It's Morning, America: Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019

Trump walks away from the negotiating table in Vietnam, Michael Cohen's explosive testimony and more.
27:41 | 02/28/19

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Transcript for It's Morning, America: Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019
Good morning I'm Kenneth smoking and getting aren't here in the top five things you know this Thursday number one or no deal. President profits heading home nor emperor felon to reach a nuclear deal with Kim Jung who. The summit ended early because the president says Kim won an all sanctions lifted immediately. Number two president from today's slammed the public hearing of its former fix her personal attorney calling it shameful. Michael Cohen of why the president engaged in criminal conduct and claimed federal prosecutors in New York are investigating other potentially illegal acts or president trump. But he said he had no evidence of any collusion with Russia. Cohen is back on Capitol Hill today testifying behind closed doors on to number three the flooding emergency on the West Coast. At least 2000. Homes and other buildings are flooded north of San Francisco. More than twenty inches of rain fell in just three days. Officials say thousands of people remain in their homes despite evacuation orders some winery vineyards are underwater rivers were expected to crest overnight after flood levels. Not seen in nearly 25 years farther inland snow is a major problem this time lapse is from Idaho ski resort that closed today because of too much snow. And it could get another foot before it's all said and done. Number for another magical moment for Dwyane Wade's final season in the NBA weighed in via Miami. Down two points are you convinced they. Block. Like a three pointer. He's the buzzer for the win and of course here Philip again. That set up a huge celebration with wade jumping underscores. And finally number five a big reveal from Lady Gaga. She was not giving him a last night with her Oscar and talking about the sultry duet she performed onstage at Bradley Cooper Jim we'll just have to ask about them mostly online speculation about their possible by the new romance take a listen. People start saying let all of you they must be Britney must be in the off. First of like the Newton played the social media quite frankly in the toilet and the Internet yes and a it sent to pop culture is it's like abysmal. And and and yes people saw love and guess what that's what we wanted to its NC yes I mean this is. This is a love song shallow. We've got much more to talk about coming your way. This morning in America. Morning everyone I'm today got her protein so the peanut butter over there. And label they're not paying for sponsorship get another dog Morrison are apt balls the peanut butter because John and needed a snack. I break teen knew that we were dealing with this morning Cadillac but not so let's get right to of that break this down Vietnam president topping Kim Jung Hoon. North Korean dictator Kim Jung who they cut that sum it short. Com over in Vietnam and who nor the White House announcing early this morning that no agreement has been reached on a nuclear deal between the president and Kim Jung Hoon the president. Saying quote speed is not. Important ABC's Karen Travers begins our coverage from Hanoi where a news conference at president traveled wrapped up earlier parent. Good morning evening and just last night president Tran said this summit with Kim Jung and would be very. Successful. Today he says it with his decision to walk away from an offered him put on the table the sticking point sanctions. President comes summit with Kim Jung abruptly cut short sometimes you have to walk. And this was just one of those times the White House says there was no agreement reached between the two leaders call the talks very good and constructive. Chairman Kim try to change the goal post a little bit on president front. So what we heard is that he asked in return for sanctions really. If you could freeze one of his nuclear production facilities the young beyond complex. And that secretary of state contests had not so fast. Last night the president said he thought this summit with him would be very successful. At a press conference Thursday taking place to two hours ahead of schedule president tried to put his spin on the summit. It was about the sanctions when the may third summit of basically they want at the sanctions lifted. In their entirety and we couldn't do that. Earlier in the day a remarkable scene here in Hanoi. The reclusive North Korean leader indeed she looked American reporters who shouted questions at him just as they did the president. Cuba's asked if he's ready to deal with your eyes through a translator the North Korean leader said if I'm not willing to do then. I wouldn't be here right now. President trump liked what he hurt. My. The president continued to use race as a negotiating tactic I just wanted to say I have great carry him. Great respect for this country. The North Korean regime operates concentration camps for tens of thousands of political prisoners according to human rights groups. Kim is accused of starving his own people and ordering the assassination of his own half brother the only answer from came when he was asked if human rights were being discussed to the president jumped Dane. For discussing everything. President John said he even though he and Kim Jung did not sign an agreement the North Korean leader promised him he would not restart nuclear tests. The United States and North Korea will continue talking but the president said today there's no plan in place right now for him to meet again. With him John today Kenneth. Our thanks to care drivers there in Hanoi. And to that other big story president front facing explosive allegations miss. Former personal attorney Michael good testimony to lawmakers could go escalate the president a legal troubles during his remarks. Cohen said he is still cooperating with investigations that involved his former boss and he also likened trump. To a mobster. Overnight Michael Cohen returned to his hotel getting word of encouragement applause and shaking hands. It comes after president transformer fixer and personal attorney delivered and number of accusations against the president he is a racist. He's a con man. And use a cheat. Cohen also admits that for ten years he used lies in pressure tactics to protect from many times did. Mr. trump ask you to threaten an individual or entity on whose behalf quite a few times fifty times more a hundred times more. 200 times more. 500 time probably. Cohen is facing three years in prison after pleading guilty to breaking campaign finance laws and other crimes he says at the direction of president try out the last time my appeared before congress. I came to protect missed two room. Today. I'm here to tell the truth about missed. Colin alleges as a candidate trump was aware that his advisor Roger Stone was talking with Julian Assange about WikiLeaks revealing hacked emails. Mr. stone told missed from that he had just gotten off the phone with Julian Assange. And that mr. Assange hold mr. stone. That within a couple of days there would be a massive dump of emails that would damage Hillary Clinton's campaign but. The president and Roger Stone denied this ever happened and WikiLeaks saying this morning. WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has never had a telephone call with Roger Stone Cohen also claims the president's team was negotiating with Russia about building a trump tower in Moscow well into the campaign. Gourds as the president wanted him to lie to congress about the project saying trumps legal team even changed his testimony. You need to know that mr. Trump's personal lawyers refute an edited my statement to congress about the timing. Of the Moscow powered negotiations. Before I gave it. But the president's lawyer saying in a statement that Cohen's claim is completely falls ankle and elsewhere admitting he has no direct evidence of trouble meeting with Russia. But I have my suspicions. He lied allowed but it was very interesting because. He lie about one thing he said no collusion with the Russian hoax. Gone also told congress the president ordered him to pay off porn star stormy Daniels during his campaign for their alleged if they're using this check. He provided as evidenced. Two months after the alleged payment trump denied knowing anything about it. According to some legal experts colleague's description of why that payment was made could bring a charge of campaign finance violations. Mr. trump directed me to use my own personal funds from a home equity line of credit. A forty any money being traced back to him. Affected negatively impact his campaign. Rightists testimony Republicans tried to discredit Colin attacking his character and credibility. Michael Cullen. Fraud stirred sheet convicted felon and a two months of federal inmate. Liar liar pants on fire. Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio accused Cohen of trying to cash in on his infamy calling him a man scored when the president didn't bring him to Washington. Mr. Cohen along you work in the White House. I never worked in the White House. That's the point is in the island don't yet stated no to knots he wanted to work in the White House no straight and get brought to the dance. After that statement doctor derails Scott a member of the president's transition team accused Cohen of once again line under. Writing on Twitter that Colin begged me repeatedly asked the president to give him a job in the administration. And knowing full well president was like watching Vietnam Colin may this. Mr. trump asked me to handle the negative press surrounding. His medical deferment from the Vietnam drift. He finished the conversation. The following comment. If think I'm stupid. Not going to Vietnam. We turn now to the quest says that Michael Cohen was not able to answer he hinted that other potentially illegal lax by the president are under investigation. ABC's ludicrous are Od. Good morning today good morning Tenet. Collins testimony is seen as giving a road map to lawmakers to investigate the president out during his testimony. Cohen said that he could not reveal the because it's part of an investigation by the southern district of New York. Which is separate from the Muller investigation the southern district said they're investigating quote wrongdoing or illegal acts involving trump. If there any other wrongdoing or illegal act. That you are aware of regarding Donald Trump that we haven't yet discussed today. Yes and again those are part of the investigation it's currently being looked but the southern district of New York. Cohen made it clear he's cooperating with a southern district's investigation now according to ABC's chief legal analyst Dan Abrams it could be that most significant moment. And the calling hearing. First of all that means that there is some other crime or wrongdoing that Michael Coen says he knows about with regard to president trump the special counsel Robert Mueller mandate is limited they're going away in the relatively near future. The southern district of New York isn't going anywhere. And you heard Republicans citing that office again and again today that office could become a big problem for president trumped on the road. Cullen adding that he's in Constant Contact with the southern district ABC news contributor and long time trump ally Chris Christie said. That comment would quote send a chill up my spine. At the White House send today Cullen will be back on Capitol Hill for his third and final hearing engine named Kenneth and that one. Will be closed doors still a lot to watch for a motor thank you. It's closing remarks quote also made a bold prediction about what may happen if president trump loses in 20/20 seeing quote there'll never be a peaceful transition of. Power so your other headlines we're watching in this morning the house passed major gun legislation for the first time. In more than twenty years the law requires all gun sellers to conduct background checks on fire arm buyers is the first of two bills the Durham. Democratic majority is bringing to the floor this week today the house is expected to begin debate on a bill that extends the background check period. From three days to ten but it remains to be seen what will happen in the senate on that major legislation passed. Stand at grand jury has indicted the man at the center of north Carolina's election fraud scandal. The charges against Leslie McCree Dallas includes three counts of obstruction of justice in two counts of possession of absentee ballots for others were also charged. Election board has ordered a new election for the ninth congressional district. And in the race for the White House and 20/20 former Texas congressman battle or work says he's figured out. Whether he's running for president but the Democrat isn't telling anyone yet. In the statement he said he and his wife pat decided how they can best serve. The country they plan to share the news soon three weeks ago all work said he made a decision he'd make a decision by the end of the month which is today. The onetime service dog for far president George H. W. Bush has a new mission selling was last seen here in this very touching photo. Lying in front of Bush's casket in November the Labrador Retriever is now on staff at Walter Reed medical center. So he's role will be to help reduce stress for injures servicemen and women his trainer said. It was mr. Bush's wish that solely serve other veterans and now solely is going to be doing. Just that such streets and whose book coming out more on explosive testimony on Capitol Hill. The key moments and accusations from Michael Holland when we come back. I'll go across the pond now ABC news London bureau where our brand Brno program to keep an eye on the biggest international news good morning for and I know you've been following the high tensions. Between India Pakistan so what's the latest there. Good morning well the latest actually is president from. Talking about this clash between India and Pakistan it was the first thing he mentioned in his press conference calls to the failure of the summit to reach a deal. This is it gives some some idea of how serious. The clash between in Europe pakistanis these two nuclear power countries. Crashing out of that Kashmir India raided. What they claim a three militant camps. Last week that as strikes. And that took that real loss because he knew this week until Barack croft was shot down this has great to the very tense situation between India Pakistan on. Which has. Tremendous ample because these are countries with nuclear arms that have a kind of visceral long stabbing loading free jobless every one. Is trying to tamp down tensions between that the countries that be no clashes overnight. So it looks like that trying to navigate their way out to this upon a diplomatic solutions to what has been. Actually a military craft between these two countries. All right Bruno thank you so you Bruno. Well Michael though it does divide for several hours at a nearby all day yesterday in case you missed it here are some key moments. Mr. trump test me to handle. The negative press surrounding. His medical deferment from the Vietnam drift. Mr. trump claimed it was because of a bones for when Reyes from medical records he gave me none. Instead that there was no surgery. He told me not to answer the specific questions by reporters. But rather oil for simply the fact that he received. A medical deferment. He finished the conversation. The following comment. You think I'm stupid. Not going to Vietnam. I find it ironic stood president. That you are in Vietnam right now. And yet. I continue to work for him. As my father said countless times throughout my childhood. You my wife and you might children. All of the air that I breathe. So my laurel and Sammy to shape. There's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you. He asked me to pay off and adult films store with whom he had an affair. And to lie about it to his wife which I did. And lying to the First Lady is one of my biggest regrets. Edition is kind good person. And I respect her greatly. And she did not deserve that. Certainly it's the first time a convicted murderer. Has been brought back to be a star witness in Erie liar liar pants on fire. No it should ever listened to you and give you credibility. It's sad she says debt as a daughter of a man born in Birmingham Alabama. That there is no way that she would work for it four and individual. Who was races how do you reconcile the two of those as neither should body. As the son of a holocaust survivor. Mr. chairman that just because someone has a person of color a black person working for them does not mean they are racist. And it is incensed at that someone would even as they raise this to say. Say it is racism itself and to use a black woman as a prop to move to prove otherwise and I can submit this for the record. If a colleague is thinking that that's what I'm say I'm just saying. That's what I believed to have happened and it as a person of color in this committee that's how I felt that that moment and I wanted to express that. But I am not calling the gentleman. Mr. metals are racist for doing so I'm sane bad in itself it is a racist act. President called direct. I batted in net. We really. Am hoping that all of us didn't get back. To this democracy that we want and that we should be tested and opt out children so they can do better damn what we did. So you wonder. Whether people believe I don't know. I don't know whether they believe you. But the fact is that you come. You head to head down and this has got to be what do hardest things that you could do would save a picture and it really really paying me. You are leaving the prison you were leaving the courthouse. And I visited the water had braces is of them on. Men I think men at thing heard me. And the father of two daughters. It hurt me. I can imagine. How I must feel for you. But I'm just saying to you want to first off thank you. I know did this has been hard. I noted you face a lot. I know that you. A worried about your family. But this is a part. Of your destiny. And hopefully. This portion of your destiny. Will lead to. A better. A better. A better. Michael cordon. A better. Donald Trump. A better United States of America. And a better world. I mean that from the deaths of mine where we're dancing with the angels. The question will be acts. In 2019. What do we do. To make sure we kept our democracy intact. Yet we stand on the sidelines. As say nothing. We pay yay I'm tired of these statements say. Become people commonly exit poll voters the first year and did not approach theory. The first game wasn't what we regard to prescription drugs remember a little girl it's a lady said Deb it's worth them. Her daughter. Because he could not get 300. At 33 dollar a mom. Penicillin. About her to Eric. Second hearing. HR one voting rights. Robinson and government. 01 now. We can do more up then one thing. We have got to get back to normal. Would that. This meeting is adjourned. Up next the real life fearless girl of Wall Street I remember her we caught up with the youngest and only full time. You know a trader at the New York Stock Exchange to see the new path she's eighteen and her career. Coming up later today on ABC news live the Conservative Political Action Conference C pack kicks off. Would speeches from senator Lindsey Graham congressman Jim Jordan former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. And more plus don't forget to tune into the debrief for an update on all our top stories into the briefing room for a breakdown of the latest headlines and politics. Here is the last day a Black History Month they only give us 28 days. Former of that I have ever wanted to give an update on a story ABC news brought you a few months ago. Meeting all the odds 33 year old Lauren Simmons broke major glass ceiling on Wall Street for women but especially black women and she's embarking on a whole new challenge Aaron Brown Stewart has her story. She's known as the real life it was Guerrero Lawrence and feeling just 23 fresh out of college. Broke the area being the youngest and only full time trader at the New York Stock Exchange it's the first time I met her was on the trading floor. Last fall a little over here after she started. You have to back having a voice adds the com. She took Lee leaving Georgia after earning her genetics degree from Kennesaw State University then headed to the Big Apple. Landing a job as an equity trader having no prior experience. She aced her required him becoming the second African American woman in US history to sign the New York Stock Exchange constitution. To make history and to become the second African American woman it meant so much all the girls there had to come after me and all the women that have been before me. I'm happy that that was my first job in my career. I caught up with Laurent New York city's Nigerian hotel. Now at 24 she left the trading floor conditioning to private equity and term viral success story largely rooted in taking risks continues to inspire millions. I didn't realize how inspirational. Store would be an even today in. Since let the trading floor how much. It's resonates with people the last place that had an ending a hat actors speaking engagement. But since we have spoken and spoken at five different countries Ireland Beijing grain came in Canada. And then this year alone. And in Morocco to by day it is a world away in. She went from Lauren thinning the lone female star trader. To Lawrence Timmons the Brandt. Partnering with major endorsers like Linkedin and is aligned. And local body even helping NAACP. Bring in at this story closing bell ceremony this week. My career can go beyond the world of finance Rolling Hills engines here is Smart enough to know that we don't have to be in a box you can change you can be willing it's that same attitude that earned her spot in political 2018 moment of impact and added however when hundreds. Michelle was number alliance. Magazine with Michelle Obama only that's amazing. Lauren featured in whose most recent episode of around the way speaking candidly about being a black woman in the financial world. Receiver runs past me especially. For my race engines it's one thing we practice to be a black woman. Some people might say why should we care act there's only one four at yet affect African American woman on the floor I would say diversity. It's a problem. You cannot implement diversity by only allowing people an entry level positions and so for people who say why is it important. These are the stories that are going to you would change how the work. Us. Her story now. Active. And well it. You know. My. Field each studio. Here's senior reached out to me personally. I would like you which you. I don't want to change your story. I just line to be re telling your story and I. Salt. We recently just that it writer. At kitchens and our process. I think I want people I'm not acting you that you kind of neglect. Uses again today wanna do let me share of it produced the movie I'm really about the growth. This was self awareness and that's only gonna come when you put yourself. An uncomfortable situation again have been calling the real life here this girl but everyone has sister Elizabeth don't let life live me she is from having a world of opportunities. And going for things he's never gone forward. And while she's very excited about her movie. This is gonna give us a chance to see Lauren outside of the trade floor. Outside of what we know hard to be as this mobile I'm now just the personal back story to how she came to be the person that she is today. She also has a book that shall be really saying and that will be focusing on teaching. Women of color. Black women. Black man as well as. Every person how to invest in 2000 ending get and aimed get involved in the stock market. We have some incredible stories this month and they work from the tacked. Virginia has to the three black doctors to madame CJ Walker's house being we imagine into this think tank and now this rely fearless woman. Put together by Rihanna Stewart and gentry check gotten to this dark haired. On the hot legs and I didn't know agony in the senate on the I'm I'm not end until I was a black and I have. Right here right here. Did you all are saving editors who also with the sort of together. But these were men and credible they've just putting together the stories. And well that we're really proud of you guys and thank you so much for bringing our viewers those stories. Good job. Mary added that it press at a very busy news Stacey tuned for more and that's. Start your broadcast grabbed this sunny BC news live we'll see you tomorrow and throughout Friday night.

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