Meet the future phenom, Wolf Cukier

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to the teen who found a new planet.
3:22 | 02/11/20

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Transcript for Meet the future phenom, Wolf Cukier
Are launching our new series spotlighting young people who are sure to change the world is called future phenom moral it's incredibly young minds and quite make you feel just a little bit like a slacker. So now me the high school student when his eyes in the sky who just made our remarkable discovery. Disney and his wolf this cool but. Cool privy to pulling all the sudden stardom. What I discovered was a plan many simply known now as planet king so in time math and I was using to find planets is called the transit method. Look soup here are not quite a rocket scientist but already rocking the science world after a message discovery he made during an internship at NASA. I was just to look through some preliminary. Data. And moved from the planet just happened to be when like that first day of stop searching through target Sam's. Just got lucky that it happened so quickly convinces. The dream house with. It happened at this very desk I had a monitor here and a laptop here. This seventeen year old high school senior saw this piece of data about what was believed to be just another star. And so it was it RD labeled TOI thirteen out of aren't at that point it was take 2601283330. That was the star's name until this rising star came to a different conclusion his hypothesis. That he just discovered a planet. But the Santa good to see here pulls mentor doctor Basilan coast dog show on the search for planets by examining tiny dips in light called transit just. To give an example like four for the past week I myself and don't like tens of thousands of life it's. Nothing but it's of the nieces and a lesbian and just three. Walsh noticed a peculiar pattern. When I aside a decrease in the amount of flight reaching our telescope from tier I thirteen 38. That indicated that there was a plant or something else there what was your immediate response once high identified something that looks cool I put in my spreadsheet. Brought it to my mentor. And once my mentor got back to me that. This looks didn't that just might actually be some things I called my mom. What do what what did he say you follow who want to upon highlight about two hours that night five months later along with the work of dozens of researchers his discovery is about to officially be confirmed a plan. Nearly seven times the size of earth and about thirteen hundred light years away. The orbits around two stars instead of one making it a search combine Erie plant. Unlike earth sunsets there might resemble something like this from Star Wars. Meanwhile wolf doesn't get to name the planet his brother's already been brainstorming. My Brothers ideas wolf Topeka. Now after that out of this world discovery wolf is launching a new project in search of gold. I have a vehicle that needs to go as fast as possible in the half commuters. And then stopped as accurately and precisely as possible sometime after that at the state science olympiad. Good luck to all.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks to the teen who found a new planet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68893236","title":"Meet the future phenom, Wolf Cukier","url":"/International/video/meet-future-phenom-wolf-cukier-68893236"}