the outlawed African National Congress. A few weeks ago the president of South Africa offered to release Mandela from jail if he would renounce the use of violence but Mandela's position and that of the African National Congress is. That the government must renounce the use of violence first. Mrs. Mandela was in Johannesburg today with permission to visit her doctor and her lawyer. She consciously violated the ban in order by talking with us. I have been friends move but news games. They're bending or other means. Complete isolation. The community. That's who can run didn't need to win because there's a time. Back to just some tips to your premises in my case I have learned a host terrorists. I am just a trip to my house from 6 PM to 6. In the morning. Mrs. Mandela and I had just sent down to talk when we got the use of the demonstrations and killings. For her on this 25 anniversary of sharp feel it brought back a flood of memories. This of course things. Articulate horses through. This is what can read it doesn't which isn't booked. Those kids he isn't. This confirms what we've been seeing. Orlando. It has people who tends. In this government. They have been no changes whatsoever. Can take five physical. Michelle V6 to nine people who were kid. And so did. Conduct that. Has continued to throw out these seeds. That has been no change would. Last year before we begin this. Our soldiers there. My expectations were but on the 25 anniversary of sharp. Something would happen. And use. No you have talked about it you have thought about it. Euros your colleagues have talked about the. This way when he expressed the wish that. Knows about tough so where we simply provided. Kevin on fourth down for the about eight to resume. No way he loved life and no yes. Or a I have holidays approach that's where possible we must avoid. Of the flag. Is it too late. This country has enough was. We look up support if it has become. Link says it teams didn't fit in in Africa must have homes we stupidly. Back to green. I could pitch a public eight feet and everyone in this country we cannot wish away. You've been there basics cool hair. Violent in itself conducts these tossed it to use. Your seem to be saying that there is still the possibility. The ball from the grocery. From moving toward true these forward is that workers. We have always when it comes about because that has just signs you know why are we ahead by eighteen full. The fans that it's this time. To a late in the game is now. South Africa placement program that what does that. Too late in the years it's no longer possibly believe pitchers it's no longer possible to ball it's always. The. The winds are not good people plumes. Of tough tough negotiation. The government said. She goes that's tough self negotiations if I'm firm to rule those pleas for me questions. Was dating Owens lead us. If I'm and now for days now there is no way if South Africa and racist government can live negotiate. They need time off but it. We've men behind bonds'. Ball and leave cream man can negotiate. Which is what I'm did this in his statement. When he was just flying through the state residents often what kind of a stenographer what could eat over. Would serve with the state president have to make what would he have to say. That word enables your husband without loss of face without having wasted the last quarter three years of his life in prison. What would allow him. And his colleague. Officers all right let's talk. In the fast gays and Mandela never went to prison for his own feet. From the data on script. Peaceful and to cross proposes. The state president. West talking in terms of when their luster to. Glendale is in prison but if you don't want is people. Mr. Griffin an eloquent words. For torture saying is really one word and. His first ever face and I'm afraid so I'm Lance picked up man to release is their big guys unconditionally. It dismantles about things. There is no way they could negotiate. We anyone him. You say there are blacks in this country. Black leaders in this country. We'll negotiate with the we'll deal with The Who represented great many people. Chief portal is is one of going we have. Never had any problems in the African National Congress about I didn't keep fighting. Whole would be let me in any need to this country needs the fact that the government can find cheap eats them. Some vetoes of only days of no consequence whatsoever. To us. What is five years from. When your children. Or urine. My children up by. Where will this Flanders. I'm afraid to. On the game pork regime. Can it comes for the I'm afraid it's on C. Their fourth that is Jim. But Kuwait and putting up followed. Peace. I'm afraid. What it can. Barnaby visualize. But critics say to times. Ahead of us. If the government is not prepared. To dismantle. Apartheid if big government did say if that man is going to wait by a profound it. Wait for quite Muster. To dismiss two part paid etched his own pace. As much as Africa and is prepared. To fight to the last stop before it. So fast it could lead to be. To fight to the last couple left. For his porn. His liberties. He's kind.

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{"duration":"8:18","description":"She discussed the South African government’s “banning order” against her.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"54181552","title":"Winnie Mandela profiled by ‘Nightline’ in 1985","url":"/International/video/march-21-1985-winnie-mandela-discusses-life-exile-54181552"}