Mixed reviews for Christo's 'Mastaba,' now floating in London

ABC's Molly Hunter checks out Christo's new, hulking, ambitious sculpture floating in Hyde Park.
3:05 | 06/20/18

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Transcript for Mixed reviews for Christo's 'Mastaba,' now floating in London
And I'm minds and minding your watching ABC news aren't taking a little bit of a block and I art is he blocking unit lunchtime I'm not the only one idea. If the serpent and lake there aren't eat there aren't that. Even people in panel that's. And right there. You've got a slightly different you've got to Crist as sculptor it 7506. Barrels 65 feet. If condom mosque that. The term means eternal house it's referring to a final resting place that the dead the word masks but derived from Arabic word meaning banks. Looks like a bench if you're pretty far away. The angles on the fact sixty degrees exactly went in earlier this week it weighs 600. Tons. It was quite. A project actually get it into this serving time. And you can have you examined right over there you see that. Lee that's actually a place where statements and the wider every morning. Swimming laps this isn't RD reacted saying it's an affront to nature. It cuts that it casts a shadow where swimming in. The land. Frighten me I'm pretty sure have definitely been. Few things. Where ABC news. Would even think about that's what it is and I look. At and I. I even heard about. Nine and at Christmas. And it's just put it in this week. 7506. Barrels. The point being to think to inspire thought apparently mr. I think that we were just think the average thinking that it's not very natural. Thing in the night I definitely have to act. He does ask Ted I insulating you. I got angry gang. Idea we're from ABC news. What do you think of that. I it's. You love except me and you come through they just to be yes yes yes that. I mean that he and and it's six. Yeah. I mean. And then there's got. And being. The enemy camp and they could influence on me at this yet. Thank you so much for your tank you know I can't makes it easy got a fan I'll. We've got a couple of other fans. What do you think about two inches of what is as close call it like eight session classical. Even think of it wouldn't I think I think it. It isn't really make anything. Kristi. But it sees quite honestly something halted in Central London instead of motivate grew beans something it's what. Unease grew it and well night in saint eve evening. It's called mosque about. In an album that's who he go back. Think I think I had another kkk and joy and Iraqi art. Now it's getting mixed of course some people love it and it and people know what can make of it. I think it's pretty early pregnancy and earth summit meeting and I am I can't even watching it is.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"ABC's Molly Hunter checks out Christo's new, hulking, ambitious sculpture floating in Hyde Park. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56032199","title":"Mixed reviews for Christo's 'Mastaba,' now floating in London","url":"/International/video/mixed-reviews-christos-mastaba-now-floating-london-56032199"}